Thursday, June 23, 2005

National Council for "The Race"

Philadelphia, PA - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-ny), the Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, the Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, the Treasurer of the U.S.A. Ana Cabral, the President of DNC Howard Dean, the President of RNC Ken Mehlman, the Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell, the Mayor of Philadelphia John Street, the Governor of Puerto Rico Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, the financial expert Suze Orman, the member of the Congress Bob Menendez (D-nj), ÓBrien Solitude presenter of Cnn, Maria Elena Saline presenter of Univision and Marc Morial President of the National Urban League is between the oradores of the Conference Annual of 2005 of the National Council of the Race (NCLR, by its abbreviations in English), the Latin organization of civil rights and more important law of the nation, that one will take I finish from the 16 to the 19 of July in the Convention center of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.
Note: This is a google translation.

So the National Council of the Race (NCLR) is holding it's annual conference. What public figures would dare attend an event that is dedicated to only one, in fact the, race? Why that would be Hillary Clinton, Margaret Spelling, (why don't we have Rod Paige anymore?!?!) RNC chief Ken Melmen, (it is very important to Karl Rove that the Republican party be friendly to illegal aliens) DNC chief Howard Dean, (it's not a white Christian event, it's a brown Catholic one) and Suze Orman. (I hope you declare bankruptcy next month, Bob Brinker is smarter than you any day of the week)

"Dora the Explorer" of Nickelodeon will help to open Latin Expo the USA of the 2005 with... information on how to pack your backpack for the trip across the border. Can you say backpack? *song* backpack, backpack, bring lot's of water... backpack, backpack, watch out for la migra... *song*

But what are some NCLR positions:
NCLR Position
NCLR strongly opposes the CLEAR Act and HSEA. State and local law enforcement agencies should not enforce federal immigration laws, and these bills would be detrimental to the Latino community. They would erode the relationship between immigrant communities and law enforcement officers, would mean that fewer people report crimes, and would take scarce resources away from other police functions, leaving entire communities less safe. This type of legislation would also likely result in increased racial profiling and civil rights violations by state and local police officers.
Law enforcement should not enforce laws as it will be "detrimental to the Latino community."

NCLR Position
NCLR criminal justice policy agenda advocates for comprehensive alternatives to incarceration, especially for youth and nonviolent offenders. NCLR’s juvenile justice portfolio has four focal points: Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) and differential treatment of Latino youth in the justice system; “adultification” and “criminalization” of Latino youth in the justice system; the impact of anti-gang laws on Latino youth; and advocating at the federal and state levels for increased funding for prevention and treatment programs, as well as implementation of rational and effective research-based juvenile justice policies.
While the rest of the community is worried about "the impact of anti-gang laws" on gang members, the NCLR is worried about "the impact of anti-gang laws on Latino youth."

I just love how the NCLR spells out it's full name as "National Council of La Raza" when writing in English but atranslationaslation of a Spanish page reveals it for what it is: National Council of the Race.

The fact that groups like this can entertain high profile guests is a testamenthypocrisyypocrasy and double standard on race in this country.

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