Monday, November 22, 2010

Government is still the problem

Here is the official Daniel position regarding the TSA searches:

Get the federal government out of it. Would a TSA agent would be fired if a bomb makes it onto a plane? No. Will the TSA be sued for financial damages if a plane goes down? No.

I don't believe that the federal government has the right to search your person at will or as a precondition to using a private service but a private company certainly has the right to set conditions for use of their product or service.

My ideal solution would be to allow true market forces work and let each airline be in charge of screening their own passengers.

If you think that Southwest Airlines is too intrusive then fly Delta. If you think that security at Delta is too lax then fly Southwest.

The individual airlines have the greatest interest in protecting their passengers and their planes and would therefore do the best job of protecting them.

No airline would want to be the carrier that allowed a terrorist on board and no airline would want to be the carrier that made a bladder cancer survivor wet himself.

We don't need affirmative action government hirelings touching our junk, we need private sector ingenuity to devise the best systems to keep us safe from terrorists while valuing us as customers.


Anonymous said...

what's a genius like you stuck in Sherwood, OR for?

Anonymous said...

If the government would put this kind of effort into border control we would not have 20 million illegal aliens bankrupting our welfare system today. Every year over 3000 Americans are kiled by illegal aliens. Untold numbers are injured and raped every year by illegals. These are real crimes that are being committed but largely ignored for political reasons vs the potential crime that might be committed if we didn't check your pockets and frisk you before you got on the plane. Where is the outrage!

Anonymous said...

Because everyone really was desperate to know what the "official Daniel position" was. Now I can get on with my day.

Anonymous said...

how about everybody boarding the plane get a carry on gun.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to a major border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico? hundreds of cars in line and a steady stream of people coming in from Mexico. Why not fingerprint and photgraph everyone and then make them wait until they have been checked against government records of criminals? Require everyone wanting to cross have a Visa that they procurred 6 weeks in advance. That is how most foriegn countries handle their borders. Better yet why even allow crossings like this. We aren't talking about tourists! Most of these people have no business here. Why not just close down the Southern border

DAVE01 said...

Jeez anon 8:18 AM
Get with the program, we have to let the criminal aliens in so they can mow our yards and rape our young girls. That's the mexican culture don't you know. How in the hell will the democrats ever return to power if they don't have the criminal aliens vote for them after the damage the dems did to this country in the last four years?

anon 9:36 AM
amen to what you said