Sunday, June 05, 2005

La informacion el illegal aliens

¡La Información Es Poder! Venga y Pregunte
(The Information Is To be able! Come and You ask)
(Google translation, how nice of a state agency web site to post something in Spanish only...)

What "information" is this? Take a look at the groups who be providing it:
Consulate of Mexico in Portland
Department of Consumer & Business Services
Oregon Attorney General's Office
Bureau of Labor and Industries
Oregon Child Development Coalition
Department of Human Services
Department of Revenue
Department of Transportation - DMV
Employment Department
Oregon Health Action Campaign
Oregon Health Division
Housing and Community Services of Oregon
Legal Aid Services of Oregon
Mid-Willamette Valley Senior Services Agency
Oregon Migrant Education
Social Security Administration
Secretary of State

What do all these state agencies teach the patrons of this "carousel of information?"

información acerca del número del contribuyente ITIN (para hacer sus impuestos)
(information about the number of contributor ITIN (to make its taxes))

But what kind of person needs an ITIN? Don't all American citizens have a SSN? Gasp! You mean, these are illegal aliens? The state of Oregon is helping them find jobs even though they aren't allowed to work by law? This is shocking!

como registrar un negocio, o como registrarse para votar en Oregon
(like registering a business, or registering themselves to vote in Oregon)

Ah ha! Registering them to vote! You will notice that our beloved secretary of state is listed as a participant in this vast conspiracy to violate multiple laws, immigration, labor, etc. No surprise that he want illegal aliens voting.

The fun was all held at:
La Clinica del Carino Family Health
A "Federally supported Community/Migrant Health Center"

State website LINK

Strange, I can't find a single news link to this. It just happened yesterday. Why is the media ignoring this? I guess that, much like people using needles at waterfront park, the state holding "information" fairs for illegal aliens has become routine.


Allen said...

Please don't become discouraged with the lack of comment.

Most as I find you have done the job well and need little critique.

Daniel said...

Thanks. Comments aren't just for angry liberals to critique me though. Positive feedback is always nice and if you have something to add it is always welcome!

Angelo said...

wow......what can I say. I know that my hard earned tax dollars are wasted on $400 toilet seats, and $300 pipe wrenches, but I am stunned that they would be spent on a project that basically a)..breaks the law, and b) teaches criminals how to break even more laws. (like voting when you aren't legally allowed to do so). Heads should roll over this one.

Michael Armstrong said...

Daniel, you ae doing a fine job getting the news out. If anyone followed the Consol general of Mexico, to the orginized hand outs of the Matricular card, you find the State agencies there as well, handing out information, on how to get a drivers license, registering to vote, and social benifites. Get involved people!!

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