Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Caller had a cell phone in his purse?

Report of man with rifle locks down 4 Oregon schools
GRANTS PASS, Ore. - Four schools locked down their campuses while police investigated a 911 call about a suspicious man with a rifle wearing camouflage spotted near Grants Pass High School.

The high school and three other nearby schools - Lincoln elementary, St. Anne's school and Brighton Academy - locked down their campuses as a precaution while police combed the area for the man.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact police at (541) 474-6370.

This is the whole story. Let me tell you how I handle this if I'm an 9-1-1 operator.

Me: 9-1-1 what's your emergency?
Caller: There is a man with a gun!
Me: Is he committing a crime?
Caller: Well he has a gun which scares me.
Me: Please go change your tampon sir.


innominatus said...

OMG! A guy in camo, during hunting season! Let's blindly overreact and lock down schools 5 blocks away!

Anonymous said...

Okay, pop quiz!

Miglavs, your kids are playing outside. You peek out the living room curtain and you see a man you do not recognize, wearing camouflage, carrying a rifle.

This is the whole story. This is the only information you have.

Do you:

1) Grab the biggest, bad-assest gun from your personal firearms stash and blow him away.

2) Call 9-1-1

3) Change your tampon.

4) Blindly over-react and call your kids inside the house and lock the doors.

5) Hop on your blog and claim that your street now feels so much safer because it's being patrolled by someone carrying a gun.

Teach us, O Mighty Miglavian!

Anonymous said...

Why is the guy with a rifle hunting near a school? This is the type of post on a blog that is going to get Lars Larson's panties in a wad. Because he doesn't have children, he will be screaming and yelling about how hunting near a school is OK and a "right"--whatever that means.

I know you read here Lars, so prove me wrong. Use one of your few brain cells for once. I double dog dare you.

Robin said...

oh look... the sky is falling

Nope, my bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation ... like the "hunter" had tracked a bear to the schoolgrounds where it had taken refuge behind the playground equipment. :-)

Anonymous said...

Either we have the right to keep and bear arms or we do not. If you live near a school can you legally carry your gun from the house to your car?

Anonymous said...

ANON 8:41 AM

Anonymous said...

I've seen many conservatives respond to arguments in favor of the planned Islamic center near Ground Zero by saying this: "Just because the Constitution gives you the right to do it doesn't mean that you should."

Back 'atcha, bro!

Just a thought said...

Yeah wonderful. Now Lars--the great white dope--Larson is going to have rabid gun nuts calling his show talking about black helicopters, the UN, Obama, New World Order and LSD laced halloween candy. This will probably be tied into the 'evil teachers unions' and out of control government somehow. He will probably schedule The Gaffe to come on and talk about how terrorists are lerking in the school yard ready to convert your children to homosexuals and muslims. Then he will have some looney on to comment on how deer are being eaten by enormous bands of wolves that the state of Oregon is using to cleanse humans from the land. I can see it now, he will have the disgraced John Bolton on to talk about how we need more nukes and less flubber. Way to go Daniel.

Ever notice how Lars is becoming more and more like a cross in between Jeff Rense and Alex Jones?

Kaelri said...

"Caller had a cell phone in his purse?... Please go change your tampon sir."

Oh, I get it! It's like a man who exhibits feminine characteristics! Because women are weak and spineless! It's funny.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Miglavs to take the pop quiz. Or are you calling in sick because a dog ate your homework?

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Anonymous said...

just a thought
How is John Bolton disgraced?

Anonymous said...

If Miglavs saw a man in camo wandering around a school yard where his kids were playing, he would not be the least concerned.

If you believe that, you should also know that I have five penises, speak 14 languages and live in a 10-story home in Dubai shaped like a giant cheeseburger.

Julie said...

Seems as though someone may have little to offer in the penis dept. 5 penises? Hmmm...only a man with a wee lit'l penis would think of that. And where might one of those penises be? I can think of a few choice locations sir.

Anonymous said...

And it seems that you missed the point.

Julie said...

I understood what your point was, it's just curious you went right for the male genitalia. I'm sure it's nothing but harmless preoccupation. Don't mind me. Still friends? Cha! cha! cha!

adeel said...

police should caught the man very very soon otherwise the people will be very very frightened ... ...

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Miglavs, your kids are playing outside. You peek out the living room curtain and you see a man you do not recognize, wearing camouflage, carrying a rifle.


oh look... the sky is falling

Nope, my bad.

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Stacy said...

That's really suspicious... gun near school...?