Monday, June 26, 2006

Smith voted like a democrat

Our View: Kill Reid-Kennedy Amnesty
The House Republican leadership declared war on the Senate immigration-amnesty bill last week, aptly renaming it “Reid-Kennedy” in honor of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) and liberal icon Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.).

When a reporter, noting the Senate is controlled by Republicans, challenged House Majority Leader John Boehner (R.-Ohio) on renaming the bill, Boehner didn’t miss a beat. “Two-thirds of the votes that passed the bill in the Senate came from Democrats,” he said, “so referring to it as Reid-Kennedy is appropriate.”

This single bill has the potential to do more damage to this country than any other in recent history. (Ok, the democrats "let's retreat in the war on terror" were more dangerous but c'mon, no one thought that those would pass)

If you stand with House Republicans against Reid-Kennedy, let President Bush know today by calling 202-456-1111.

I couldn't put it any better than this Mac Johnson column did back when the bill first passed. Read it if you haven't already.


MAX Redline said...

Gordo needs to go, like his buddy Murtha.

Gordo's just so cosy that for all his dollars, he can't buy a clue.

Daniel said...

Hey, I've tried giving him a clue for free but no dice. I just got a letter from him pleading that he really is conservative on this issue, he voted for such and such amendment and blah blah blah for several paragraphs, then he devoted one sentece to the bottom line: he voted yes on S. 2611.

RINO WATCH said...

Gordon voted like a Democrat cause he's a RINO!

There, I've Said it.....

Depot Gordon Smith --- SI!

Daniel said...

Si si, viva real Republicans!

Jeb said...

I received my propaganda letter from Senator Smith yesterday and I was so happy to get all this special attention from him.BUT THEN I took my favorite "Sharpie" pen and scribbled a few remarks for the dear Senator. If he EVER GETS TO see the returned letter, he will definately get the feeling that I don't care for him.... He sure is being available to Fox news lately ,I have seen him on three ocasions in the Past few days, but he continues to symbolize the old saying "Once a traitor ,always a traitor"! Bad RINO ,BAD,BAD