Friday, November 16, 2007

We'll see

In theory today is the day that Kulongoski will issue an executive order ending the practice of giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. This directly contradicts the KATU story from yesterday that is linked in the below post.

But the boys at CAUSA seem concerned so while I can't find anything about this on the governer's webpage I'm going to assume that it will happen. It's about damn time.

NOTE: Illegal alien lovers, what does it say about your positions popularity with the public when your supporters have to keep taking positions that are espoused here?


Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself about the "popularity" of your position on "illegal aliens" Mr. Miglavs. The mainstream American act fits you about as well as a bikini on an elephant. How's Tancredo doing these days, by the way? Still beating that drum? Has he cracked three percent yet?

R Huse said...

My bet - If Ted signs it, it will be as low key an affair as he can make it, with zero enforcement or implementation procedures. The first rule of politics is not to offend your constituency, lets face it, these guys need illegals voting.

Who knows, hopefully I am wrong and Ted will actually do the right thing. One would hope that at some point basic enforcement of the law would be something that would play well within ones party. Doesn't seem that way though. Wish I was wrong on that, but as seems to be so often the case, Im probably right.

R-Huse Official Fan Club said...


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Anonymous said...

Anon 8:39, that is why Spitzer, Clinton and now Ted are not for giving a License to illegals? Rasmussen and CNN/opionion research and Zobgy/USA today polls are all wrong?
U.S. Senate trying to pass Amnesty laws 4 times this year with a big NO resulting is because Americans want Amnesty?

Go back to your Daily Kos and your worship of Communism, but please let that little boy out of the basement, your mom will hear his cries.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't the anal probe be posted at Blue Oregon for the Gay crowd? i am going to puke daniel, get that off of here please.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the 8:39 poster, but I've run into the same response: I'm always amused when someone on this blog tells me to "go back" the Daily Kos, or that I need to stop reading the Daily Kos, or that I've been brainwashed by the Daily Kos, or that I "cut-and-pasted" from the Daily Kos. I never read the Daily Kos. The only time I ever looked at it was once, several months ago, after someone (stupidly) smacked that label on me and I had to go look at it so I even knew what the hell it was.

Anonymous said...

Me too. KOS is boring. I prefer Huffington Report.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself: There are many open border, amnesty Republicans.

They need to be exposed and held up to the light, so everybody can see their slimey undersides.

They need to be politically "tarred and feathered."

These open border Republicans always thought they would win at the end of the day.

After all, they had the money and were willing to pay -- already had paid their money in fact.

But the great unwashed, first from the Republican side, then belatedly from the Democratic side, said, "No, we want the law enfored and we will politically defeat those politicians that sell us out."

Now these open border, amnesty Republicans are sweating. They were always politcal whores. They don't know what to do now that their money doesn't bribe or "grease" the politicians.

Nothing worse than a politician that doesn't stay bought.

Just give me that "cheap labor."

I know, I've talked to them.

No real respect for the rule of law, sovereignty, or equality of citizenship.

Open border, amnesty Republicans say to themselves and among each other:

Those concepts are for the "little people." My money will protect me and get me what I want.

But they don't realize that over the long run, that "rule of law" is what protects their property and therefore money.

Don't they see the fallacy of their attitude. Already here in Oregon with elected Democratic leadership restricting their real property rights, raising their taxes, and imposing always greater regulatory burdens and red tape.

No, because their attitude is that they can "grease" the government, and like in Mexico, do what they want anyway.

Too bad, that's why they're political whores.

Whoever will respond to their money, whether Democrat or Republican attains their allegence until the next "greasing" becomes necessary and then it's whoever is first and most effective at "putting out" after being "greased."

This scheme and repetitive process is corruptive to honest government.

The Mexican model is fine. It is predictable and controllable.

Much better than real democracy where average citizens really matter.

You can't grease every citizen, but you can grease a small stable government elite.

Get out the tar and feathers, these whores need to be identified.

In some wierd sense, they need to be protected from themselves and their amoral outlook.

Finally, the above is not to say every Republican that has money is like this -- in fact they are a minority -- but the fact that they exist provides a dangerous example to honest principled Republicans that put their shoulder to the grind stone and earn their money honestly, yet look over their shoulder and see the political whores getting ahead through their slimey operating.

