Sunday, June 04, 2006

Portland a red city?

Look at all that red! It almost looks like the national election map by county. But wait a minute, we know that Porland doesn't vote republican, what can all that red possibly signify?

Oh yeah, crime! The red indicates more than 500 crimes in that area. (the stats stop at >500 so it could be more than a million, who knows) This map provided by Crime Mapper.

Portland: The city that works... at least the robbers, drug dealers and thieves work.


BEAR said...

HEY!!....How come there isn't a special darker red color JUST for City Hall? We are clearly observing a cover-up, here. And the Multnomah County HQ should be shown in purple.

Anonymous said...


Multi-Million Dollar white collar crime doesn't show.

Otherwise the map would look like a bloodletting running from OHSU to SoWhat and the Pearl like a Ruby.

Daniel said...

Next project: mapping the areas where Portland politicians live.

Hypothesis: Strangely, they choose to live outside of the enclaves of their little social experiments in high-density/mass transit oriented/crime is free speech areas.

BEAR said...

Anon 12:21, and Mr. Daniel, I'm guessing that the red map only reflects reported crimes, which constitute a smaller proportion of all crimes as each year goes by. The hypocrisy of the wealthy left should be lampooned often. I look forward to seeing the number of politicians who live near their "social experiments." It's kind of like seeing the number of public school teachers who have their kids in private schools.

Anonymous said...

As people are learning, reporting crime only results in increased insurance premiums, a reduction of real property values and seldom if ever the return of the lost property or the cost of repairs.

As they say in Mexico, don'z tells da Policia nutt'en cause it donz make dings bedder.

Jeb said...

no wonder the city fathers and mothers don't want the police dept working with the feds. They might become friendly and spill some beans over a beer or two about some not well known cover ups and misspent city funding!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, this is Orb. This isn't really related to this thread, but I wanted to pass it on to you, since it's immigrant-related:


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