Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Probably coming to take jobs that the Americans won't do...

Mexico Nabs 2 Iraqis Near U.S. Border
Mexican agents in Tecate captured two Iraqis who had hoped to sneak into U.S. territory without proper documents.

Federal authorities say Samir and Munir Yousif Shana (search) told investigators they were contacted by a person in their hometown of Baghdad, who said he could smuggle them into San Diego.

The Iraqis have relatives in the US but who is to say what their intentions were. And these two are not the issue, the issue is that foreigners can walk into our country with no effort and simply disapear. Or if they prefer, appear plain as day, asking for a drivers license, medical care, or even a job working for ex-Mayor of Portland, Vera Katz.

By all acounts the Border Patrol is barely a deterrent so I would say that there are only two things keeping the terrorists out of this country:
(1) Iraq, which has become the battlefield for the nuts due to it's close proximity and the fact that terrorists would hate to see freedom there and
(2) Camels are not capable of trans-Atlantic travel.


Sue K. said...

This is exactly why I am losing faith in President Bush. While we are busy fighting terrorism elsewhere, our border is left wide open for other potential terrorists to enter as they please. It is no secret how easy it is to enter the United States from the south. Heck, millions of illegals have done it and continue to do it. The door is wide open!! What will the President do or say when, not if, the next big attack comes because he failed to secure our borders? I have yet to see or hear anything from our President to indicate that he plans to do anything about it. Have I missed something? Why won't he address the massive problem of illegals crossing the border and sucking the very life out of our economy? My plan is to send donations to the Minuteman Project and any candidate who makes fighting illegal immigration and securing our borders a top priority.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Mexican chicken and worm flag must no longer fly!

Daniel said...

The candidates who are doing something about illegal immigrants are: Tom Tancredo, James sensenbrenner, and Robert Vasquez.

See my post HERE for info on how to support Vasquez and some great quotes!

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel,

Go #### yourself!

Daniel said...

Hey anonymous, your childish insults are a great example of a liberal argument!

Sue K. said...

Is there a way we can send you articles or info? There was a story in the Fishwrapper about a mexican national (illegal) mother and father killing their 3 young children in Brownsville, Texas. The father's brain was destroyed by sniffing spray paint. The parents thought the children were possessed so they strangled them and decapitated them. Another fine example.....

Did you catch a story about a 4 year old Georgia girl being kidnapped, sexually molested and killed by an illegal?? I only caught bits and pieces today and can't find a complete story.

Daniel said...

Sue K,

You can always post links to stories in the comments here. I am uncomfortable with providing an email address since liberals would sign that address up for spam rather than have a conversation.

By far the best place to look for stories about illegal aliens is:

Those stories you cited are just more sad reasons why the border insanity must be dealt with. To paraphrase that phrase that liberals love: how do you ask someone to die/get raped/have their ID stolen for a mistake?