Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Re-education camp Part 2

A Community Climate and Energy Action Plan for Eugene
“These are not simply environmental issues. They are health, economic, social equity and environmental issues.”
- Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy

Objectives and Actions for Buildings and Energy
1.4. Target occupant behavior in order to reduce energy use in all types of buildings.

1.4a) Strategies include Advanced Meter Infrastructure (already planned for by EWEB), real-time energy consumption information and community-based social marketing programs.
(page 19)

2.1. Lobby for adoption and actively participate in development of building code amendments that meet the Architecture 2030 standards for energy efficiency (standards outlined in Appendix 11).

2.2a) Revise or expand incentives to encourage smaller homes that require less energy to operate and fewer building materials to construct.
(page 20)

Objectives and Actions for Food and Agriculture:
5.1. Begin a community campaign to educate the public about food choice as part of a climate-friendly lifestyle.

5.1a) Specifically encourage reduced consumption of red meat and dairy products and other carbon-intensive foods.

5.2. Implement a “Buy climate-friendly first” food purchasing policy for public institutions including city and county governments, schools, and hospitals.
(page 24)

Objectives and Actions for Land Use and Transportation:
10.1. Make the creation of 20-minute neighborhoods a core component of the Eugene Plan and the Eugene Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

10.2b) Identify key accessibility components for 20-minute neighborhoods: e.g., schools, parks, grocery store, retail services, etc.
(page 30)

13.3. Create a “Complete Streets” policy that requires all subsequent transportation and rehabilitation projects to incorporate infrastructure for bicycles, pedestrians, and mass transit service.
(page 32)

In order to be motivated to change their behavior, community members must understand the effects of their transportation choices on overall greenhouse gas emissions and the available alternatives to the single occupant vehicle.
(page 34)

17.1b) Require installation of electric car charging stations in new multifamily housing.
(page 35)

19.2. Enact a local ordinance to increase waste recovery rates from commercial and multi-family buildings.
(page 40)

Your government is going to "educate" you with ordinances, legislation, building codes, taxes, incentives, your electricity supply, your food supply, and the way your cities and neighborhoods are organized.

Your government will force you to comply with their idea of what you should eat, what you should drive and how you should live.

Your government is coming for your behavior because they don't like your lifestyle choices and they don't like your freedom.

Your government wants to achieve "social equity" for the unwashed masses through control of every aspect of our lives. It will be much fairer when everyone has the same small house.


Anonymous said...

democrats, liberals, progressives... Call yourself a tuna sandwich, this is evil and wrong!!!! Democrats want the government to control every aspect of a persons life...

What happened to, "get the government out of my bedroom?"

What a bunch of hypocrites.

bvoorhees said...

Doesn't anyone remember the soviet union?

These are the tactics the communists used to take total control of Russia.

Control the everyday behavior of the populace and you will control the country.

If you really believe in this country and the principles it was founded on, you need to read Karl Marx to find out what who are fighting.

Our media will not inform you. You have the internet. Use it to inform yourself.

Take it from one who has seen their tactics work in other countrys.

The strategic aim of these marxists is total control.

Robin said...

I love it... "Eugene bicycle and pedestrian Master plan" it sounds so evil!

Couple quick points... if you want to reduce greenhouse gas and fuel consumption, repair the streets! Streets with smooth services and no potholes require less energy. Secondly, coordinate the traffic lights to reduce starting and stopping. Roundabouts are not a substitution for traffic lights as they also require you to stop your vehicle and then throttle to get into traffic safely.

Electric vehicles -- the question that Lars Larson put out the other day was if you forgot to charge your vehicle the night before and your vehicle has a range of 100 miles on a full charge... Would you risk-taking that vehicle to work?

Add to that, what if there was a power outage because of a stormthe night before.

And lastly, enacting local ordinances to require charging stations is totally stupid.

Electric vehicles including hybrids over the long term do not economically pencil out compared to a standard internal combustion vehicle and the reason why is the maintenance and/or replacement costs of the components.

Unless you are one of those that can afford to replace your vehicle every three years, keeping your vehicle for 20+ years would be very expensive to maintain especially when it's time to replace the batteries. (Which is the major drawback) additionally, the more complicated that the vehicle is the more it will cost to maintain the long run.

