Friday, July 22, 2005

Fishwrapper: Meth cook gets sense of "pride"

Garden gives inmates sense of pride, purpose
Gardening provides a daily escape from captivity for convicted methamphetamine maker Tim Morrison.

"When you're out here, you're away from everything in there," the 41-year-old Salem prison inmate said. "You forget about your surroundings. I like it because I can drift off into my own little world."

Morrison and Roe agreed that it's a soothing, self-esteem- building kind of labor. They also savor eating what they grow, citing blueberry pancakes, strawberry shortcake and produce-laden vegetable trays as favorites.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for prison inmates working and doing something productive with their time. What I want to highlight here is yet another newspaper story where inmates are described in glowing terms. The meth cook enjoys his "strawberry shortcake." No mention of whether or not he had kids in the house he cooked in and if they were starving or not when he was caught.


Anonymous said...
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MAX Redline said...

Just ran across this little thing over in the U.K.:

Now, if we had some of this over here, the Portland cops might actually be able to take a bite outta crime, and the tweakers might become just a little more cautious.

On the other hand, given the London cops approach to tube bombers, it looks as though there are a couple of areas where we could learn from them. Can you imagine what the ACLU would have to say if that'd happened in NY or DC?

Anonymous said...

Rather than Fishwrapper, perhaps the O is better called the CBL or
Cat Box Liner.

Some of us eat fish.

Daniel said...

Anonymous #1, I have never deleted anyone's post before but I made an exception in your case. I will not allow the posting of people's personal phone numbers on my site. I also think that if you or anyone was to call then that would make you guilty of the same crime and be no better than he is.

The deleted comment: (minus phone #)

Off topic but I really like lars and what he stands for, so therefore w/a little bit of research I found this, this lars stalker home, just found at another site, give this punk a call

I don't like having to be a censor. I do not like this individual or what he did but I don't think that harrassing him will help.

Sue K. said...

I don't live in Portland so don't know all of the details but I heard that earlier this year a young punk stole the huge American flag that flies just off of I-205 at the new Harley dealership. I'm not sure what punishment the punk got once he was caught (if any) but too bad a bunch of Hell's Angels on Harleys didn't pay him a visit. Kid would have pee'd his pants for sure.

Daniel said...

Sue, he got charged with theft.

Robin said...

did they ever catch that person that was threatening Lars and his wife?

I remember that Lars was very disappointed in the fact that he could not get the Portland police to investigate these threats.

I wonder if that is why he moved to Washington?

Terry said...

Robin, YES they caught the guy the other day! Something a lot of us have been long waiting for! Prosecuting the guy for two felonies is a good start, I'd like to see Lars pursue him civilly for damages since I'm sure he has cost Lars a good amount of coin, not to mention the intangible grief he has caused.

Daniel, I think there IS a context in which it is appropriate to speak (write) of meth cooks in glowing terms. Apply sufficient radiation, and, well, there you have it!