Saturday, July 23, 2005

Support Bob Tosh!

Groups decry local GOP member's quotes as racist
A Columbia County Republican Party resolution against "illegal aliens" has immigrant rights groups furious, Democrats eager to score political points and the new state GOP chairman trying to set the record straight that his party is the party of all people.

The "groups" decrying the local GOP member consist of:

A) The Oregon Democrats

B) PCUN, the union for illegal alien farmworkers

C) Vance Day, the Republican party chairman

D) Colleen DeShazer, the Columbia County Republican treasurer

Bob Tosh's offending comments:
"We see more and more crime articles in the paper with Gomez, Martinez, Ramirez and whatever Hispanic name you might see."

For a little perspective, this is from the PCUN website:
HB 2313
Allows longer sentence upon conviction of crime if defendant is a street gang member
PCUN position: OPPOSE

It's laughable that PCUN opposes longer sentences for gang members (Hispanic) then cries "racisim" when someone points out that a disproportionate number of news stories with arrests have people with Hispanic surnames. (I'm sure that the Fishwrappers have all received the memo at this point to not report on any arrests of Hispanics now.)

What's more laughable is that the Republican leadership will stab a party member in the back as soon as some Democrat or left wing group makes the "racist" charge. Especially when I believe that a good majority of all Oregonians, let alone Republican Oregonians, agree with what Tosh stated.

But Vance Day and Colleen DeShazer got their mention in the paper and all they had to do for it was sell their souls.

This is a letter I sent to Day, I will post his response if/when he sends one.
Dear Mr. Day,

I was very disappointed, but not surprised, to see your denunciation of Bob Tosh's remarks concerning illegal aliens. Disappointed because what he said was absolutely accurate, important for the context of the illegal alien resolution passed, and not racist in any way. Not surprised because it is standard fair that a Republican says something, the democrats or some left wing group screams "racist" and then the media waits for the Republicans to line up to denounce him/her and get some press time.

Who exactly are you trying to impress by telling the Oregonian that what Mr. Tosh said "was absolutely wrong."? If you want to admonish party members then please do it privately. We don't need to pander to the likes of PCUN and we certainly don't need to respond to the Dems who will continue to use this name-calling tactic because Republicans continue to allow it to be effective.

And if I lived in Columbia County I would make it my mission in life to see that Colleen "the resolution goes too far" DeShazer would not have her post as treasurer. It's bad enough that we can't get any Republican officials to stand up for a fellow party member when they get the "racist" charge thrown at them, but people like DeShazer offer great sound bites for election time commercials run by the opposition.

Please do us Oregon Republicans a favor and explain to me exactly what was factually incorrect or inappropriate about Mr. Tosh's comments. I would suggest for some comparison that you turn to the Fishwrapper's editorial page and look at the cartoon by Jim Borgman with the "white male perspective" comment and the "Could I be any Whiter" writing.

I also would like to see the Columbia County resolution on illegal aliens become the Republican's statewide position on the issue.




AC said...

America's Most Wanted web site lists their featured folks by name in alphabetical order.

Its an interesting read.

Daniel said...

Wow, just the "A" section alone is enough to validate Mr. Tosh.

Have you read my various posts on illegal aliens in our county jails?

Terry said...

How can facts be "absolutely wrong?"

Anonymous said...

Of course, since having standards is good, obviously having double standards must be twice as good

Daniel said...

Terry, in today's politically correct world when "facts" may hurt the feelings of a paticular group, other than whites, males, or Christians, then those "facts" must be denounced as somehow "false."

And people who testify to these "facts" must be denounced as "bigots" so that the "facts" will not become the issue but rather the person who said them will.

Sue K. said...


If Day was trying to convey that the Republican party was a party for "all legal people", then I wouldn't have a beef with that. Don't hold your breath for a response from him. I've come to learn that most elected officials won't even respond.

Is there a list somewhere on the internet of politicians who want to do something about the illegal alien problem and the open borders? I would love to be able to write or call these people to show my support for them. I finally took the time last night to send an email to the White House and Vice President letting them know that this citizen does not approve of their administration's mis-handling of the illegals/border problem. I know the emails will never cross their desks but maybe some intern is keeping tally. At least it made me feel a little better. I'm going to send a copy of the email to the Gov, Wyden, Smith, and DeFazio. I don't expect any response back.

Go, Bob Tosh!! Go, Tancredo!

Anonymous said...

Go, Bob Tosh!! Go, Tancredo!

Please support these people!

Daniel said...

Another great politician to support is Robert Vasquez!

See my post HERE

Al said...

Man arrested trying to pass $5 as $100

Police say Ernesto Esquivel passed a total of five counterfeit bills in the Medford area.

How Diverse!!

Daniel said...

How dare the Fishwrapper mention that someone with a Hispanic name has been arrested!

Local groups (mainly myself) decry the Fishwrappers reporting as racist!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Vance supports the resolution.

Daniel said...

I know that he supports the resolution but he came out against Bob Tosh.

I am tired of Republicans conceding "racism" whenever democrats start mudslinging without merit.

C Deshazer said...

Daniel: It would certainley be nice if people like you had the "guts" to contact those of us that you disagree with so much on an issue instead of taking the "chickens" way out by blogging us. You might find that if you do a bit more than just rely on the unreliable press there might be more to the story than the one liners that get printed. Colleen DeShazer