Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Senator Smith on the Lars Larson show

tomorrow Senator Smith will be on the Lars Larson show (local Oregon show) to answer questions about whether or not he would support Alberto Gonzales if he were nominated to the Supreme Court. Make sure that you tune-in and call-in so that Smith knows we don't want a judge who disagrees with parental notification for minors to have an abortion but agrees with racist groups such as the National Council for 'The Race.'

Lars Larson
11:00am - 2:00pm
750am KXL

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Anonymous said...

Lars; I promised myself I'd stay out of this issue aligning with your sex offender issue show today, but I know too much about it too keep my big mouth shut.

While everybody except the most insane of Libs.....know a level 3 sex offender is as dangerous as a pissed off rattlesnake, few want to take the next step, too fix the problem as was effvident by one of your callers today.

Here is where the PC BS comes in, for too many years, I have yelled too no avail about the criminally insane grouphome issue, now with the sex offender deal,(IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYDAY) some are getting their fill of it.

What have I said?? Someone will be killed, then something will be done...OK we are having these deaths, but what about the group home deal? In some countries, in some states, there is now forming the storm for this side to reach critical mass as well.

The state of Oregon, with PR editorial's (16 so far) by the fishwrapper, have whined there are 300 criminally insane,"ALL DRESSED UP, WITH NO PLACE TO GO!"

Money has been set aside to address the lack of community placement right now, but with that money....(two versions heard) but around 2 million dollars, you can have 5 criminally insane placed next too you with no notice, no regard whatsoever for community safety (hello, Randy Leonard and others who cower before the ADVOCATES) refuse because they can, and current laws allow these dangerous people too live anywhere they want.

I'll bet you don't take Smith on because of his son (was mentally ill), but that's the problem, all mentally ill are protected, but all mentally ill are not dangerous...these people are.

What are the odds of a trainwreck with 300 additional criminally insane added to too many level 3 sex offenders now? In Vegas, you bet on this, you buy Uncle Paul out.

Just a reminder...its' better now, then ..."I TOLD ALL OF YOU SO...AFTER SOMEONE DIES.