Thursday, June 29, 2006

New tool for locating a main democrat constituency

Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System
ORS 181.592 authorizes the Oregon State Police to make information about registered sex offenders available to the public. ORS 181.592(4)(c) authorizes the release of information on certain sex offenders to be posted on a public web site.

Not only will this website allow Secretary of State Bill Bradbury to redistrict according to sex offender locations (I suspect they vote heavily democrat) but we can be informed homeowners and protect our children.

Thank you to Representative Jerry Krummel for all his hard work on getting this done!


Tim said...

Seems like that doesn't it. Democrats voting block are Felons (oh yeah they can't vote...execpt where a Dem needs extra "Votes")puppy rapers, and other criminals. How come I can't help but see the Democrat party as the Jerry Springer show of political parties?

Anonymous said...

I entered several county names -- Wasco, Crook, Deschutes and got lists of varying lengths. I entered Lane and Marion and got longer lists. When I entered Multnomah County I got this result:

"Search Results:
Query returned too many results, please narrow your search criteria and try again".

Even a computer at the state police knows Multnomah County has too many sex offenders.

Anonymous said...

this new site is great,is daniel on the list? that bald head looks suspicious to me

terry said...

Since we can look up sex offenders and also look up their voter registration if any, it should be pretty simple to figure out how they vote. Sounds like a worthwhile project for someone with a voter list. And any serious analysis should also control for any other demographic factors which exist. (Like education, marital status, race, income, etc.) Do sex offenders vote differently from others of similar demographics? That would be interesting.

stacy said...

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