Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Let's waste time on things we have no control over!

Oregon Senate Bill Urges Congress To Oppose Privatizing Social Security
Salem, Oregon - Oregon state senators weighed in on the Social Security debate today, approving a bill that encourages the U.S. Congress to oppose efforts to privatize Social Security. The Senate approved Senate Memorial 1, which also asks Congress to repay Social Security trust funds and to enact reforms that will ensure continuation of income protection.

"This sends a loud and clear message to Washington D.C., that Oregonians are opposed to the current administration's risk-laden proposal to replace Social Security with private accounts," said Sen. Frank Shields. "Even the president recognizes that his plan does nothing to strengthen the long-term stability of our Social Security system."

Hey Frank Shields, if you want to have a vote on the Social Security issue then get elected to the US Senate. As a state senator maybe you should just stick to coming up with a realistic budget. That actually is your job.


Anonymous said...


Among the similar things on the House side:

HM 2 By Representative GARRARD; Representative BRUUN (at the request of Taxpayers Association of Oregon) -- Requesting that members of Oregon Congressional Delegation support meaningful medical malpractice liability reform.

HM 3 By Representative SUMNER; Representatives JENSON, NELSON -- Requesting that Congress enact legislation to protect firearms and ammunition manufacturers, distributors, dealers and importers from abusive and ill-conceived tort actions.

HM 4 By Representative SUMNER; Representatives GILMAN, KRIEGER -- Requesting that Oregon's United States Senators work to ensure expeditious Senate action on Supreme Court nominations.

HR 3 By Representative ANDERSON; Representatives BUTLER, GARRARD, JENSON, NELSON -- Declaring that state agencies should not adopt controls of greenhouse gas emissions unless required by state or federal law.

Get it.

Sailor Republica said...

Absence does not equal evidence, Anonymous.

Just because Daniel mentioned that one and not the other ones does not mean that he did not forget about them.

There is also the possibility (like most Oregonians) that he did not know about them.

My recommendation to you, Anonymous, is to be thankful you have alerted Daniel to the same deals happening in the House.

Damn, some people...

Anonymous said...

The point is that Daniel thinks Republicans are on some cloud of moral superiority (which they aren't, but neither are the D's) and to demonstrate that this memorial/resolutions are business as usual.

Sailor Republica said...

I think, Anonymous, that you're reading way too much into things. Until Daniel gives the full on this story, we are only able to speculate.

Remember that assuming makes an ass out of you. In many cases...a Horsesass.

Daniel said...

Hey, a meaningful debate! anonymous, I certainly do not think that Republicans are on some cloud of moral superiority, I look at each individual. Just because someone has an -R next to their name does not mean I will agree with them on everything or anything.

As for the point you made... we agree! Why are our representatives wasting time making "resolutions" or "proclamations" that have no effect on anything?

It would be a better use of their time to enact legislation with tort reform and rules regarding vehicle emissions. Simply making a "declaration" doesn't make anything happen.

I second what sailor republica said: Thanks for pointing this out to me and maybe you shouldn't read to much into what I say, or don't say, without asking.