In our current economy... a lot of us including myself cannot afford to replace our vehiclesand still have vehicles that are 20 & 30 years old.

Rubber Duck said...

Miglavs, you sneaky fellow! When did you move to Eugene? I thought you were in Sherwood. It's so civic-minded of you to take an immediate interest in government in the city where you live, where public policy actually affects you and your family. Probably for the best, actually. I know you always have had an intense interest in what goes on at the University of Oregon. Hey -- maybe you can take some classes! Get into the mix.

Best of luck to you down there. Sherwood's loss is Eugene's gain!

Duck w/Brains said...

Yes a Rubber Duck has no Brains obviously.

This Duck does though and can't understand why any American would support Marxist practices.

ps, Toyota sold a bunch of their Hybrid Priusus's with none of MY Gov't dollars involved. Ford is still selling a bunch of big carbon burning Trucks too, it is called having a CHOICE and not being Forced to do only what Big Brother wants, at our expense.

Daniel, "Re-education" camp is exactly correct and some are falling for it.
It woud be funny if it wasn't true and you PROVE it is true, over and over.

WTF Department said...

Calling penny-ante housing regulations in Eugene, Ore. "Marxism" is like calling .... shit! It's so fucking wing-nut STUPID I can't even think of an analogy that makes any sense. Where the hell do you people get "educated"? A cave? Have you even read Marx? What did you read? A snippet here and there taken out of context you saw in a book written by Ann Coulter? WTF?

Anonymous said...

I know as a fact that if you are growing pot and your grow lights use 10 times the electricity your home used before your grow room was installed that your energy consumption information is safe from law enforcement. They would need a specific subpoena to see the records. In contrast everyone interested will be able to see how much energy you use for the purpose of enforcing this social engineering agenda. But don't worry your constitutional rights aren't in danger...

Anonymous said...

8:10 AM Your criticism is exatly right. Who among us have read Marx. We have probably just read about him and how his theories have caused two (plus) world wars and caused the death of over 100 million people. But indeed who studies Marx? Why a Marxist of course. And you studied Marx...Why???

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:29 ... WTF?

WTF Department said...

If you haven't studied Marx or read his works, then how is it that you feel like you're on solid intellectual ground when you assert that his theories led directly to the deaths of a hundred million people? His theories fill literally thousands of pages, and I seriously doubt that you've actually read any of them in sequence and in context. So why not just go blow yourself and stop wasting people's time?

bvoorhees said...

WTF Department

What can you possibly know about karl marx?

Do you believe in total government control of the populace?

karl did.

Do you believe in children informing on their parents?

karl did.

More to the point, WTF, have you ever seen the destruction, the deaths, the mayhem caused in this world by marxism?

Have you ever been to West Africa?
North Africa? Nicaragua? Southern Mexico?

Have you experienced the full force of the marxist theory when applied to populations.

I thought nought.

You are comfortable in you union job with the state, or maybe you are sitting back smoking that joint you rolled from your home grown marijuana and collecting your welfare check because you are

You have no idea the damage the marxist theory can cause in a constitutional republic.

That is us WTF.

Look at the last twenty months. Are you happy our country is owned by the communist chinese?

Are you happy with the fact we are being overrun by who knows who from our southern and northern borders?

This is the result of a marxist government dictating how we will react to threat from other countries.

Get your head out.

bvoorhees said...


You really pushed my button about ROUNDABOUTS.

Have you ever had to get to a hospital in a hurry and had to wait for all those self-important idiots blowing through the (new)roundabout at Stafford Road and Borland Road?

You, you stupid bitch, you believe you have the rightaway because you drive a Lexus.

Where do these people come from?

Did we do this? Did we give these mindless people the idea they have the right to run over us if we disagree with their decisions?

I know, a traffic disagreement isn't the end of the world, but.........

I didn't go postal, I just didn't give ground. She didn't want to be slowed down by some hick in a pickup truck, yet, when I exercised my right of passage, she finally put her foot on the brake.

God, I hope that bitch is reading this, because if this ever happens again, I will ram her Lexus.

stupid is as stupid does said...

I just want my guberment cheese and some steron for my cooker and I WILL BE JUST FINE IN MY NEW CARDBOARD BOX HOME.
Lets vote out all those IDIOTS