Monday, November 19, 2007

People who support criminals commit crime

I know, after reading that headline I could know you over with a feather. Yes, the illegal alien lovers have, once again, stolen the "Illegal immigration is a crime" sign from my front yard. Yawn.

If only they had the power to take something important, like say, my drivers license. Yeah, it's just not clear who the current winner on this issue is these days:

I lose a (soon to be replaced) sign
Illegal aliens in Oregon lose their primary form of ID

It sure sucks to be me.

You: engange in immature theft
Me: I do blog post about John Aguirre who subsequently goes on a statewide talk show (Lars Larson) to answer questions about his position and make himself look like an idiot.

You: can't seem to find a serious national candidate who will echo your position
Me: will soon have a fantastic ballot measure for Oregonians to vote on and can't seem to find a Republican presidential candidate who isn't (at least in words) adamantly opposed to illegal immigration.


BEAR said...

Mr. Daniel, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! to your family from ours. The good news is that eliot 'the painfully idiotic' spitzer has lower approval, and higher never-want-to-see-him-again, numbers than President Bush. I love it when the anti-rule-of-law lefties call 70+% of actual Americans "racists." So much for their "love" of democracy. If ted dim-bulb-ongski persists in subverting the Real I.D. Act, he will cause the re-enactment of the "Russert" question. Hillary may invite him to a late-night meeting in Fort Marcy Park.

Anonymous said...

Good! I hope they get the next one to you meth selling scumbag.

antiklan said...


You are in college right? According to several people that have posted on here, they say you are.

I read over most of your posts and they are so riddled with mis-spellings and typos that it makes you look a wee bit illiterate. I have seen undocumented immigrants that can write better English than you. From someone that preaches "English Only" almost daily, you sure suck at it.

BEAR said...

It's pretty obvious that Christian Americans thanking God for his many blessings drives you lefty trolls berserk. Well, I hope you can find something to assuage your miserable lives in this season of hope, salvation, and thankfulness. Maybe you could stand with us and thank God for giving us His Son, and wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to Jesus.

Anonymous said...

antiklan=spelling nazi=no life=no dick=no original posts=boring=dumbass=asshat=don't post here anymore.
Anon 7:08 can I have your address so I can come steal from your yard?

Anonymous said...

This "Godless" liberal bakes a birthday cake for Jesus every Christmas. Then we go to midnight Mass. Care to join us Bear? You might be a little uncomfortable though, our congregation is overwhelmingly Democrat.

antiklan said...

No dick, anonymouse 8:06? That is not what Daniel's wife was saying, but I digress. Daniel speaks of John Aguirre making an idiot of himself. Well, John does it once, and Methhead Dan does it daily. Where is the fairness in that.

One more thing, Bear, is Daniel a "Christian"? I never knew. Maybe he is a Christian in the NAZI Party of 1930's Germany. That may be why I missed it.

Ham said...

Has anyone else noticed that antiklan is a dumbfuck?

Just wondering?

He (I assume its a he, not really sure though) doesnt have anything constructive to say, so all he can do is bash Daniel... Speaks volumes.

Hope I dont turn out that way... So petty and small minded, I almost feel sorry for it...

BEAKEER said...


Anonymous said...

I stole your sign.

Anonymous Kleptonymous

Anthony "press 1 for english" Delucca said...


Why debate the issue at hand? That would be relevant and mature. Rather, simply launch into a rant about poor spelling.

You're a douche.

(I'm Baaaaaack)

Anthony "NOT TONY" DeLucca said...


If you still believe that I'm the TONY DELUCCA that sells cars in Gresham, why don't you go to wherever "my" dealership is and say hello?

In fact, I'll issue a challenge right here and now: Come to the dealership, ask for "Tony". When "I" show up, call me some clever name and tell me all the dirty things you'd like to do to my sisters kiester. That way I'll know its you.

When you get a blank stare from some knuckle dragging goombah, and he proceeds to stomp you into a pile of Ragu, you'll know that I'm not the "TONY" DeLucca you think that I am.

Anonymous said...

I like how Delcutta thinks he's the shit.

As I sees it said...

People who Support Criminals--The Republicans LOVE their pedophiles, sexual deviants and rapists. I missed this one as there are so many per week. Yet another Republican goes down. With the average, one could draw the conclusion that their are probably 1 or 2 pedophile/sexual deviant Republicans posting on this blog. Who could it be?

Allen Quits In Wake Of Bathroom Gay Sex Scandal

(Tampa, Florida) State Rep. Bob Allen (R), with one of the state's worst records on LGBT rights votes, resigned from the legislature late Friday, hours after he was sentenced for offering an undercover male police officer cash for sex.

