Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Job opportunity!

(Cultural Trust Administrative Assistant, Oregon Arts Commission)
$1518 - $2086 MONTHLY (PART-TIME)

The Arts Commission became part of the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department in 1993, in recognition of the expanding role the arts play in the broader social, economic and educational arenas of Oregon communities.
Describing to the taxpayers exactly what the "role" that "the arts" play in the various "arenas" of Oregon would probably result in fewer PERS recipients being employed by the state. So they will just make vague assertions that art is important.

This position exists in the Oregon Cultural Trust, a new statewide program to raise significant new funds to invest into Oregons arts, humanities and heritage assets. In addition to the creation of a long-term, protected endowment, funds will be distributed each year to partner organizations, county and tribal cultural coalitions and competitive grant applicants. Donations to the Cultural Trust are eligible for an innovative tax credit.
If a small business finds a way to save $30 on their taxes they are "not paying their fair share" but when an individual gives money to out-of-work contemporary artists it's called an "innovative tax credit."

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Anonymous said...

speaking of taxes, you should read what odot is up to. and I love it when they say that by us saving money is a loss of revenue for them. To quote"On the other hand, from the transportation revenue perspective, fuel-efficient vehicles produce less fuel tax revenue because they consume less gasoline."

they are talking about a system that can change the fee at will, whenever ,wherever and for whatever reason they choose.

I invite you to read the article carefully and look at the big picture about the way government does things and then say...OMG

I thought you might get a kick out of this and I didn't know any other way to contact to you