Thursday, June 09, 2005

Spanish speakers only

Health Resources Coordinator - HIV (Bilingual)
Salary: $12.99 - $17.40hr (+5% for speaking Spanish)

In addition to salary and vacation, 3 weeks of Compensation Credits may be exercised as time off with pay or as supplemental income.
Has anyone ever heard of "compensation credits" in the private sector?

This position provides interpretation services to monolingual Spanish speaking clients, therefore fluent bilingual Spanish/English skills are required. An additional 5% will be added to the hourly wage as compensation for this skill. Finalist will be required to pass a Standardized Spanish Fluency Assessment as part of the hiring process.
Monolingual Spanish speaking clients is the polite term for people who don't speak English, AKA illegal aliens.

Accesses, identifies and develops community resources: Participates in developing absent or deficient services (i.e. housing, support, etc.)
For a disease that is purported to "cut across all social, economic, sexual orientation, etc etc barriers", they sure seem focused on on demographic. By the way, I can gurantee you that I won't get HIV because I don't share needles or have sex with strangers. This is a disease that is the result of behavior, not circumstance or casual contact.


Amber said...

did you know that "President" Bush doesnt even speak spanish and cant relate to the illegal Mexican immagrants very well? Just something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Micheal Moore is Our Only Hope:So said Amber.

Yes, another reason Savage's book is a best seller!

Daniel said...

Yes Amber, perhaps if you put the word "president" in quote marks you can pretend that it isn't true! I'm not sure what your point is though.

And yes, liberlism is a mental disorder!

Robin said...
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Robin said...

to be fair, just because someone does not speak English, does not make them illegal. We must remember that some people come here to visit with visas and passports.

However, although I can understand the need to help with communication of a "foreign" language as a courtesy to our visitors, there are too many jobs that are making this a "major requirement" for the position.

of course, one question that I have to ask is, "are we requiring this person to be bilingual because there are any lot of legal visitors or illegal visitors?"

Lars said it best, "I don't have a problem with aliens, but I have a problem with people who break the law and are here illegally"

Robin said...

speaking of Spanish requirement... here is another one.
City of Eugene... Court operations specialist A

... authorizes the "booting" of vehicles; completes follow-ups and maintains records...
... interprets court orders and receive payments of court finds, security, assessments... receipts payments for parking tickets...


WHAT??? WHY???

Anonymous said...

Due to the fact that they need a bilingual person homey.

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jwalker said...

So where are all the progressives that monitor this site calling the previous commentor a Potty Mouth? It's hypocritically silent around here.

Daniel said...

No, that was a "progressive" argument. I really see his side of this issue now...

Demographer said...

Wonderfully insightful conversation you all have going here.

Despite what your xenophobic urgings might lead you to believe, Daniel, Spanish-monolingual or LEP does not equate to illegal. It's ironic to me that you find liberals so mentally derranged, yet, you seem unwilling to face up to the fact that the ethnic and, yes, linguistic profile of this state and nation are undergoing drastic changes due simply to the fact that native-born people of European origin are disproportionately older and reproducing less, while population growth in the US is driven largely by younger persons arriving from nations south of the border, where their native language is SPANISH. Jobs requiring spanish-speaking skills are simply a reflection of this fact, and, I might add, a result of your prized free market in action.

Rant all you want about the "illegal problem". It's not going to change demographic realities make the presence of a large foreign-born population in the US a necessity. Ignorance of readily apparent facts? Who's got the mental disorder now?

Daniel said...

while population growth in the US is driven largely by younger persons arriving from nations south of the border, where their native language is SPANISH.

Is it your position that a vast majority of these people are coming here legally?

The Immigration Act of 1990 specified a worldwide level of
immigration for certain categories of immigrants with an
annual limit that could range between 421,000 and 675,000


The number of LEGAL aliens admitted is way less than the increase in Spanish speakers.

Ignoring a problem that is staring you in the face: you have the mental disorder.

Robin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robin said...

"Rant all you want about the "illegal problem". It's not going to change demographic realities make the presence of a large foreign-born population in the US a necessity. Ignorance of readily apparent facts? Who's got the mental disorder now?"

this is where we approach dangerous ground and risk creating hatred.

I agree,despite the fact of how they came over here, there is a high population of Spanish-speaking people coming to this country both legally and illegally.

Even though this is a primarily English-speaking country, you are correct in the fact that the country must bend to a new language as the population changes.

