Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Tax the Poor
When you buy a toaster, or socks, or lettuce, or a car, you pay corporate taxes. No corporation has ever paid taxes, they just collect the money from you, and pass it along to government, the members of which will proudly hail the funds as a form of justice collected from the powerful to spare you, the powerless. Meanwhile you can’t figure out why everything is so darn expensive. It’s all just bookkeeping nonsense: the receipt says “socks: $2.49”, not –as it should- “socks $1.97, hidden tax scam $0.52.” Since you never see the breakdown, and the money is not paid directly to the government, you never swat at the mosquito you should.

Mac starts with this simple edict that we are all familiar with and then goes a step further. Read it, know it, recite it to your friends.

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