Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Daniel

Got one duck this morning. Will be eating it (yes I know that it's a merganser) with the turkey tonight. Everyone be thankful!


Bob said...

Good on'ya!

I haven't forgotten about my invite, I'm just busy with family stuff.

Anthony "not tony" delucca said...

I hope the duck cooked up well. I had a traditional Turkey dinner with all of the trimmings, and promptly slipped into a "Turkey Coma" shortly thereafter.

I hope that everyone (yes, even the dumb-asses) had a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, "thank you" (and your spelling’s fine!)

I listened to “THE KBOO FOUNDATION” (radio 90.7 FM) evening "news" of 11-23-07 and nearly puked over their one-sided lead report denouncing the OFIR Respect for Law Act initiative. As slanted and twisted a report as I've ever heard, once a KBOO Member... I am no longer!

Giving the first and last, non-interrupted and staged, statements to Ramon Ramirez (of "Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste"), they followed with slurs of "bigots" and "white supremacists" before inserting two harassed phone statements by Jim Ludwick of OFIR.

KBOO is listed as a "Public/Educational radio station. Perhaps a future post describing their responsibilities, FCC license requirements and the opportunity for public comment would be helpful? If public money is being spent to promote criminal behavior it should be brought to the attention of the proper authorities.

A 'dumb-ass' said...

Anthony DeLucca, as always, spreading love and good cheer. Just couldn't do it without an insult, could you?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has a very Merry Christmas.

Ron said...

Funny Anon12:35, I think KBOO was spot on. OFIR and their members are bigots and white supremicists. There was a video on YOUTUBE that was posted at Indymedia a couple months ago from the anti-Potter ralley OFIR held at PDX city hall. A woman clearly identifying herself as an OFIR and Oregon Minutemen, made several white supremecist statements, one being that "Europeans, you know whites, are superior in culture and intelligence than those of brown and black skin". And, with signs like "beaner go home" and "no wetbacks allowed" like we all have photos of from the OFIR anti-immigrant rally in Cornelius, it is hard to not see your group as a white supremecist and racist organization.

As for you being a KBOO member, I highly doubt it. However, my mother and father just started as members during the last membership drive. They are donating $75 each per month. My sister just started listening and is going to join as well. 1 drops their membership, 3join. Looks like a pretty good deal for KBOO. Maybe I will make my holiday check out to them early. Is $200 enough?

Happy Thanks-Giving

Anonymous said...

Ron; I was at the (OFIR included) "Day Illegal Labor" protests in Cornelius. So if your assertions of occurrences elsewhere are as bogus as those of these rally's, whom should I believe - you or my eyes? OFIR's members have varying political backgrounds, mine happens to be Liberal. When I calmly speak to an Oregonian reporter at a rally, it’s cool, but if you spot an angry sign you feed on it. You forgot to mention Daniel’s photos of your radical friends at this Illegal labor site and their signs; something like, "Legalize Me!" What -- they're Illegal?

I've likely paid KBOO dues longer than you've been alive -- surely longer than you've lived in Portland! So it should scare the crap out of you to learn a longtime member, having also paid for various transmitters and “emergency” funding gaps, like myself (and family) have left them over this issue. (Public Broadcasting’s lost as well)

Check KBOO’s description of their last two “pledge drives.” They came up short each time - and are dipping into savings... But I still listen, by habit, and occasionally call in! Problem is, every-other time I tune-in it sounds like they’re broadcasting from downtown Woodburn, Hillsboro, or Central America! And when I hear a propaganda laden piece as described above, realizing 'our' tax dollars STILL support this crap – it reminds me how serious the BOO takes their FCC filings and “public funding.” When voting for Board Members I’d read the station news too... I suggest we inform our government of what KBOO radio is actually promoting, at our expense.

Happy Newbeginning!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I didn't realize that KBOO was so pro-immigrant. I am going to join. Thanks for the tip anonymouse.

BTW: You are wrong about the OFIR rally, there were pics of white supremecysts with those hateful signs. Pictures are all over the net.

Anonymous said...

11:30; I believe most Americans are "pro-immigrant" (how many do we legally accept every year?) KBOO's pro “Illegal Alien’s.” Big difference! ...But I can count on you not to spread that around~

Supremacy is in the eye of the beholder - and you like to do the framing! What I seen at the Day Illegal Labor protest were illegal aliens openly attempting to be illegally hired by newly legalized (Amnestied) and law-breaking Americans; all being protested and photographed by US Citizens who'd had enough.

But please, go as far left on that limb as you can - and take The Boo with you! America's awoken, thanks to fellow patriots, and is in the process of getting tuff. And, when KBOO's Federal Funding’s cut - you may dig even deeper!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:41, that's a pretty weak reply. You were there? So what? Unless you have a 360-degree field of vision and are able to hear all conversations within 20 or 30 feet of you, can you really say definitively that the woman identifying herself as an OFIR person didn't say what Ron said he heard her say on YouTube?

Frankly, I wonder what you gotta do around here in Miglavia to be considered racist. If Daniel had a shred of decency and any political principles whatsoever, he'd come down HARD on the occasional poster here who uses UNDENIABLY AND EXPLICITLY RACIST comments about Latinos -- "wetbacks," for example, to cite one. You'd think he'd find that embarrassing and tell people to knock that shit off, but he doesn't. Why? Because they're singing his tune.

Anonymous said...

Righteous! I'm listening to KBOO Right Now! They've had an hour and a half long propaganda program (wait a minute ... this is good!) -- interviewing Ramon Ramirez of Woodburn with hosts "Cecil and Celeste" jumping in to confirm him and harass their callers. I apparently called in first; it threw them for a loop. The second caller, a black man, compared Illegals with slaves, and the following two callers were as good as OFIR Members! Let's do two things folks: monitor KBOO’s daily 7:30 to 9:00 AM talk shows, call in 'as needed,' and follow up on any FCC regulations they break regarding unbalanced Federally Funded propaganda.

As for 4:15: you brought up the protests in Corntown, not me. I was there, you weren't - enough. But I find your charge of “Racism” interesting. After listening to Mr. Ramirez for an hour and a half (no commercials) exclusively promote "Latino’s" it struck me -- He's Racist! He'd also use the racial slur of "Whites" when referring to US Citizens; that’s racist and offence to ours of color.

Daniel is organizing and speaking to an element of society that I generally don't pal around with (my shotgun’s for defense, not offence). Much of his comments beyond this subject irritate me... but he's got 'this one' right -- and I’m honest enough to give him the credit. When I finally met with some Minutemen and (fellow) OFIR members they struck me as honest law abiding patriotic men (and women) making a stand, not because they had nothing better to do, or because they liked standing in the early morning rain, or driving 50 miles in the dark to be there, but because if they didn't - who would? As the vast majority of honks and thumbs-up were aimed at us, I was proud to stand among them. Daniel’s working to close the open wound of illegal immigration and I, for one, appreciate his help.

Daniel said...

Thank you for the compliment anon!