Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Washington County logo = bullseye

Firearms Policy for Washington County employees
Except as provided in this policy, employees are prohibited from carrying any firearms while on-duty and are prohibited from carrying firearms on County property at any time. This includes employees who have obtained a concealed weapons permit.

This Policy is designed to compliment the County’s ‘Violence in the Workplace Policy’. The intent is to minimize the risk that use of a firearm may result in accidental or intentional harm and minimize the potential for intimidation caused by the presence of firearms.

So if you are a disgruntled employee you can rest easy knowing that yours will be the only gun in the building. This is another example of government being hostile to our constitutional rights. When you allow them any power, any say in the matter, or any jurisdiction, they will take your guns.

While I have no issue with private employers saying no guns a public agency is different. Governments were instituted among men to protect our God given rights, not to limit or outright take them away and Washington County is doing just that.

This actually is a small example of a larger issue: government shoving liberal politics down citizens throats. As heard on Lars today, if Portland gets it's dirty socialist hands on PGE then we will all be buying expensive wind power. (and probably be in the dark a lot) I'm sure that PGE employees would have to leave their guns at home too.

From my cold dead hands...


Ed C said...

In my not so humble opinion. I personally will not spend my money with any place of business who says that I can not enter their location with my firearm which I have a CHL to carry. The CHL law as writen does not give Washington county the power to do as they are trying to do in the case of persons who have a CHL. Therfore they are in violation of the law when they institute said policy!

Anonymous said...

ed c is right. They are not allowed to do this and they don't have the law to back them up to ban conceal carry on employees.