Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tri-Met strikes: crime down 50%

TriMet union workers picket board meeting
For the second time in a week, union drivers and mechanics publicly protested TriMet’s decision to make them pay into the cost of their medical benefits and freeze their pay.

That first sentence says it all. Government workers have been so spoiled that paying a health care premium is outrageous in their minds.

I feel bad for the 1% of commuters who like to take three times as long to arrive at their destination if this strike actually happens.


Anonymous said...

How much to Trimet drivers get paid and what are their benefits? I assume this is on the public somewhere.

Anonymous said...

With over 300,000 Oregonians un or under employed I wish they would stay on strike long enough to be replaced with regular people that can drive a damn bus for less.

Anybody see the John Stossel special last week where he interviews the NY City Transit "workers" Union Thug?

They take an average of 65 days of PAID leave per year, Thugs reason? "You ever been spit on John"?

And they Retire on average at 50 yr.s old @ Full Pay for life.

Riots via France for lifting the retirement age only 2 years are next!

Anonymous said...

Reminder; of that possible $3.2 Billion short fall for our next budget (So M-66 & 67 didn't work? Really?), over $1 Billion is just for Retirement pay for ex OR. Gov't workers.

And even with OBAMA-Care's promise (& OHP's) to lower health care rates, Rates are actually...wait for it...ready...Going UP!

hmmmm, me thinks gov't are LIARS.
and Democrats that keep pushing this are either Stupid or selfish greedy pigs.

FP said...

...Democrats that keep pushing this are either Stupid or selfish greedy pigs.

Who says they aren't both?

Anonymous said...

I heard a Trimet driver gets $60,000 a year and another $30,000 in benefits.

Anonymous said...

Miglavians base their perceptions of reality on what they "hear" ... from other Miglavians.

Welcome to Miglavia.

Bobkatt said...

Well if you can believe the Oregonian:
"Meanwhile, TriMet's cost for premiums under the Blue Cross/Blue Shield preferred provider plan jumped to more than $2,200 a month this year -- or 22 percent per family for union workers."

"-- top scale for a driver is $24.36 an hour -- and require the health-care contributions to deal with rising costs, spokeswoman Mary Fetsch said."

"According to a recent survey of 171 transit agencies, TriMet is one of 17 that pay 100 percent of union workers' premiums and is fifth-highest in terms of premium dollars the agency pays per family."

By my math that figures out to about $77,069 per year for top scale drivers if you include insurance. I don't think that includes any pension pay.

Anonymous said...

Our Gov't is so corrupt they say "Randomly" when they should have said purposefully (George Orwell is stunned), Only Illegal Aliens get a Fair trial not the rest of us, PROOF below...

Los Angeles Times
Judicial panel selected to review Arizona immigration law

The federal appeals panel that will hear Arizona defend its sweeping law against illegal immigrants Monday consists of two Hispanics, one of them an immigrant, and a Republican appointee who often sides with immigrants in federal disputes. -- The judges chosen randomly to hear Arizona's appeal to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals...

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:02 PM
So what are the facts? Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what the facts are? This is Miglavia. Tri-Met drivers could be earning $500,000 a year, or they could be earning minimum wage. Miglavs would still bitch about them, and he'd still regard them as a drain on his wallet and an infringement (in ways he has yet to describe) of his precious freedoms.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:50AM
I found an article in about two seconds. It says: top scale for a driver is $24.36 an hour.

However, they have about the best bennies in the country.

Here is the link:

Here is another line from that article:
n the contract negotiated in 2003 with ATU, TriMet agreed to pay 100 percent of a composite rate for "medical, hospital and prescription drug, dental, convalescence and optical benefits for full-time employees, dependents and retirees."

Shit, they have a gold plated diamond plan. Of course they can contribute to their health care. We are all hurting. They need to feel some of the pain too.

Anonymous said...

Not true, Anon. We "all" are not hurting. I'm not. Let me introduce myself: I'm one of the 20 percent of Americans who control nearly 85 percent of the wealth in this country. The reason you are hurting is becauses, with the help of my friends in the GOP and Democratic parties, I've spent my life squeezing the turnip (that would be you) so that now, I'm a billionare. I don't have time to look at penny-ante blogs like this, so it cheers me that guys like you will come to my defense and demand that your working class brothers take it up the ass just a little bit deeper so I can keep enjoying my summers in Europe my vacations on the family yacht. It's a huge, huge help to me when the second someone decides to tax the rich a little bit more, you start screaming about "socialism" and "redistribution of wealth." Because truth be told, the system we have in place works fine just as it is: It redistributes the wealth away from you and toward me. ;-)

And the beauty of it is, when wealth is distributed from the bottom (you) to the top (me) no one screams about socialism. It's a perfect system. Thanks for running interference for me in the blogosphere. Make those bus drivers on the "diamond" plan sacrifice! They've got it too good! ;-)


Anonymous said...

anon 2:39 You couldn't be more wrong. I don't care how much billionaires like Oprah Winfrey or Bob Johnson make. What matters is how much you make. Billionaires and millionaires invest and make jobs. What we need is more rich people not less. Your life and carear is in YOUR control not Obama or the Democrats. Millionaires like Jane Harman, Herb Kohl, Mark Warner and John Kerry may have some control over your ability to succeed but private citizens who work hard and succeed are not your enemies.

Julie said...

To anon 2:39, nobody believes that for a minute!! Ha ha,it was a good laugh though, bet you would like to be rich, then you would feel powerful and respected. Now go check the mail for your unemployment check and be sure to lift up your feet when your mom needs to vacuum in front of the couch.