Friday, July 01, 2005

Too far left for academia?

Diversity plan sparks controversy with faculty
The controversy surrounding the University's Five Year Diversity Plan shows no signs of dissipating, as professors threaten to leave the University if the current draft is approved...

President Frohnmayer,” in which they called the Diversity Plan “Orwellian” and “frightening.”

“As for faculty thinking of leaving: I am,” said N. Chris Phillips, a math professor and co-signer of the open letter.

Kleshchev, a Russian immigrant, says the plan conjures up memories of his former homeland.

“Look, I am personally not going to be interrogated about my thoughts, and I am not going to go to reeducation camps either,” said Kleshchev, alluding to the Five Year Diversity Plan's requirement that faculty participate in a summer diversity seminar.

Wow, this has been going on for some time now but it seems as if the situation is heating up. I for one, am glad that these proffessors are getting a taste of what the real world has been putting up with for a while with things like affirmative action, diversity training, etc.

I think this might really represent a change in thinking at the campus when terms like "Orwellian" and "Soviet Union" are being used. Don't get me wrong, those words are definitely appropriate to describe this multicultural nonsense but you don't usually see this kind of push-back from our university proffessors. I guess it's one thing to preach it to others but when your own job is on the line it makes you think different...


Sailor Republica said...

There's been a climate of change down here since a lot of the activist idiots graduated this year.

People are taking a hard look at this diversity plan that was chiefly written by a guy who up and left after 2 years on the job.

We're hoping to kill the diversity plan (that is, people like me) and go back to the old standard of merit that has worked well for the past umpteen years.

Daniel said...

Judge people on merit? You mean the content of their character rather than the color of their skin? Hmmm, what a novel idea, it just might work!

Although I swear that I have heard that idea before...

Robin said...

The problem with a lot of diversity plans, although they say that they advocate for equality, a lot of them wind up being totally one-sided.

An excerpt from the University plan states, "The UO office of institutional equality and diversity (OIED) plays a central role in fulfilling that ongoing commitment through leadership on issues that enhance institutional fairness and equality, eradicate discrimination and celebrate the strength of a multicultural community."

Sounds great doesn't it? Of course, diversity sometimes means one-sided. "... the plans three major areas of focus are expected to be... (bullet #2)... developing free college programs to expand the "pipeline" of students of color interested in in the U of O..."

What does that mean color? Does that mean everybody or are we excluding some groups?

Please do not get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound like a racist. What does annoy me about diversity plans, is that they start out with good intentions, but they wind up trying to please everybodys special-interest group and that doesn't work.

We have to admit however reality is there is discrimination in the institutions. There are people everywhere and unfortunately some with power to force their prejudice opinions on others.

"... I am personally not going to be interrogated about my thoughts...", I wish that Kleshchev would've cited an example. I do think I understand he's thinking however.

"Philips said the five-year diversity plan is a "terrible idea" because it "calls for us to judge the faculty hires first and foremost by the color of their skin." [Oregon daily emerald]

Doesn't sound very equal are diverse to me.

And yes Daniel you are correct when you say "... it's one thing to preach it to others but when your own job is on the line it makes you think different..."

Or as we used to hear our parents say, "do as I say, not as I do"

almost forgot, why is its cost it $1.5 million per year for the office of institutional equality and diversity?

Anonymous said...

El Plan de Aztlan

Look this site up, it comes back to the school that spends 1.5 million on DIVERSITY.

Daniel said...

Oh yes, the MECHA crowd is very active on all college campuses. It is amazing how a group that is all about La Raza (meaning "the race") can exist under the banner of diversity.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how a group that is all about La Raza (meaning "the race") can exist under the banner of diversity.

I'd love to have President Dave explain that too.

The title of Dr. Savages' new book sure has come home too roost.

I'd love to have Savage ask for an interview from President Dave, to explain how a "PLAN" that goes as far as suggesting others leave and they stay is diverse.

Anonymous said...

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Olea-leyva said...

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Anonymous said...

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