The tempation is there to throw up their hands and say if I can't beat them, I'll join them.

And the Rule of Law slips alittle farther into the ditch and Mexico North becomes closer to reality.

The statements above are harsh, but truth is not always pretty.

And God forbid the Rule of Law ever perishes from the face of the earth.

Truly, a Brave New World will have arrived. Where only the strong (monied) will prosper.

Third World Mexico will be a reality here in the United States of America.

You tell me the Mexican Model is a good thing and I'll fight to tar and feather you.

Anonymous said...

"Truly, a Brave New World will have arrived. Where only the strong (monied) will prosper."

I love it when conservatives employ the rhetoric of socialists.

Anonymous said...

The first rule of politics is not to offend your constituency, lets face it, these guys need illegals voting.

So, do you have any evidence of that?

If "these guys" need "illegals" voting in order to get elected, how is it that Gordon Smith is the only Republican to win a statewide race in a very long time?

Anonymous said...

Actually, "Brave New World" comes from a novel, critical of totalitarian government.

Socialists, in order to enforce their ideas of a "New Society" require a totalitarian state.

The rule of law and the U.S. Constitution are to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (Franklin would have perferred "property").

Anonymous said...

To anon 209pm:
You are correct. But this is a national strategy, get illegal aliens amnesty, citizenship, and voting Democrat (not necessarily in that order), adopted from the top-down that nearly the entire national Democratic Leadership has bought into.

But fear of losing elections has temporarily deflected the elected Democratic Leadership from that strategy.

Kulongoski is following the new marching orders from the top.

Ted Kulongoski is following the national Democratic Party line.

Notice how Kulongoski reverses from just the day before, once Hillary changes her stance on DL's for illegal aliens.

And her resersal after she was called on the carpet by Tim Russert and the polls game out 70% opposed in New York State and 77% opposed in the whole nation.

A day after Eliot Spitzer revered his policy.

But the national "Key" was the Moter-Voter Act pushed and signed by you-know-who, Bill Clinton.

R Huse said...

Anon 2.09

>If "these guys" need "illegals" voting in order to get elected, how is it that Gordon Smith is the only Republican to win a statewide race in a very long time?

Im not really following your logic. This state is one of seven that does not require proof of citizenship for a DL, at least until today I guess. Given that, and given motor voter, and given the large illegal population in this state, and given that Smith isn't exactly tough on border enforcement, wouldn't my contention that the Democrats see illegals as a voting block not exactly be contradicted by your observation?

Anonymous said...

This was posted on myspace. we need to cal this dunce and tell her the wall is for her own good and she should recognize that.

Date: Nov 16, 2007 8:33 AM
Subject: Please read and if you can PLEASE HELP!!!!
Body: I wish I was writing under better circumstances, but I must be fast and direct.
My mother and elders of El Calaboz, since July have been the targets of numerous threats and harrassments by the Border Patrol, Army Corps of Engineers, NSA, and the U.S. related to the proposed building of a fence on their levee.

Since July, they have been the targets of numerous telephone calls, unexpected and uninvited visits on their lands, informing them that they will have to relinquish parts of their land grant holdings to the border fence buildup. The NSA demands that elders give up their lands to build the levee, and further, that they travel a distance of 3 miles, to go through checkpoints, to walk, recreate, and to farm and herd goats and cattle, ON THEIR OWN LANDS.

This threat against indigenous people, life ways and lands has been very very serious and stress inducing to local leaders, such as Dr. Eloisa Garcia Tamez, who has been in isolation from the larger indigenous rights community due to the invisibility of indigenous people of South Texas and Northern Tamaulipas to the larger social justice conversation regarding the border issues.

However recent events, of the last 5 days cause us to feel that we are in urgent need of immediate human rights observers in the area, deployed by all who can help as soon as possible--immediate relief.

My mother informed me, as I got back into cell range out of Redford, TX, on Monday, November 13, that Army Corps of Engineers, Border Patrol and National Security Agency teams have been going house to house, and calling on her personal office phone, her cell phone and in other venues, tracking down and enclosing upon the people and telling them that they have no other choice in this matter. They are telling elders and other vulnerable people that "the wall is going on these lands whether you like it or not, and you have to sell your land to the U.S."