In the last session of the Florida legislature he sponsored a failed bill that would have tightened the state's prohibition on public sex. He also has been a supporter of amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage and has opposed a bill to curb bullying of gay students.

Friday he was sentenced to serve six months of probation (story). He must pay a $250 fine, court costs and $245 restitution to Titusville Police Department.

Allen also was ordered to undergo testing for HIV and other STDs, complete a class in HIV awareness class and to stay away from the park where he was arrested.

The conservative Republican submitted his resignation to House Speaker Marco Rubio, who had pressed Allen to give up his legislative seat since his Nov. 9 conviction on charges of lewd conduct and soliciting. (story) Allen's resignation though is not effective until February 15 unless the Secretary of State can arrange a special election before then.

Allen was busted in July during a sting at a men's washroom at Veteran's Memorial Park in Titusville, Florida.

In taped statements made by Allen to police following his arrest and released by the force Allen admits to soliciting the male officer but claims that it was the result of being nervous by the high number of black men in the park.

"I certainly wasn't there to have sex with anybody and certainly wasn't there to exchange money for it," Allen told officers.

Of the arresting officer Allen said in the tape, "This was a pretty stocky black guy, and there was nothing but other black guys around in the park."

He claimed he feared he "was about to be a statistic" would have said anything just to get away.

But on the tape Allen also admits warning the undercover cop that "undercover cops" were in the area and the man should be careful.

"I said they're around here, you ought to know about that."

He only realized he was talking to an officer when he flashed his badge.

The arresting officer's handwritten report on the arrest also was released by the force.

Titusville Officer Danny Kavanaugh who was on plainclothes duty says he observed Allen entering the washroom twice. Kavanaugh said he was drying his hands in a stall when Allen peered over the stall door.

The officer's report said that after peering over the stall a second time, Allen pushed open the door and joined Kavanaugh inside. Allen muttered "'hi,'v" and then said, "'this is kind of a public place, isn't it,'" the report said.

Kavanaugh wrote that he asked Allen about going somewhere else and Allen suggested going "across the bridge, it's quieter over there."

"Well look, man, I'm trying to make some money; you think you can hook me up with 20 bucks?" Kavanaugh wrote in the report that he had asked Allen.

The Republican lawmaker, the report said, replied, "Sure, I can do that, but this place is too public."

According to Kavanaugh's statement, the officer said, "do you want just (oral sex)?" and Allen replied, "I was thinking you would want one."

It was at that point Allen was arrested.

Ironically, Allen was the Police Union's 2007 Lawmaker of the Year.

Anonymous said...

Okay libs it really is time to grow up. My 9 year old son behaves better than you do. You should be embarrassed.

I read this blog everyday and it's the same crab coming out of liberals. Very rarely do I ever see any real debate.

Instead of insulting try something new and try a serious no name calling debate.


Anonymous said...

LOL Deb...perhaps you should read a little more often and a little closer. The name calling on this blog comes almost exclusively from the "conservative" side. Note Delucca's daily diamonds...get real. Of course, even though it is right before your eyes, you'll deny it, because, in Miglavia, proof is mispelled "poof," it disappears if it's against you, like dandylion seeds.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony "watch out for the boomera-aaaaaggghhhhh!" Delucca:

I wouldn't mention your sister's kiester on this blog anymore. Rupert might whip out one of his gleeming stainless steel ass speculums and start stalking her...

Anonymous said...


Please re-read anon 7:08, antiklan 7:15 and 11:28, anon 8:28, anon 10:35, as i see it 10:46 and include yourself as I am not a part of what you all call "Miglavia" and while Anthony did type the douche response please try to remember that these are responses to attacks.


Anonymous said...

Hey, deb, I think I get it.

It's ok when delucca does it, but not when we do it. Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....he called me a jackass yesterday. And I most certainly did not "attack" him. Today, things got of to a great start with Bear at 5:38 and his nice little name-calling bowl of cereal. Then he left a nice little unprovoked note to us "lefty trolls" (don't forget -- we're 'Godless'). Anon 8:06 resorted to jr. high genital size-ups, followed by "dumbass" and "asshat." Ham joined in with a choice "dumb fuck." Not to be outdone, Delucca flung the oh-so sophisticated "douche."
Be fair, Deb. Especially since you're not "Miglavian." Wouldn't you at least be honest and say it's at least equal? If not, particularly if you did an actual "pen to paper" name-calling tally of the last 5 days, then you are indeed, part of what we call "Miglavia, the land of make-believe."


Anonymous said...

