Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bush, Smith... Che?

Illegals Love Mexico and Che Guevara
The 62 senators who voted "yea" on last week's immigration bill apparently missed all the May Day marches. Either that, or these senators were blind to the marchers' symbols and deaf to the marchers' chants. Describing our legislative magnificoes as "out of touch" misses it.

Bloggers from Babalu to Michelle Malkin didn't let them get away with it. They pulled a quick end-run around the mainstream juggernaut and showed us what was really going on. Thus we saw the Mexican tricolor flapping everywhere. Thus we saw Ernesto "Che" Guevara scowling from countless banners, T-shirts and placards. He appeared as the movement's spiritual leader.

Funny thing is, these symbols weren't just limited to May Day. I (and other local bloggers) have been documenting these things at the, now cancelled (I TOLD YOU SO FERNANDO, OOOH, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE RIGHT...), carousels of information.

For those of you who may have missed these events or my reporting of them, a brief flashback:

The people of peace... who wear t-shirts featuring violent revolutionaries.

Nothing like a racist poster.

Senator Avel Gordly with Che and the Mexican flag.

My point, illegal aliens don't love this country. They don't even like this country. Kind of like the guy who broke into your house and stole your TV doesn't like you. He just likes your TV.


Rick said...

One intresting thing about the Senate bill, it is not constitutional. Per the constitution, the senate is not allowed to pass any revenue generating bills. The amnesty bill that was passed can be shut down by the House because of that.

Tim said...

Since when did Un-constitutional stop Congress? Most of the appropriations they pass cannot be justified constitutionally. As a rule Congress and the President routinely violate their oath's of office and ignore the constitution.

Troup said...

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gullyborg said...

wrong, the rule is that SPENDING, not revenue, bills must be first introduced by the House and then taken to the Senate.

Robert said...

Gosh, the whinning, bitching, and harping just doesn't quite here, does it? The train has already left the station on the Senate Bill and you bigots weren't on it. The Senate has spoken for the majority of Americans and that is it. Move on (dot) Bigots and get over it. You lost and you will continue to lose until you become more grateful to the immigrants that have built and continue to build this nation.

cincinatus said...

To Robert 1:47PM,
Keep whistling past the political graveyard. Facts are that poll after poll of the American people refute your assertions and support strong enforcemnt of our borders and no amnesty.

The Senate bill is on life support in the conference committee. The train has not yet left the station. Dead on arrival is the stop your train makes next.

In fact your poster child, Senator Gordon Smith, is also whistling past the political graveyard, he sees a fresh dug political grave with his name on the headstone.

And you, my friend, will see tar buckets and pillow cases in your dreams.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Oregonians will re-elect Smith. If he doesn't get re-elected it will be because the Democratic candidate beat his ass.

The facts are the facts, the majority of Oregonians support Smith's vote on the Senate Bill. You anti-immigrant bozos are not even near even a 16th of the population so quite acting like you are. It is just a facade.

Just because Tricky Hicky Hillbilly has a couple hundred folks on his email list doesn't mean that you are the majority of Oregonians. Hell, I am on that email list and get every halfbaked scheme the yo-yos at OFIR comes up with. I am not with you and it doesn't amount to anything.

BEAR said...

Yeah, anon 4:08, and President Algore and Vice President Kerry agree with you.....Bwaaahaaahaa. Get caught up on your meds, eh?

Anonymous said...

What a response Bear. Who would have thought a conservative with a 5th grade education could come up with a common sense response.

So when is the bitching and gnashing of teeth going to quite with you white trash bigots? After all you lost the battle. Time to bow out....maybe?

cincinatus said...

To anon 4:08PM,
You are half right on Smith. Sure, he beat Bradbury by 20 points, but Bradbury was a known political hack and most independents could not stomach voting for him. But Smith needs Republican support, dah, Smith is a Republican. Smith's defeat only takes a small minority of Republicans to see it through, as you correctly point out Democrats will be working hard to defeat him regardless. Many Republicans will not vote for Smith. Sir, the polls do not support your other assertions and worse still for you and your ilk; the political wave is building as it approaches the beach. The Senate bill is a sham which is getting more exposed as I type. That political wave I refer to will be a tidal wave when it hits the beach and your beach chair is below the water line. Can you swim with political dead weight like amnesty tied around your neck?

Rick Hickey said...

Anon 4:08, call me all the names you want if it makes you feel better. Most Americans want a secure border and do not want illegal immigrants to be rewarded again. We tried forgiving everyone in 1986 and now instead we have 4 times as many new illegals, 20 years later . This Senate Bill would allow illegal aliens to only pay 3 of the last 5 years in taxes. Americans have to pay every year.
Illegal Aliens would be rewarded for using a Social Security card fraudulently and get benefits.
Americans would be charged with a Federal Felony and up to 1/4 $Mil in fines for doing the same thing.
This Bill also requires the "consultation" of Mexico for us to build a fence on our own land. We need permission from our #1 source of Narcotics?
Gallup Poll shows a 2 to 1 preference among all Americans for the House, enforcement only, Bill.
I won't call you names for not knowing the facts, but you may consider not putting your foot in your mouth.

If OFIR had no impact, The "Carousels" would continue with all 16 state agencies helping and several hundred apllicants in line all day, instead of a few by appointment only. There would be in-state tuition for illegal alien students and there would be a special Drivers' License just for illegals. Ron Saxton, as all previous candidates for Gov., would never have said a word about immigration. Or Jason or Kevin.

BEAR said...

hey, cincinatus, anon 4:08 will give you credit for reaching the 6th

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