My mother, Eloisa Garcia Tamez, Lipan Apache and descendent of Chiricahua descent elder, Aniceto Garcia, (passed away) who gave her traditional indigenous birth welcoming ceremony and the lightning ceremony, is resisting the occupation firmly. She has already had two major confrontations with NSA on the telephone since July--one in her office at the University of Texas at Brownsville, where she is the Director of a Nursing Program and where she conducts research on diabetes.

She reports that some folks have already signed over their lands, due to their ongoing state of impoverishement and exploitation in the area under colonization, corporatism, NAFTA and militarization.

This is an outrage, but more, this is a significant violation of United Nations Declaration on rights of Indigenous People, recently ratified and accepted. Furthermore, it is a violation of the United Nations CERD, Committee on Racism and Discrimination.

My mother is under great stress and crisis, unknowing if the Army soldiers and the NSA agents will be demanding that she sign documents. She has firmly told them not to call her anymore, nor to call her at all hours of the night and day, nor to call on the weekends any further.
She asked them to meet with her in a public space and to tell their supervisors to come.
They refuse to do so. Instead, they continue to harrass and intimidate.

At this time, due to the great stress the elders are currently under, communicated to me, because they are being demanded to relinquish indigenous lands, I feel that I MUST call upon my relatives, friends, colleagues, associates in Texas, involved in indigenous rights issues, to come forth and aid us.

Please! Please help indigenous women land title holders! Please do not hesitate!

My phone number is: 509-595-4445
My office number is: 509-335-7268
Call anytime!

Margo Tamez

(Jumano Apache West Texas-Chihuahua & Lipan Apache South Texas-Tamaulipas, Apacheria Nuevo Santander Land Grant--Basque Colonia)

Allen said...

Point #1

The Libs have discovered the Illegals won't vote. Tisk, tisk!

Point #2

Teddy will give the Illegals Driving Permits, not Licenses.

Anonymous said...

Too late for driving "permits." Democrat opinion leaders in Oregon are quickly falling into line and giving "Kook" credit for getting tough on DL's for illegal aliens.

Not withstanding that his "spookwomen" Paty Wendtz said on Wednesday that "Kook" wouldn't change policy because giving illegal aliens DL's promoted safety.

Thursday, it was "security."

Kulongoski is a hypocrit.

But you know where he takes his orders from?

Not the people of Oregon, but the national Democratic Leadership.

R Huse said...

Damn, Im I the only Ted defender here?

Ted is not a hypocrite. Ted was simply looking for votes. Was that a mystery to anyone? Did anyone think Ted really was such an idiot he actually believed what no one else did, that it would improve safety? Come on.

He figured the scales had tipped, he would lose more votes than he would gain so he switched. Look, doesn't anyone get it that most of those who support big government simply just want power? I mean they don't really have an ideology, they just want power, pure and simple.

Look at Hillary and the NY drivers license thing. These people will turn on a dime if the political winds switch directions. They do it very well and if nothing else, you have to admire them for that.

You want to see raw power?

How about Neil Goldshmidt. This guy can have a two year "affair" with an underage girl while in office, come out and admit it once the statute of limitations has run out, have it become an issue that could take down Ted and is already taking down others, emerge unscathed and at the end of the day have his wife come out and issue a statement:

She seduced him, it was all her fault

I mean that's some AMAZING power right there. That's like power beyond mortal mans understanding.

8:39 AM said...

That's funny, 11:50, not to mention completely relevant: I've heard of it [the Daily Kos], looked at it once, but have never been back. I mean, we're talking YEARS ago. I can't even picture what the home page looks like. [Ditto, by the way, for the MoveOn web site.] The Miglavians are big on assumptions. Usually wrong ones.

Judith said...

Reading over the news this evening, I hate to admit it, but Conservatives are correct for once. Not with their position on illegal immigrants. No, you all are still wrong on that. On the other hand, you are completely 100%correct about Governor Kulongoski. He is a coward, gutless wimp and a complete fraud.