And, PS: "meth-selling" is not a dirty word. It is an adjective. In Daniel's case, an accurate one, albiet "former."

R Huse said...


>LOL Deb...perhaps you should read a little more often and a little closer. The name calling on this blog comes almost exclusively from the "conservative" side.

You're kidding right? As the Danielisright blog record holder for unsolicited childish name calling directed at me I take deep umbrage at this. Get real.

Anonymous said...

Rupert: please make a list of the actual "names" I PERSONALLY called you. Make a list ot the names you have called others, including myself. Umbrage indeed.


R Huse said...

>Rupert: please make a list of the actual "names" I PERSONALLY called you.

I never claimed you had called me names. That was not what you said, and is the reason why I quoted you. Re-read.

>Make a list ot the names you have called others, including myself.

I never claimed I had never called others names. I simply said most of the name calling directed at me had been unsolicited. In other words, although I have engaged in insults, it is rarely I who starts the process. Re-read.

Anonymous said...

It's not just about illegal aliens from the south. We (you know, the ones with brains) have always insisted it is about national security and it turns out we've been right. It almost seems the left wants something bas to happen to this country. But don't question their patriotism.

VIENNA, Va. - The FBI and CIA have launched internal reviews to figure out how an illegal Lebanese immigrant managed to get jobs with the two agencies and obtain counterterrorism secrets about her family's ties to Hezbollah.

Background checks, including lie-detector tests, failed to uncover Nada Nadim Prouty's bogus marriage and fraudulent application for citizenship, officials said.

Prouty, 37, spent yesterday inside her red-brick home in the Washington suburbs a day after pleading guilty in Detroit federal court to secretly taking an unknown amount of classified information home with her.

But her husband, Gordon Prouty, 40, emerged briefly to take the couple's daughter, Ava, to preschool, and later to discourage reporters who were camped outside his home.

"My wife is not going to say anything. I'm not going to talk," he said.

Nada Prouty, who was married at least twice before, including a sham marriage to obtain citizenship, resigned from a mid-level job with the CIA last week as the two-year investigation of her betrayal headed to court.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), a former FBI agent and member of the House Intelligence Committee, said the Prouty case would result in congressional hearings.

"We're going to scrub this thing, and it deserves to be scrubbed," he told the Detroit Free Press.

Investigators said Prouty managed to get past three security firewalls.

First, she obtained security clearance and a job as an FBI special agent. Then, she got clearance and a job at the CIA. ABC News said she worked at the agency's National Clandestine Service, which runs covert operations.

And finally, Prouty penetrated the FBI's classified database to obtain information about the federal probe of Hezbollah and of her sister and brother-in-law, who allegedly had ties to senior members of the terrorist group.

The FBI said Prouty passed a polygraph test during her background check but was not subjected to the high level of screening that was adopted after FBI agent Robert Hanssen was exposed as a Soviet and Russian spy in 2001.

Both Hanssen and CIA double agent Aldrich Ames passed lie-detector tests.

Neighbors in the Proutys' neighborhood, where many federal employees live, were stunned over the case against the well-liked mother who they greeted when she took her cherubic daughter trick-or-treating two weeks ago.

"She's a wonderful, doting mother," said neighbor Sharon Sloane-Hornseth. "She's a loving, lovely, beautiful lady. I'm just shocked."

Neighbors said she was extremely smart and had recently spent months learning Farsi, which is spoken in Iran.

Anonymous said...

At 4:03 R Huse said:

Moondoggie (you addressed your response to ME):

... As the Danielisright blog record holder for unsolicited childish name calling directed at me I take deep umbrage at this...

OKAY. So you addressed your post TO ME (Moondoggie) and then went on to identify ME as "the 'Danielsright blog record holder for unsolicited childish name calling' directed at me(Rupert)...."

At 5:37 R Huse sailed ever further down De Nile, posting:

"...I never claimed you had called me names. That was not what you said, and is the reason why I quoted you....

Like I said: Poof! Thank you for providing the perfect illustration of the Miglavian phenomenon known as the "poof" factor.

Rupert: Can I come over and smoke some of what you're smoking?

Yours Truly,
Moondoggie (the Danielsright record holder for unsolicited childish name calling)

PS: Can you spell D-E-L-U-C-C-A?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54:

What border did she pass through?

Anonymous said...


You always seem to jump in with the "stop the hurtful comments" shit. Get over it. You sensitive pony tail baby raper conservatives name call all the time. Just your meer existance is offensive. If you can't handle reading the blog, go over to Teapot Tantrums and share a cup with the sensitive kook over there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 7:54, wouldn't it be great if the crack keystone agents over at FBI and CIA could catch the Republicans before they rape another child. Seems you guys get away with it all the time. Maybe they should implement some taps, trap n' trace and IP babysitters so we they could get more of you off the street.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you say that you can't seem to find a Republican presidential candidate who isn't (at least in words) adamantly opposed to illegal immigration.

