Sunday, June 26, 2005

My Bush bash two-fer

State GOP chief defends Bush policy
State Republican Party Chairman Bob Martinez on Wednesday called on Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo and other lawmakers to "back off" of their criticism of President Bush's immigration policy.

"Ninety-nine percent of the Mexicans that cross that border are not coming across the border with the intent to kill anyone," Martinez said. "I'm defending the president's position. That's all I'm doing."

So if 99% of drug addicts don't have the "intent to kill anyone" should we just leave them alone? The presiden't position on this issue is indefensible and anyone who tries to looks like a moron.

McClellan: 'Respect' Supreme Court decision
At today's White House news briefing, WND asked presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about the landmark Supreme Court decision yesterday allowing local government to seize a home or business against the owner's will for the purpose of private development.

McCLELLAN: Les, I think the president has made his views clear when it comes to private property rights. In terms of Supreme Court decisions, we obviously have to respect the decisions of the Supreme Court.

WND: Does the president feel as strongly about that lady in New London, Conn., who will be forced out of her home where she was born and has lived for 87 years [as a result of the high-court decision], does he feel as strong as Justice O'Connor feels, and does he believe this decision will help with his nomination of new justices?

McCLELLAN: Les, we just haven't talked about it, but the president is always concerned about the American people and their well being.

WND: He really is concerned about this lady, isn't he?

I don't respect the decision. The president could come out and say that comrade Stevens and company have radically changed America and that he will push for a constitutional amendment that will rectify this situation. No leadership here.


Sailor Republica said...

Screw Mr. Martinez and Screw Scott McClellan.

Y'want a good Press Secretary, get me in there.

Les Kinsolving: "What does the administration, Mr. Secretary, have to say about the supreme court ruling?"

Me: "We think Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs to get her colon checked again, as it's affecting her performance. We also think that Justice Kennedy needs to have a lobotomy. As for the other three, they can **** off."

jwalker said...

Sometimes I think my hippy friend from the North Oregon Coast is right. She believes that the 2 parties are really one organization and put out issues that sound devisive just to get us off their trail. When are the conservatives going to use their power and deal with these issues?????

Daniel said...

Everyone write Bush and demand that Sailor be appointed press secretary!

JWalker, Savage says the same stuff. I don't always agree with how he phrases it because there is a contrast to be made but it does seem that the Republican party is willing let the liberals run over them which gives the appearance of one party out to screw the folks.

jwalker said...

I love Savage, but it worries me when people say I sound like him! :)

Sailor Republica said...


I get that down here, too.

I'm able to mask most of it with either clever banter and kindness or apathy.

But when it comes to the blog, all bets are off and the Sailor curses like...well...a sailor.