Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Get out and vote


Anonymous said...

Because U.S. Citizens, the only ones to supposedly Vote, all of a sudden do not have to read, write & speak English per Federal Law?

Anonymous said...

in the Washington Post today...

But Bea and Paez are Hispanic, and it is Hispanics who are most upset about the Arizona law. "Perhaps this is one area where Bea might not vote as a so-called conservative because he himself is an immigrant,'' said Arthur Hellman, a University of Pittsburgh law professor and an expert on the 9th Circuit

2 of the 3 Judges hearing the AZ Case are Hispanic! (1 was here Illegally from Spain and fought Deportation and Won)

How can even you Liberals consider this to be heard in a Fair setting?

As our border remains wide open, we are for sure becoming that place that so many ran away from - Corrupt Mexico.

Reminder example - per Pew Hispanic Research from June '09 - '10, "Immigrants gained 657,000 Jobs, while 1.2 Million Americans lost theirs".

If WE allow this to continue, even the Mexicans will have nowhere else to run and hide to.

Anonymous said...

Vote Aqui! Gracias!

Anonymous said...

The voting signs speak volumes. In order to be a legal citizen, you have to understand english. They are voting people, pay attention!!

Robin said...

reaching out to the Hispanic vote!