With his action to take licenses away from illegal immigrants, (I am sure you conservatives agree with it) he not only lied through his mouth piece Patty Wentdz, but he threw immigrants under the bus.

We can fight and disagree until the cows come home to roost about the issue, but politicians that lie and betray those who they make promises to support are complete scum. I know that many of you cons have had it done to you by your republican brethren, so I know where you are coming from. Today, my husband and I filled out new voter reg cards--we are now Independents and will no longer have anything to do with the Democratic party.

Though you may think that TK did a good thing today, he didn't offer any opportunity for the public to weigh in on how Oregonians as a whole felt about the license situation. Regardless of the outcome, we all had a right to weigh in.

This was more than TK filling out a piece of paper. This is the Democrats selling out people that they said they supported. This is the Democrats playing people for suckers, playing politics so they can say they are "strong on national security", what ever that means. This is the democrats playing to you conservatives, not because they believe in you or your ideas, but because they want to get elected. That is a betrayal to not only us, but you as well.

Lars Larson nailed it on the head today with his statement that "Governor Kulongoski is a coward and and a wimp. He is just playing to conservatives so that Hillary can get elected, while sacrificing what he actually believes". I don't agree with Lars Larson very much, but he was completely correct in this. Governor Kulongoski is not a Democrat, he is a coward and a sell out and I am ashamed that he is our Governor.

To push this a little further, if the Governor lies to us on this, what can he be keeping from us regarding the Goldschmidt situation.

I comment here sometimes, mostly anonymously, but this time I will use my name. Thanks for reading this.

Jon said...

Wait a minute, I'm confused. I didn't listen to Larson, so someone will have to tell me if I'm getting this right:

Prior to yesterday, the Larson line on Ted K. was that he was a coward and a wimp because was (among other things, of course) doing nothing to crack down on undocumented workers.

Now that he's done something, he's a coward and a wimp because he caved in to a political party he disagrees with and didn't stand by his principles?

MAX Redline said...


he didn't offer any opportunity for the public to weigh in on how Oregonians as a whole felt about the license situation. Regardless of the outcome, we all had a right to weigh in.

Umm...that's pretty much what Democrats do. They know much better than you, so you don't need to weigh in. Look at Portland City Council (100% Democrat) - did anybody get a chance to weigh in on the recent spray-paint fiasco? Changing the name of SW 4th to Chavez? Light rail? Streetcars?

At the state level, I don't recall ever being granted an opportunity to weigh in when they started handing out ODLs like candy on Halloween. So of course there would be no opportunity to weigh in on the termination of this policy.

It's just standard, same ol', same ol'.

R Huse said...

Holy cow! I was wrong. I totally admit it but in this instance I am sure glad to. I never thought I would see someone from the left criticize one of their own here and leave it at that but now I have just been officially proven wrong by Judith's post.

Just so its clear, that is not intended as gloating, I am just absolutely amazed to see that level of maturity in a post. Wow, well, knock me over with a feather.

Scottiebill said...

Anonymous 2:13 - Socialism in its purist form is exactly what John Edwards is pushing in trying to get into the White House. Even Hillary would be better that that guy. And Hillary would be a disaster. If anyone thinks things are bad now, just wait until Hillary makes it. Things will definitely get much worse.

As for Teddy the Useless, why did it take him six years to finally come to his senses about the illegals having drivers licenses? I have heard from various sources that the DNC called him and told him to get his act together. Remember a month or so ago when he said he didn't know there was a problem with illegals getting drivers licenses? How dumb is that?

laughing out loud said...

Easy answer for that one, Jon: You are in Miglavia, where irrationality reigns, political principle is always on the move, bigotry is a badge of honor, hypocrisy is a requirement, and (as RHuse aptly illustrates) memory is in short supply. History is generally what happened last week, although sometimes it's necessary to discuss ancient history (1945-1980, in other words). The parameters of acceptable "mainstream" political thought are basically anything between Dick Cheney (on the left) and Ghengis Kahn. Anything to the left of Joe Lieberman is considered treason and "anti-American. Welcome to Miglavia, Jon. You'll figure it out.

R Huse said...