However, (and this is where things get out of hand) is to remember that the problem is not the fact that people speak Spanish, it is the fact that they are here illegally for whatever reason.

while I will admit that it is very difficult for a person to come here legally, it is no excuse to embrace people who break the law.

And that is what it "seems" like we are doing.

I know of people who are here legally, they went through the process, and they are very upset about the people who have skipped the process altogether and nothing is said or done, which makes them feel cheated.

Perhaps, maybe it is time for the US to stand back and look at our immigration policy and perhaps, since we like to tell other countries how to run their country, maybe we should start looking at Mexico and see what we can do to help those people to have a better life so they do not have to come over here illegally.

I will be the first to admit that I do not fully understand the problem, but at the same time, I will also admit frustration at being turned down for work that I'm fully qualified for because I don't speak a second language.

However that is the way things are now, and like getting a degree in education to get a better job, at some point I'm fully aware I'm going to have to learn a different language whether I think it is right or not.

demographer said...

I don't know how Latin American immigration is distributed between those with and without proper documents. It's largely a matter of fact, not opinion, however, and I'm sure the estimates can be obtained from the INS (I think now the department of homeland security) or from the work of researchers who have cited these estimates.

My main impetus in responding to your post, Daniel, is that your nativist rhetoric seems driven more by fear of change than by a willingness to debate the complexity of the immigration issue (and it is a complex one) using facts. For example, it seems to be your position that "Monolingual Spanish speaking clients is the polite term for people who don't speak English, AKA illegal aliens." However, what we know about the sociodemographic profile of legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico is linguistic capabilities are not determined by the legality of one's immigration status.

A point that I would like to bring to the fore is this: Even if illegal immigration was reduced to zero percent, legal immigration from Latin America is still the main impetus for population growth in this country. Fertility rates among the native-born population in the US peaked at some point during the sixties, and have declined since so that today, native-born fertility rates are below the threshold needed for natural replacement of the population, a threshold that must be met if we are to continue to grow the economy and provide a workforce that can care for our aging population.

So, it is no surprise to see that in recent decades, entire US industries (meatpacking and processing in the south and midwest, carpet and mattress manufacturing in the south, and agriculture and service industries nationwide) have grown to depend on a predominantly immigrant Latino workforce. It is also no surprise to find signs of this natural cultural transition everywhere, including the phenomenon of state and county agencies offering services in Spanish, which, I would argue, is a decision based on a rational response to demographic change, rather than as a manifestation of some liberal master plan that you would make it out to be.

This brings me to another point that I find ironic. Immigration is primarily a federal issue, not a state one. Yet, those who bear the brunt of your rhetoric are liberals and the immigrants themselves, despite the fact that the majority of those in power at the federal level are neither. I think the more useful question to be focusing on is who primarily benefits from the large pool of low-skilled immigrant labor? Insofar as these same beneficiaries wield influence over national immigration policy, your energies will be much better spent confronting them rather than scapegoating immigrants and liberals for the nation's social problems.

Along these lines, I would like to pose a different opinion on the state's responsibility is relation to immigrants. The conservative mouthpiece in this area, Lars Larson, argues that if the state would simply more rigorously investigate the legality of a person's immigration status before issuing driver's licenses, illegal immigrants would simply grow frustrated with trying to make a life without proper documents, that they would go home. I would argue that this is short-sighted and woefully misunderstands push and pull factors that promote legal and illegal immigration. Though nativist reactionaries make the border out to be completely unpatrolled, this is not the case. It is still very hard to cross the border illegally, and many die every year trying. Illegal immigrants are not going to leave, in my opinion, just because they don't have a driver's license. They'll stay, drive without licenses and insurance, and an underground cash economy will rise up to meet the demand that their presence creates, and which is perpetuated by their ostracization from the formal economy. When one considers how unenforceable such a massive underground economy would be, it clearly makes much more sense to keep the activities of undocumented workers above the radar (by, for example, issuing driver's licenses), and urge federal immigration officials and politicians to do their jobs and devise sensible policies and enforce them.

Just my reasoned opinions, Daniel, as insane as they may seem to you...

Anonymous said...

Remember when KXL had a slogan for Oregon and they picked "Little Mexico"?That was so funny, except the GM's wife is Mexican. Oops!

That was the last day ANYONE paid for an advertisement on Lars Larson radio show.

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