Tuesday, July 22, 2008

But don't eat the jalapenos

1. When I think "sanitation" I immediately think "I sure wish that I was drinking tap water from Mexico."

2. Criminals are clearly worried about signs that say "wash your hands" just like they are worried about signs that say "this is not your country."

With that being said I sure am glad to see tax dollars being spend to offer a Spanish Only Food Worker Class in Benton county.

Now let's pretend that you were born in America and you've reached the age where you can work in a restraunt or fast food environment. You can speak English. Granted it may not be proper English if you went to a public school in Portland but you could certainly take the class in English.

We could also pretend that you came here legally on a visa, speak Spanish and and now you want to... work at Burger King. Right.

It would require a willing suspension of disbelief to think that this class is not for illegal aliens.


do the math said...

Cost of war in Iraq, so far: $538 billion

Number of times I've seen Miglavs object to the cost of war in Iraq: 0

Anonymous said...

Math, what are you complaining about? One day the war will end and the spending will stop. By the looks of it, we'll never put an end to the illegal crossing of our borders, which by conservative estimates, costs us $10 billion a year.

So your friendly neighborhood hepatitis carriers will catch up to the $500 billion mark in no time flat!

Anonymous said...

My view will be a bit different than what I normally give. I don't want these people as food servers and not knowing the first thing about being sanitary in doing so. Will it matter anyway? Maybe not, but if they don't have the education, it ain't gonna help. Like you said, these people work in all kinds of food industries, whether it is packing foods at Reser, to fast foods, to Roach Coaches (a.k.a. taco trucks), to traditional sit-down restaurants. I don't eat out a lot, but when I do, I want to have some confidence that I won't get sick from some unsanitary SOB working in the back.

Anyway, it's like going to Mass. You have English services and Spanish services. It's just the way it is, for now. If the gubment clamps down on this crap, then maybe it won't be as necessary in the future.

I hate all the multi-lingual shit, but protecting the public health is probably important enough for many to look the other way on it.

Maybe not. We'll see in terms of the responses to your entry.

Anonymous said...

"a willing suspension of disbelief"? What the hell is that, exactly, Miglavs. More Miglavian brilliance with the English language.

Not sure why you assume that a legal Spanish-speaking immigrant would not be working at Burger King. But just in case, why don't strap on some balls and go Michael Moore-style down to Burger King, and make sure all their workers are legal. Or better yet, call the DHS and tell them you're pretty damn sure that all the Latinos working at Burger King are illegals. When they ask, "Why do you think that Senor Miglavs?" and you say, "Uh, because they're working at BK and if they were legal, they wouldn't want to work at BK." I'm sure they'll be so persuaded by your logic that they'll storm every BK franchise across the country. You'll be a hero. They'll probably overlook your criminal record and make you an ICE officer.

Information Miglavs conveniently left out of his totally hilarious post:

"Upon request, the written test is available in the following languages: Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Cambodian. The video for the scheduled classes are shown in English or Spanish; however, you may still take a test in other language – please let us know at the front desk before class begins."

Anonymous said...

"Anyway, it's like going to Mass. You have English services and Spanish services."

You must have really been pissed when it was only in Latin.

Bobkatt said...

Hazelton Mayor Lou Barletta named Mayor of the Year by the Pennsylvania State Mayors Association.

Anonymous said...

10:08 calm down. In my hometown, we still have Latin masses. I've gone on occasion. And I happen to be bilingual, you Oregon fuck. If you want some illegal to wipe his ass and then serve you a burger, that's your business. The first order of things clearly is not to allow these people to work in the country. But if some are, or even if some are legal and don't speak the language, let's make sure we teach them to thoroughly wash their hands with warm water and soap after they take a shit and plan to serve you a burger. Dumbfuck.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. How often have I been in a McDonalds or BK or Wendys or what have you and shared the restroom with a worker who, surprise, surprise, WASHED THEIR HANDS? Too frequently to count.

You're an asshole Miglavs.

Do your little 1/2 Mexican rugrats wash their hands after taking a dump and sloppily wiping their asses? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

usted es un idiota

Anonymous said...

