Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thursday night rant

A rant about all things Oregon tonight. Cruising various government sites I can't help but notice how many agencies, commissions, departments, divisions, branches, councils etc that government has layered on us. Two that we could eliminate immediately in Multnomah County are the Public Art and Portland Multnomah Progress Board which does "important" things based on "indicators (named benchmarks)" and apparently this board then acts as a "catalyst" to improve the communities "goals."

I was under the impression that locking up meth dealers was a top priority for the community. The simplest way to accomplish that would be to fire every idiot at the progress board and give the money to the sheriff. But that's just the evaluation of a simpleton who does not have the benefit of "indicators" or a PERS pension...

Thankfully for the three stoners who are able to get out of bed before noon to go to work the ACLU is fighting to keep them employed regardless of whether or not they can pass a drug test. Unfortunately for the ACLU they are losing this fight. This incredulous statement from their website: Despite ACLU opposition, the Oregon House of Representatives approved HB 2693 A-Eng. This bill would allow employers to fire an employee because he or she is a medical marijuana patient even when there is no evidence of impairment on the job.

Can you believe that? The house acted despite ACLU opposition! Don't they know that the ACLU is in charge now? As for the "evidence" of impairment, that's called a drug test. Otherwise we would have to fire people for stuffing doritos in their face while giggling about last nights episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

Do I have to hyphenate my last name like the public editor of the Fishwrapper to get my blog listed on the Oregonlive blog list or what? Or maybe if I started advocating for the "rights" of a homeless transgender drug addict or something like that they would list me... They have never responded to my repeated requests and their list is almost exclusively liberal.

They also don't publish my letters to the editor anymore. I always enjoyed the floodgates of denunciations of my views/beliefs/character after one was published. Now I only get called "ignorant" and "racist" on my blog.

The Portland "kill us last" Peaceful Response Team is gearing up for an action packed weekend. They start with this:
Saturday, July 16th, 2005 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM - ANTI-MILITARY RECRUITING ACTION! Money for Jobs and Education, NOT FOR WAR AND OCCUPATION!
then proceed with their weekly
Friday, July 15th, 2005 5:00 PM - PPRC Friday Rally and March

Here's a rational statement from the moonbats:

“We are profoundly disheartened by Tony Blair’s speculation that the murderers in this
case carried out these crimes in the name of Islam, just as we are when the crimes of
Bush and Blair are linked to their Christian faiths or to their support for Zionism,” said
Seaman. “We must look beyond the superficial self-serving explanations offered by
politicians and the hate-mongers of talk radio if we are to discover the deeper roots of
these acts of violence, to understand why people commit these monstrous crimes, and
how we can act to end the violence.”

I guess that they want to look for some nuance among the dismembered bodies. For me, anything that "profoundly disheartens" this group is something that any red-blooded American should support.

Even though the DHS Diversity Development Coordinating Council "Represent[s] DHS in all diversity development initiatives," I still think that our tax dollars would be better spent on public safety. Not that "represent[ing] DHS in all diversity development initiatives" isn't super important or anything...

The Daily Emerald makes some absurd statements in their op-ed advocating the passage of SB1000. With typical liberal denial of the fact they say "Even if the majority of Oregonians do not want gay marriage legalized (a sentiment which we hope will prove malleable)"

"If?" Was the vote not conclusive enough for you idiots? And I know that it was sooo long ago but guess what, we haven't changed our decision. I guess our minds aren't as "malleable" as a college student's is when faced with constant indoctrination.

They then talk about that "equality for EVERYONE" bill with this argument: Surely the religious right can agree that civil unions (which ensure fair benefits for certain types of life partners) are the best way to create functioning couples and families for which marriage is not an option.

At least, I thought it was for everyone. Freudian slip, but the Emerald reveals that this bill benefits only "certain type of life partners." How equal...

Challenge I issue to liberals: When you are commenting on this post try to be more creative. No use of the words "racist, ignorant, stupid, or extremist."

That is all.


jwalker said...

Well Daniel, I don't know if you feel better after that, but I do.

Gullyborg said...

They haven't linked my stupid ignorant racist blog yet, either. Maybe it's because I link their paper under the category of "Dead Fish Wrappers and Bird Cage Liners"?

Daniel said...

It might be because you have pictures of guns Gully. Guns scare the Fishwrapper...

Or maybe it's because we don't live in Portland. The only city that matters...

But yes, I always feel better after one of those.

Anonymous said...

Why do you even care? You don't live in Multnomah County...what. ....have you run out of fodder in your own backyard?!?!?! Start cleaning house at home and then tell us all how you do..until then, well, STFU

Sailor Republica said... someone who doesn't like in Multnomah County can't talk about Multnomah County cause they don't live there? Is that the new excuse, Anonymous Ass?

Just for that, I think I'm gonna take shots at Multnomah County...simple because I know I can, and because I can bring the house down there if I have to (starting with Diane Linn and Lisa Naito).

This is a shot across your bow, Anon.