Don't you just love the left? They cant argue their point, so they constantly have to insult others. The only thing astonishing about it is its complete predictability. Obviously most of them who comment here are as insecure in their own beliefs as Ted quite obviously is in his. Oh well, not everyone on the left can be as secure in their beliefs as Judith obviously is.

R Huse said...

So now that the writing is on the wall, and its pretty clear that if Hill gets the nomination she will back track on amnesty anyone want to bet on how quick the left will be sitting there nodding in agreement with her? "Oh yes, I totally agree, we have never been for amnesty". Kinda like the turn on a dime of Anita Hill - Women never lie about sexual harassment, why would they put themselves through that?. Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick and Cathleen Willy - They are all lying.

Winston - How many fingers do you see? Three or Four?

Oh my God, I really do see four, I really do, there have always been four

I love you.

a socialist said...

John Edwards (who supported the American invasion of Afghanistan, who supported the invasion of Iraq, who supported the Patriot Act, and who says that American troops would remain in Iraq were he elected president) is a DEMOCRAT, and while he may be striking a milquetoast "left" populist note leading into the primaries (a transparently hypocritical strategy) in order to get elected, he is in no way, shape or form a socialist, or pushing for socialism of ANY kind -- much less "pure" socialism, as ludicrously suggested above.

Edwards is an opportunistic millionaire who believes that he, as a Democrat, will be more efficient (and "compassionate," one supposes) in managing capitalism, which socialists are irreconcilably opposed to. If he were pursuing a "pure" socialist agenda, he would be calling for American working people to abandon the party he is currently a member of and reject its policies. He would be appealing for political support from the international working class. But more importantly, he would be calling for a socialist transformation of society. Most importantly of all, he would have absolutely no reservations about using the word "socialism"!

R Huse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R Huse said...

A Socialist - Good lord, I finally agree with you.

Edwards wants power, government health care is a route to more government power, with the people in thrall to the party that bestowed the benefit, and that is his only interest in it.

Anonymous said...

Nice, Margo. Is it your people who could care less about the Mexican Mafia coming over the border - what - a continuation of your property rights?
At least now we know who is partly to blame for the drug problems in all American communities.

the socialist said...

RHuse: If you mean that Edwards is using the pledge of what you call "government health care" as a cynical means of attracting votes, then I would say that yes, we do agree. I'm not sure I would go so far as to say that that is his "only" interest in it -- I think that simplifies issues of psychological motivation a bit too much for my comfort, but certainly I would agree that yes, that is primarily his interest. Or rather, strategy.

R Huse said...

The reason he wants it is two fold:

a) Vote getting.

b) Legacy/power building. Whatever ones opinion of the man, FDR is a hugely important, and thus remembered, historical political figure due in large part to his expansion of government. Edwards clearly is not in it for the money. He wants significance in history, meaning or purpose in life. Establishing a broad program like National Health Care give him both the historical significance those who seek power crave, as well as positions him as a power broker during its establishment.

I do not think for a second Edwards is doing this because he is a socialist. He simply wants power and legacy. I quite frankly think that could be due to some basic self worth issues, but that is pure conjecture on my part. The haircuts, occupation, and house are what I base that on, but again it is conjecture. If he drove a corvette or a hummer though it would become a certainty.

Scottiebill said...

If Edwards gets the party's nomination next summer, which is extremely doubtful, the people who would vote Democratic would see through his socialism. At least we would hope so. By all accounts, he would want to increase the government's intrusion into our everyday lives to the point of telling us when we can go to the doctor, when we can buy a car and what kind of car we can buy, and almost to the point of what we should wear each day. Edwards vision of the US is nothing short of Orwellian. "1984" all over again.

And if anyone thinks I am wrong, listen to his speeches, listen to his ramblings in the Democrat's debates.

This guy is dangerous to this country. He is always preaching that those of us in the middle class should pay more taxes and do this and do that, while he and his family live in a 28,00 sq. ft. house and fy to every one of the Democratic event is a jet. Al Gore and his hypocrisy would love him.

Scottiebill said...

That should be a 28,000 sq, ft. house. Sorry.

That is 150+ times larger than my 1600 sq. ft. house.

And he says "he is for the little guy".

MY ASS!!!!