Wednesday, June 29, 2005

We left that country but can we have a say in how it's run?

Mexicans in Oregon eager for vote
Mexican citizens living in Oregon won the right Tuesday to vote for the leader of the country they left behind.

Mexico's lawmakers approved a law allowing millions of Mexicans living abroad to vote by mail in next year's presidential election.

Salem businessman Pedro Rosales, who holds dual nationality with the United States and Mexico, said he plans to participate in the historic vote.
The Statesmen Urinal would have you believe that this change is aimed at people with dual citizenship. *Laugh*

"They have risked themselves and continue to fight challenges," he said of emigrants. "It's only fair that they have the opportunity to vote for the leadership of the country."

"Quite frankly, when the issue was brought up, I thought, 'This is pie in the sky.'" Salinas said. "It makes sense because, after all, the Mexican immigrants in the United States now represent the first and second economy for Mexico."

Mexico receives an estimated $14 billion each year from remittances sent home from workers in the United States.

So we allow lawbreakers to keep Mexico afloat at the expense of our own economy and citizenry. Will anyone argue that (an estimated) $14 billion would not make a difference in the economic situation in America if it stayed in the local economy?

It really bothers me that didn't feel the need to even mention that a majority of these "Mexicans living abroad" are illegal aliens and that the "remittances" they send home are ill-gotten gains made from violating our employment laws and taking jobs from Americans. No elephant in this room.

And why should anyone who doesn't think enough of their country to live there be able to have any say in it's leadership? "I'm really interested in the direction that Mexico is going, that's why I left..." Hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

If Mexico chooses once again to be corrupt, let them.