Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bush builds coalition for illegal aliens

Watch (Courtesy American Patrol Report)

The above is a Lou Dobbs piece on Bush's latest tactic to convince the American people to commit suicide. As far as I'm concerned his "coalition" doesn't amount to much, a former RNC chief, a democrat, and Dick "I'll run a red light" Armey aren't having any clout with me.

As for Armey's "red light" analogy, he is just a small step away from stealing a loaf of bread "to feed my family" then stealing, err "downloading" pirated music because "they charge too much for CD's." It's all relativism and excuse making for criminal behavior. What a bunch of crap.

Then we have the various Hispanic advocacy groups who don't seem to be reading from the same talking points, first it's jobs American's won't do, then it's "these are great wages with upward mobility" but we don't have the workers.

This message is just plain silly. Is our unemployment rate at 0%? If these are such great jobs then why should they go to Mexican illegal aliens when Americans are looking for work right now?

Perhaps these advocacy groups who say these jobs are so great could hook up with the unemployment department and help some unemployed Americans.


Sue K. said...

I actually laughed out loud when I heard Armey's "red light" analogy. And then I got even madder than I have been. Have you read Dept of Homeland Security secretary Chertoff's "pipeline" analogy?? I think these guys need to stop the ridiculous analogies and stick to the facts. Secure the borders, stop services to illegals, prosecute employers who hire illegals and start deporting!! I think the "coalition" that Bush wants is a smoke screen. Just to make it appear that he is trying to do something. From what I've heard, it doesn't sound like businesses or groups are waiting in line to join the coalition. In the last few days, I have emailed the White House, The DHS, my state reps (un-reps?)and even North Carolina Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R) to express my support for her. A constituent of hers, Scott Gardner, was killed in a wreck that was caused by an illegal who was drunk and had numerouse DUII arrests but had not been deported. I asked her to not let the DHS sweep this incident under the rug. She was even kind enough to respond to my email. I am not going to let the illegal alien/lack of border security issue disappear. I am going to email, write, call anyone and everyone that I can think of to keep this issue up front and center. I'm thinking of contacting the Republican National Party and letting them know my support for the Bush administration depends on how this issue is handled and how timely. Like I have said before, I am registered as an Independent but have voted Republican probably 99.9% of the time. I'm at the point that I will vote for the candidate(s) that "HONESTLY" want to combat this epidemic, regardless of party. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Daniel said...

Secure the borders, stop services to illegals, prosecute employers who hire illegals and start deporting!!

Vote Sue K. for president!

Sue K. said...


I'm sorry to disappoint you but I won't be able to throw my hat into the next presidential race. I think I can get more done as an ordinary citizen. I did hear today that Hillary is doing a lot of stroking in preparation for 2008. Now that is a scary thought!