Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Re-education camps

Clemens decries ‘activism' by OSU
The Clemens Foundation won't restore its tuition grants for students attending Oregon State University, and said that OSU is using public education "to target, bombard and coerce students" to adopt a liberal political ideology, according to a news release.

Among the incidents was a reportedly racially charged fight at a local bar, where an OSU football player allegedly hit National Guardsman Gabriel Sapp, who was on leave from Iraq. Sapp, of Alsea, is a member of a logging family, and one of his relatives works for the Clemens Foundation. Joe Rudulph eventually pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault in the case.

The writer of this piece, Kyle Odegard, apparently doesn't realized that the "alleged" charge stopped being "alledged" and became fact one Rudulph plead guilty to it. I'm constantly amazed that an incident where a black man punches a white man because his girlfriend is black sparks no outcry (it's "reportedly" racially charged fight, and no mention that it was the black man who was the offender) while an editorial that opposes criminals (illegal aliens) sparks protests and tolerance marches.

I'm glad that the Clemens Foundation won't be supporting this re-education camp.


Anonymous said...

Okay, after I stop laughing, are you serious? OSU as a liberal bastion. UO I buy for damn sure (it was named the #1 more activist campus in the country a few years ago), PSU as well, but OSU? OSU is where all the Eastern and Central Oregonians go and from what I've heard, is conservative, if not moderate.

Sailor Republica said...


Being as I am currently at the U of O, it's much more conservative here than at OSU. The issue is that the "Berkeleyanite" movement left Eugene a few years ago and decided to move up the pike. It's taken residence at OSU, and it is one of the reasons why Kelley Wirth is able to stay in her rep seat.

Quite simply, Corvallis is the new hub of leftism. Even Eugene is losing it's leftism small chunk by small chunk, even though a "progressive leftist" is in power at City Hall.

And, just for note, most Eastern and Central Oregonians either go to EOU (La Grande) or WOU (Monmouth)

Daniel said...

from what I've heard

You heard wrong. But the initial complaint from the Clemens Foundation was the OSU football team player conduct. Specifically the fact that a black football player could get away with assaulting a white man because of his skin color, OSU did not dicipline this athlete. Obviously this is a double standard as any white person who did the same thing would have been hung out to dry.

Navybeav said...

I attended OSU in the late 90's. There's no question OSU is a bastion of liberalism. All of my teachers were blatant lefties who inevitably blamed all of the world's problems on America.

I love my Beavs, but loathe the faculty at OSU.

Jerry The Geek said...

I'm an OSU employee; perhaps the sole CONSERVATIVE OSU employee. Can you say "liberal bastion"? I thought you could.

Oh, and apparently this wasn't reported by any newspaper outside of Corvallis, but you should know that the serviceman was beaten because his WIFE is black ... not his 'girlfriend'.

What did OSU do about the offending football player? Well, they told him that he was a very good football player but a very bad boy, and so he musn't do that any more.

It wasn't until the Oregon legislature took the school (in the persons of the football coach, the Athletic Director, and the OSU lobbyist) to task in a public hearing that sterner measures were ... reluctantly ... taken.