Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Keep Portland weird

Looks like Oregon is going to buck the national trend and stay with "big government, limited freedom and personal responsibility." Way to go public employee unions.

I'll continue to stockpile food and ammo while waiting for the inevitable collapse.

Attempted rapist David Wu still represents Oregon-1. Hopefully he will continue his crusade against klingons and leave the rest of us alone.


Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, Daniel stocks food and ammo while waiting for the "collapse."

But Portland is "weird."

Welcome to Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

I heard from a friend that there were questionable ballots that were counted. People working in the office checked the signature against the signature on record and rejected the ballots and supervisors over-ruled them in mass without any further checks. My friend said she doesn't dare complain because she would be fired.

FP said...

In Anonymousland, Portland is "normal", despite the fact that many Portland residents sport bumper stickers on their Priuses entreating the rest of us to "keep Portland weird".

Welcome to Anonymousland.