What's the problem? Tancredo isn't right-wing enough for you? Is he just too warm and fuzzy for your tastes?

Exposing Miglavia said...

What, Anon7:54AM--

Does it really matter that a spy got "intel" on their family? Wasn't that OK? After all the right-wingers went up in arms when covicted spy Jonathan Pollard gave U.S. state secrets to Israel. You cons love Pollard so much that you wanted his attroney Teddy Olson to be the next U.S. Attorney General. Come now, are you REALLY concerned about the a little spy? Hell, the Israelis probably have spies all over the U.S. State Department. Psssst, maybe Joe "Lakud" Leiberman is one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel:

I know hearing the Spanish language spoken makes you foam at the mouth with rage so I thought I would send this along to you. You've read my posts regarding my children and my decision to place them in a language immersion program. You were about as open minded as a virgin sphincter on a first date with today in our local paper we learned this:

Dual-language program a huge success

By Jason Horton

The Woodburn School Board Thursday night heard a stellar report on its dual-language program, which first started in 2003.
The first group of students to go through the program are in fourth grade at Nellie Muir and were tested last year, while in third grade.
The results were staggering.
Every student in the classroom met or exceeded the state benchmark in reading and math - in English.
In third grade, the assessment tests can be given in both languages.
"One hundred percent of the kids made the benchmark in English," said Superintendent Walt Blomberg. "All would have made it in Spanish as well. "That third grade class at Nellie Muir - that was the very first class. They're in fourth grade now, they were the first class to take the statewide assessments and they all succeeded at a high level."
The dual-language program had 24 students in it when it was started.
"It's doing great," Blomberg said of the program.
"That is the future. We now have more kids in the dual language program (around 700) than we do in mainstream English (about 500). Parents are gravitating to that program and I don't know if we'll continue to see 100 percent, but we'll continue to see it exceed the benchmarks, which is why we started this program."
In four years, the program has lost just one student.
"The families that went in to it have stayed with it. I think they are staying because it's reaping such great benefits," Blomberg added.

Now, before you fly off the handle and accuse the Woodburn Independent of being a liberal rag second only to "The Fishwrapper," visit their website and read this week's editorial.

So much for your theory that teaching Spanish as a second language is a big fat waste of "your" tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

PS: Just to make sure, I want you to read the part about "100 %" as many times as you need to until "100 %" registers in your brain. Know any third grade classes in Sherwood, or any where else in Oregon, who scored 100% in their NCLB benchmarks?

Miglavian Tour Guide said...

In Miglavia:

Tax dollars spent on Spanish language instruction: Bad.

Tax dollars dumped into the swamp of Iraq: ?

(I'd go out on a limb and speculate "good," but I don't recall Daniel ever saying anything about it. I guess $470 billion isn't enough to pique his interest. At least not enough to pound on it day after day. But those goddamned Spanish classes! Grrrrr!! Illegal aliens!!! @$@#!$%@#$!)

As always, welcome to Miglavia.

R Huse said...

Anon 8.58 or moonguy or whatever

>OKAY. So you addressed your post TO ME (Moondoggie) and then went on to identify ME as "the 'Danielsright blog record holder for unsolicited childish name calling' directed at me(Rupert)...."

Where exactly do I identify you as the record holder? I was saying I was the record holder for personal comments directed at me. Obviously the meaning was unclear.

However I do note that you go on to prove my contention, that the left tends to be first with the insults, with the rest of your post. Thanks!

Maybe in the future you would do better to clarify something that could be taken two ways, and obviously was, before going on to the childish insults as you did, thus proving my contention.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I get that. But, you have to admit, your post was rather ambiguous about "who was who." Sorry, my bad.

Now as to the "childish insults" that supposedly belong to me....

Where? I don't see any "childish insults" posted by me (Moondoggie). Perhaps I am missing something.

Anonymous said...

Where did all your signs go small D.

Anonymous said...

Put up a "Don't mess with Texas" sign in your front lawn. Let everyone know that you are from Texas. You see, in Texas, it is legal to blow someone away in defense of property. Hell, I'd try to catch the bastards stealing your shit. As soon as it happens, go out there with a shotgun and point it at them. Shoot 'em if they pull out any kind of weapon, otherwise, just scare the ever-living shit out of them and ask them, "IS IT WORTH IT, YOU DUMB MOTHER FUCKER?"