Monday, July 11, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

'Good-Hearted Folks' from across Big River Continue to Add to Native American Economy
Massachusetts, July 1641 -- Councilmember Squanto put down his beans this week and raised some hay, addressing the assembled tribes on the delicate subject of continued uncontrolled immigration into America from Europe. “If we cannot even control who comes to our land and in what numbers,” he said “we are no longer an independent people, but simply a colony for outsiders to exploit.”...

...“Your words of hate and exclusion shame us!” responded the venerated and rotund Elder Councilmember Tahed Kenha-Di. “These starving migrants from across the Big River do the jobs no self-respecting Brave wants to do.” “Would you sit like squaw at a loom day and night as their weavers do, simply to trade valuable cloth for a few dozen worthless Beaver pelts?” Kenha-Di then added, “The fact is our economy is now intimately dependent upon the proud and harmless white men, many of whom now reside on my tribe’s land and pay their tribute to our council like everyone else. I’m proud to represent the humble newcomers and their valuable trading centers!”

Great satire from the Mac. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat my maize on the cobb now.

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