Friday, June 24, 2005

The real Mexican flag

Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez: "I've got an American flag hanging in my office, not the Mexican chicken-and-worm or whatever it is."

As an elected official, there are many challenges to be faced. None, however, are more important than a secure state. If America does not secure her national borders, then there will be no government to deal with. Loss of national soverignty is quickly followed by the loss of national identity, culture and values. America's very existence hangs in the balance of illegal immigration overwhelming our social and economic resources.

If we are proud to be American, we must be willing to take a stand and demand the defense of America.

Support Mr. Vasquez for Idaho's 1st congressional district!


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Robin said...

Commissioner Robert Vasquez is an excellent example of what a foreigner turned US citizen should be.

shortly after he won a seat on the board of commissioners in Canyon County, Idaho, after he takes office, Robert Vasquez calls undocumented immigrants "illegal aliens," likens the growing number to an "unarmed Mexican invasion" and since the government of Mexico a $2 million Bill. the Oregonian May 10, 2005

Last year, when he submitted the bill to Mexico, Vasquez said: "They simply drain away tax dollars, lower the wages of the hard-working Americans, bring disease and crime, and create a threat to our national security."

Latino residents were surprised and offended by the statement from a second-generation US citizen. The grandson of Mexican immigrants.

Robert Vasquez believes that English is the primary language of the United States and refuses to speak Spanish even though he speaks Spanish fluently, he said "because I am a US citizen and we speak English".

Corrine Tafoya Fisher, a social worker, said many in the Latino community were so offended that they raised $2,000 in four days to take out an advertisement in the newspaper stating their opposition.

anyway, these are the type of people that we need in our government. People that demonstrate their loyalty to the US

jwalker said...

Daniel, you need to see the lead story on OrbusMax.

Daniel said...

Our southern border is an invitation to terrorists and Al-Jazeera is going to highlight that. Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

How about the kids shooting up schools? Should we only secure borders? Check the stats!