Friday, October 08, 2010

It's all about skin color with these people

New initiative aims to support Latino students
Portland State President Wim Wiewel on Monday anounced a new program, known as Éxito, to recruit, support and graduate Latino students, who currently make up 5 percent of the student body at PSU.

In 2009, Wiewel assembled a task force in order to increase the number of Latino students in higher education. Last June, it released a report outlining key recommendations to achieve this goal, including creating a Latina/o Alumni Association and holding college information sessions for Latino youth and their families.

According to Wiewel, the university is committing $350,000 to the initiative, $250,000 of which will come from the university's funds. The other $100,000 will come from the PSU Foundation.

Dr. Perla Rodriguez, the principal of Cornelius Elementary School in Forest Grove, said that over 80 percent of the school's student body is Hispanic. Though Rodriguez was born in Oregon, her family moved to the U.S. from Mexico.

According to Rodriguez, ethnic students must learn to navigate two cultures at an early age, especially if they wish to succeed academically. However, this often causes conflict, especially when values clash.

I almost did this story as a parody where every time the article said "Latino" I was going to put "Asian" or "Irish."

I can't stand it when school administrators like Dr. Rodriguez insist that all Latinos are dealing with two cultures. It
spits in the face of American citizens who get treated like they are different because they happen to have brown skin. Our government has an obligation to treat people as individuals with it's public policy.


Anonymous said...

Let it be known that the Progressives killed Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream. They only see the color of skin, never the content of charater... as none of them have any.

Pinkie French

MAX Redline said...

Progressive mantra: "celebrate diversity". Result: institutionalized racism.

DAVE01 said...

Exito is a perfect name for the program. Diner will exito our pockets for a racist program that will fail.

I wonder if they will practice the mexican culture of raping young girls and chopping heads off of people? Diversity is so wonderful.

Julie said...

Let me add some of my personal favorites that seem to be intertwined with their culture. Let's see, rampant drunk driving, corona fueled knife fights at their kids parties, anything gang related, import/making/growing/dealing of illegal drugs, and of course finding any line to stand in for hand-outs. And the popping out babies like gumballs. Hey, why not right, when you have the American people's tax dollars to feed/clothe/doctor/educate them?

Anonymous said...

I know what you're talking about, Dave. A Latino guy I thought I was on good terms with tried to chop off my head yesterday. And when I went back later to make peace with him, I noticed that he'd settled for his wife's head instead, it was on the front porch.

And going through McDonalds' drive thru this morning, the Latino cashier said, after I ordered my breakfast, "And can we chop off your head with that sir? (I declined)

On the way to work, I noticed that the road alongside fields with crops (illegal aliens!) was littered with heads, and I had to swerve to miss them. I passed one guy, a Latino, and instead of the giant stuffed dice hanging from his rear-view mirror, he had a --- head! A real head!

So I totally know what you're saying. Those damn Latinos, all they want to do is get ahead in life. Hahahaha. (But there's nothing racist about that.)

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:23 AM
I said mexican culture, not latino culture. Latino's covers a whole lot of different countries. I can see that you have missed the current rash of be headings in mexico.

Julie, you are correct. Isn't diversity wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Just another $600,000 down the toilet because we are all so flush with cash.

Remember we have a REVENUE not a SPENDING problem, per Democrats like Sen. Pres. Peter Courtney says.

ps, I read nowhere in this far left article that explains how all of this money will actually "Recruit" any Latinos?!

Could any of you open border supporters please help me to understand the value of this?

Anonymous said...

I said mexican culture, not latino culture.

Oh, right! Gotcha. A simple misunderstanding. I know what you meant. ;-)

dchamil said...

Exito means Success. Exit is Salida.

DAVE01 said...

dchamil, it is success for them when they get money from my pocket or screw some Americans. If PSU is so flush with cash, why don't they lower tuition for some poor American children?

The $350,00 they are spending could put several Americans through four years of college. I would recommend investing that money for some of our veterans or their children. That would be a much better investment.

Another good investment would be to pay the costs of ICE agents to go to some factories in Portland and round up some criminal aliens who have stolen SSN's, jobs and social services from Americans. This would probably save some lives of Americans as an added benefit.