The last BK restroom I tried to use was such a pig sti that I walked out. I tried to tell someone about itbut they could not understand what I was saying. I havent been back there yet!
Took my 5 year old to Gresham mcdonalds for lunch and to play in there play land , When we were leaving I was going to by a $1 dollar cone , the girl behind the counter did NOT understand plain english when I said What i wanted Why would you put someone like that at the front counter? because only ONE person could understand what was being said in english . I mhad to repeat my self to three other employes before one pointed to the icecream maker. Havent been back there in over 1 year and most likely wont.

Anonymous said...

Miglavian 12:53 --

In Miglavia, English is sacrosanct, even when it's butchered beyond comprehension.

You need to take an English class 1253. There are so many grammar and spelling errors in your post that it's illegible. You get an F.

Now go wash your hands.

Anonymous said...

Cost of Illegal immigration in ONE year(2007): $346 Billion, in one year, not 5.

Per 15 Federal agencies, anaylsis by Edwin Rubenstin, PHD-Economist, former member Grace Commission.

Cost of Illegal immigration in California: 25% of ENTIRE State budget
by Phil J Romero, Prof. of Economics U. of Oregon, Lunquist College of business and former economist for Gov. Wilson of Ca. ('91'96)


Anonymous said...

do the math said,
cost of criminal aliens every year: $338 billion. So, since the criminal aliens cost more, should we be booting the criminal aliens? Don't forget the 25 murdered and killed every day. Shit, we've lost more Americans than we have in Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember the 10 children being raped every day too. I guess you don't give a shit about Americans.

Anon 12:53, I hear you there. I have stopped going to all food places where I hear people only speaking Spanish. Most people forget or don't know the reasons every country south of our border are third world, because they are shit holes. People don't have good personal hygiene there. This current salmonella problem is because we now get our food from or is handled by third worlders. Go into one of the local food processors. Hardly anybody speaks English. Who knows what the hell they are doing to our food.

Anon 1:07 PM
At least Daniel is trying to do something. Why don't you go cry to your mommy if you don't like this country. I recommend mexico since you are in love with turd world countries.

MAX Redline said...

"a willing suspension of disbelief"? What the hell is that, exactly, Miglavs.

Um, actually, 1004 Anony Mouse, I believe that's a direct quote from "The Smartest Woman In The World" (Mrs. Bill Clinton) when she was grilling Gen. Petraeus in the Senate hearings.

You don't keep up much on the news, do you?

Anonymous said...

Not really. So what? This blog sucks up enough of my time. We can't all be news-junkies and the type of person who rummages through random state documents for signs of the impending socialist invasion.

I don't care who the origitor of the phrase is, Daniel's usage of it is absolutely nonsensical.

If I willingly suspend my disbelief of something it means that I didn't believe it in the first place, but do now because I've decided to. To say I don't believe that this class is not for illegal aliens, is the same as saying I do believe it is for illegal aliens. If I willingly suspend that belief, then I'm right back to believing it's not for illegal aliens. This is exactly the opposite of what old genius Miglavs was trying to convey.

Instead of trying to throw this nugget into his post to try to make up for his usual butchering of the English language (how ironic is that?), why couldn't he just opine that "You would be delusional if you think this class isn't for illegal aliens."?

He's wrong of course...It seems to be a class for people who want to work in the food service industry, but don't speak English fluently. Again, why are we to assume that all such people are here illegally?

That's a pretty damn simple question that Miglavs has yet to answer.

Anonymous said...

I did wash my hands the stink on the computer from people like you was sooooooo bbad ! Just for your info I have a slight case of dislexiea.But that doesn't stop me from makeing over 80k .I just want to be able to get some stuff with out haveing to have an inertpiter!

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Go lie to your Mommy. She'll believe you.

Anonymous said...

Attention Daniel.

LMAO today. Keep up the great work. These libs seem to really have their panties in a bunch,as not I am fully aware Liberal men wear panties too. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 12:53, it's una idiota, you dumb mother fucker. lol

Anonymous said...

anon 3:29 claims to know what is ironic but wouldn't know sarcasm if it hit him in the ass.
It seems that Daniel's posts have to be dumbed down for him to understand. How sad.