Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Worries"? It "worries" us? How about outraged, furious, and feeling abused!

Immigration worries Republicans
Republican congressional members' constituents care more about immigration and border security than any other issue, according to a new congressional insiders poll.
You're damn straight we do, unfortunately our elected "leaders" are dumber than rocks, rocks that are high on crack, and will continue to ignore us or insist on "dialogue" rather than fix the problem.

Seventeen of the 37 Republican House and Senate members who responded to the National Journal's survey identified immigration as the issue "most on the minds of your constituents these days." That easily topped the next closest issue, the economy, which gained 10 votes, followed by gasoline prices with four votes and terrorism with three votes.
Come time for the primaries, for any office, I intend to vote for whichever candidate takes the strongest stance against illegal immigration. Of course, knowing our politicians the "strongest" stance will probably be ecouraging "dialogue" on the issue.

Read this whole article. Then take a look at some other blogs. A few good local bloggers Gullyborg, Robin, Coyote, Sailor, and Don Diesel all do regular posts on this problem. And you certainly won't have a First Amendment Friday on Lars Larson's show without a good portion of the callers talking about this issue.

Ordinary citizens at town hall meetings talk about their outrage at illegal aliens being able to access social services, drivers licenses, and get registered to vote.

I write my elected officials all the time on this issue and generally get back the form letter about how "immigrants have a rich history of contributing to our society" which has nothing to do with people breaking our laws.

And Bush, the big cheese himself, doesn't just abdicate his responsibility to protect our country from these people, he wants to reward them for breaking the law. Unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

Hate to tell ya Daniel, but you gotta look at the Big Picture to understand the situation.

Our Political leaders are well aware of the Issues and most have a hand in the bag.

Reality, our world and economy has had it, its in the tank, rotten to the core and suffering with a terminal case of Unionism.

So what's gotta be done is to clean the house of Union decay and start again with a new batch of producers.

Now, who all did you say was feeling sick from circling the drain?

Anonymous said...

"immigrants have a rich history of contributing to our society"

That used too be the case, but if you include the costs, the real costs of these people,WE ARE IN A FIGHT FOR THE NEXT BREATH OF THIS NATION!~ (ALL CAPS) NOT CONSIDERED PC for a post....if that is all you can say, THAT IS PART OF THE PROBLEM AS WELL.

Daniel said...

I'm very confused, and it's not just the whiskey talking. Are you guys saying that I don't get it? That I'm part of the problem? That I'm PC when doing these posts?

Are you nuts? I understand this problem in every aspect. From the political considerations to the economic ones to the average American's concerns.

I agree that the fight over illegal immigration is about our countries very survival. I'm not sure where you get me being PC from my posts.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the fight over illegal immigration is about our countries very survival. I'm not sure where you get me being PC from my posts.

Your doing just fine!

There is no question your are correct... I just need to not post my real name, as I'm sometime more reviled then Lars.

Robin said...

I think that Daniels said it quite well. It is very frustrating that a large group of people are breaking federal laws by coming here illegally, and our government is turning its back to it because it was an advantage to us at the time..
That was easy to do when the immigrants came over and worked our fields and did other grunt work that we did not want to do, so we took advantage of that.

when people say that these are jobs that we do not want to do, let me remind you, that we passed child labor laws so that kids can not earn extra money in the fields.

When I grew up, I thought it was great. I picked beans strawberries rhubarb, it was hard work but it was honest money.

You must also keep in mind that now because a lot of businesses are starting to cater to illegal aliens, speaking Spanish has become a job requirement and that is taking away jobs from most Americans.

For example, the city of Eugene recently posted a job for parking ticket processor stating "Spanish-speaking preferred" , the state Oregon offers a 5% bonus if you speak Spanish, and this is only the beginning.

It may not be politically correct to say, but we have to decide what we really want to do. If you continue to ignore the "big picture" then I guess you might as well take a Spanish class because we are all going to be speaking Spanish.

As Lars has stated many times, "I do not have anything against anyone who is here are legally", and I agree 100%. If for example, the vast majority of the Spanish-speaking population was here "legally" and our over all society is changing for that reason, then I can understand it a lot better.

However, when we are changing our ways and society to cater to "illegal" activity, that is what I have a problem with it.

And that is exactly what we are doing. The big companies see huge profits by these people coming over here so maybe it is time to start targeting the companies.

If you really do not think that the problem is getting out of hand, take a look at a map that business week put out recently of the estimated numbers of illegal aliens in the United States. I have a link to that map on my blog.

I'm in college now working towards my bachelors degree, and one other thing that scares me that I will not be able to get a job in my field because I do not speak a second language.

Daniel said...

Well said Robin, now translate it into Spanish for us...

Sailor Republica said...

Anon #4 is David Goldstein?!?! ^_-

(Had to add humor here)

Robin said...


Pienso que ese Daniels lo dijo absolutamente bien.

I cheated, got to love technology. :-)

(Doxxiegirl) said... guys...what is wrong with America? I applied for this great job, paid very well...would have been a HUGE jump for me financially...I didnt get the job, because I couldnt speak Spanish fluently! I can speak a little Spanish..but not enough to be fluent...why would I want to..this is America...I dont want to have to know another language to communicate with people at my local grocer?

What part of "Illegal" immigrants is being misunderstood?? THEY ARE ILLEGAL!! I just dont get....I burn a pile of wood, that happens to have some plastic in it, I get a ticket for pollution. I dont wear my seat belt, I get a ticket for it. I cannot rent a nice apartment for 600.00, so I have to settle for a mediocre one...but by all freakin means...lets have HUD for the spanish speaking illegals who are living here...lets make some very nice homes for them at cheap prices...because hey..they cant speak english..and well you know they are illegal right? Try going to another country and live like they do here and see if you can get away with it!?

My nephews cant get healthcare, unless they go through the welfare system...and they are spanish..but they cant have health care because we are American..were not illegal...we can find a way to buy our own...but holy crap..lets give Jorges family, who arent even suppose to be! it makes me so frustrated and sick to my stomach! Enough is enough...enough handouts..enough saving the world...lets start saving our own damn people first. When I see a 10 yr old white kid sleeping on the stoop at the library makes me sick to my opening our minds and this whole "save the world" bit...we have neglected our own English going to become a second language? Will we become the minorties? When do we stop?

I am not a racist, and I dont judge people based on their skin color...but with that being said..I am tired of our country delapitating order to save everyone else...Mexico..take care of your own people...

Daniel said...

This issue ignites passions like no other. As far as needing to speak spanish, how about just La Migra!

Christian said...

Robin said:

"The big companies see huge profits by these people coming over here so maybe it is time to start targeting the companies."

This is exactly right, but I think that most conservatives aren't willing to "go there", because it sounds too radical, too leftist. Hammer away all you want on the "culture" of immigrants, it's a futile use of breath. Actually, politicians and the corporate powers that be who fund their campaigns, would prefer that conservatives do just that: complain about the immigrants, as opposed to what brings them here. It keeps the focus off of them, to our (everyday working americans) peril.

anonymous said:

"Reality, our world and economy has had it, its in the tank, rotten to the core and suffering with a terminal case of Unionism."

Unions are dead. Depending on the state, only 10-20% of those in the work force are union members, and these are disproportionately older workers, so the number is likely to decline as these workers retire. This idea also makes conservatives uncomfortable, but one reason, I believe, that politicians and the corporate elite can continue to ignore concerns with current immigration policies is because union power is next to nothing. There is no existing organization that can mobilize against corporate america, which prioritizes profits over the well-being of working America.

I'll sit back now and wait for the "socialist" and "leftist" digs.