Thursday, June 09, 2005

Parking meter increase for this maybe?

Job Opening
Coordinator, Public Art
Hiring Range: $3534 - $4418 per month

Position Summary: Coordinate artist selection, design, fabrication and installation of all art projects for the I-205 extension. Provide support for other projects as assigned. Perform related duties as required.

Who will "coordinate" the public art? Please, please, please, if you are interested in this position then apply quickly. I shudder when I think about all the public art that isn't being "coordinated" while there is a vacancy for this job.


Anonymous said...

Yo Daniel, join the pride parade!

Daniel said...

Am I really welcome to?

Anonymous said...

Yup, or join the protestors either way.

Daniel said...

Protesting isn't really my thing. I just don't think that me standing in the street with a sign is going to change any minds. I'll probably just stay home.