Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Top heavy

There are currently 302 State Job Announcements Posted

The jobs are listed by category. Guess which category is hiring the most with 52 openings: MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATIVE, AND SUPERVISORY. With job titles like FORMS AND TRAINING MANAGER, TRAINING COORDINATOR, AREA 3 MANAGER and PROGRAM MANAGER, SPECIAL MANAGEMENT UNIT (that last one is all one title, they need a manager for their "special management unit") it seems like they might be micromanaging things just a tad. I understand having a branch manager or a unit manager but you probably don't need 20 managers in the same department in the same building each making $6,342 a month.

And while I noted this before you will be excited to know that the state of Oregon, the same state that gives out layoff notices to state police in the forensics lab, is still hiring for a music, art or recreational therapist! So all of you out there with your art therapy degrees apply now! You certainly aren't going to find anyone else stupid enough to hire you. As for solving the latest murder or rape with DNA evidence, art therapy for drug addicts is much more important, and besides, the crime was probably committed by an illegal alien who is on his way back to Mexico right now.

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