Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election coverage

What I don't like about most media election coverage is that their focus is always on "which party did this help" or "how does this affect Obama."

How about "how is this best for Americans and their liberty?"


Anonymous said...

It's by population idiot, not by land mass. Take a class would you so you don't look like such an uneducated bufoon

Kaelri said...

Anon 9:42: Read the post before you comment.

And Daniel, this is one of those times where we could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

Now that we will have an R for a Gov. and the D Super majority in both houses here is gone, can we please get Legislation passed for Proof of Citizenship to Register to Vote!

Most of the other states have it.

Illegal Aliens kept Harry Reid (his approval rate is below 30%) in power as well as Peter Courtney here & got has-been Kitz close.

Why would anyone not like the idea of a person using their Driver's Lic. # (issued after Feb. '08) or a Valid S.S.# when registering? All the "poor" & Elderly have a S.S.# or they would not get their entitlements.

Why would any ethical Democrat fight this simple requirement that all US Citizens can comply with?

I do not like Foreign Corp.s or Foreign-non-citizens people here deciding on whom will represent us or Voting for more Tax increases that they do not pay for.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of requiring a valid SS number to vote, but I have a problem with a valid photo ID.

Poor citizens have valid SS numbers but they don't always have a valid (current) ID.

One time I was going through a divorce and delivering pizzas. My wife kicked me out of the house and I was living in my car for a few months until I could afford to move in somewhere.

My DL expired at the same time and DMV wouldn't let me renew it because the only address I had was a PO box. So I had no valid ID for a while there.

I had no problem voting because when I went to the same polling place I had voted at for the past four years, they recognized me and didn't ask for ID, they just verified my signature matched the one they had on file.

There are a lot of stupid bumps in the road of life - like not being able to renew your DL and therefore being unable to vote - that poverty can expose you to.

Nate said...

Anon is right, you and everyone who posts the big red/blue map after a GOP victory (or shit, even after defeats) are idiots.

Here, post your "if only dirt could vote" map:

then compare:

Tarnation! Where there's red, there done be no lights on!

Anonymous said...

Machette don't text, and dirt don't vote.

Rick Hickey said...

Alipac has published today 2 reports of Illegals Voting.

In GA. a News TV crew matched up denied to be a Juror for non-citizen status papers with Voter registrations and found many matches.

In CA. Radio host Roger Hedgecock went door to door with Voter regsitration files and asked locals if they were non-citizens and they admitted yes.

In NV. Harry Reid is legally being challeneged because he was down in the Polls thier, had a low approval rating and the Casino owners who Bussed in their immigrant not really cheap to the rest of us Labor, were mad at Sharon Anlge for saying she would enforce immigration laws and they admitted to the Media that would hurt their business.

Also in WA. Dead people and Felons Voted last time and NO proof of citizenship or legal immigration status is required to get a Drivers License and then register to Vote.

Here in OR. Kitzhaber's SEIU Thugs were Paid to take 2 months off work (Yes with your Tax $$)and go door to door as reported in the S/J. Also our S.O.S. falsely claims that with NO ID you CAN vote locally, but not Federally. Hmmm, why not Federally? hmmm.

Anon 8:22 - In OR. we register and Vote by Mail, no Photo ID/Dr. Lic. needed but S.O.S. could easily verify S.S.# - Name and D.O.B., if they were required too do so, Fed's already have on-line database for that.

In AZ. when proof of Citizenship became law in 2004, 1 in 3 Voter registrations (over 300,000) were tossed out for not having valid ID/S.S.#!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the only answer is to make it illegal to ask for ID for jury duty and to hunt down and punish reporters who find illegal aliens who voted. That would solve the problem...

Anonymous said...

With stupid posts stuffed with conjecture like Hickey's it is no wonder why ofir is a joke of an organization. Then again, anyone in their right mind would never support a group that was hosted by a racist website

Notice all the anti-immigrant teabagger either lost or were driven from office? You are a dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

I rented a video the other day and I had to show ID. Can the governor call and tell these people they have no right to know who I am? After all it isn't fair that I should have to have an ID...

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhh, Anon 8:45 ... could it be that you look like an illegal alien? Could it be that you are an illegal alien? You're in Miglavia, my friend. Guilty until proven innocent. Welcome to Miglavia.

Julie said...

Hey anon 12:37, if OFIR is such a joke of an organization, then I have to ask why you are on the site? Ahhh...C'mon, you know you love it!! I'm sure your day is not complete without at least one visit. Your feeling the need to post is proof you think they are having enough of an impact to be a threat. Only someone with a dog in the fight would be upset by the facts Hickey cited. Hmmm, maybe you have illegals in your family or feel dirty that your parents brought you here across the river.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, wonder how this would overlay with the Republican/Democrat/Purple(mixed) maps.