Friday, June 24, 2005

An American who knows he is American

Pol of Mexican Heritage Aims at Immigrants
He is a grandson of Mexican immigrants who has been called a traitor to his people for building his political career on attacks against illegal immigration.

Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez entered the race for Congress earlier this month, and did it in characteristically provocative fashion, making the announcement at a Mexican restaurant that shares a building with the Idaho Migrant Council — one of his more vocal opponents.

"My people — as I'm often accused of turning my back on them — my people are American. I've got an American flag hanging in my office, not the Mexican chicken-and-worm or whatever it is," Vasquez said in a swipe at the eagle-and-snake emblem on the Mexican flag.

Vasquez said he is not betraying his heritage. Yes, he said, his grandfather came to this country from Mexico. But "it was legal immigration, and it was years ago when there was actually some control over the borders," he said, "not an invasion of hundreds of thousands of aliens every year that demand a separate culture and language just for themselves."

I may have to move to Idaho just to vote for this man!

It is very disturbing to me that we have several generations of Americans who identify themselves as Mexicans. They feel a loyalty to Mexico rather than their own country and in some cases actually despise America.

Here is a hispanic who understands that he is not turning his back on "his people" because "his people" are Americans! "His people" don't just have one skin color, one ethnicity, or one heritage. His people are the "melting pot" known as America!


Anonymous said...

Robert Vasquez is a great man... I say we give him our support even if its just financial. He now has a website and we all can contribute to his run for congress. The more true American's in congress the better. He'll be a great help to Tom Tancredo. Dan J

Anonymous said...

Here's Roberts website: . Also read on Team America's website that Robert is a decorated Vietnam Vet. Dan J

Anonymous said...

Move to Idaho, the liberals will take over this damn state anyways. Once the good conservative Charles Starr retires, his seat goes blue. Heck, we don't really have a single credible candidate to even challenge David Wu right now. He walked all over a challenger who had several million in the bank.

VR said...

Legal immigrants are some of the people most hurt by the illegals. My sister adopted a 12 year old boy from an orphanage in Mexico. It took years to legally bring him here.. he arrived last month - age 17. Guess it's better late then never but the process was made more difficult because of all the illegal crossings. Also, too often the legals get "painted with the same brush" as the illegals. I would think any legal immigrant or American of Mexican heritage would feel the same as Mr. Vazquez.

BTW - new nephew already has a part time job and has chosen not to go to a predominately hispanic high school - he knows he'll learn english faster around english speaking people even though it will be harder for him at first.

Sailor Republica said...

Anon @ #4:

There is a credible just have to find one who can win over the hearts and minds of people in Hillsdale, West Slope, and in certain areas of The Coast.

The basic thing is to target Wu on his weakest subject, and by doing that...someone has to actually use FOIA and study Wu exhaustively.

Every man has an achilles' heel. It's just a matter of hitting them square in it. Then, you can go for the jugular. :)

Daniel said...

The basic thing is to target Wu on his weakest subject, and by doing that...someone has to actually use FOIA and study Wu exhaustively.

In the last election we had a minority woman who believes in abortion run against Wu. Several weeks before the election it came out that he tried to rape a woman in college. We still lost.

Being a realist I have to say that Republican challengers can't win a statewide election in Oregon.

That said, I do not think that we should not have a winning attitude and we should not stop trying. I am willing to do my part to get Republicans (conservatives) elected in Oregon and I know that Dan J, VR, and Sailor Republica will do what they can to.

Sailor Republica said...


We'll put it this way...I have one of the best farm teams for the R's right in my backyard...and I'm a member right along with them.

They're gonna be the big people in a year or so.

AST said...

If it works, it'll take hold all over.

BTW, I thought American-born Mexicans are call Chicanos.