Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Now hiring with your tax dollars:

Salary: $18.08 - $22.25 Hourly

A Sample Work Day: A Bilingual Library Assistant may, in this example, start the day at the nearby Migrant Head Start baby classroom sharing early literacy activities (books, songs and rhymes) with children 12 months and under, move to the toddler classroom, followed by activities with preschoolers. Afterward, the Library Assistant may go to the branch, unload the storytime traveling cart and answer questions (in both languages) at the reference desk. Bilingual Library Assistants should be prepared to talk about good books to read, school assignments and community resources. The position should also be ready to provide basic assistance with Internet searching and other library applications. This sample work day may conclude with another hour on the reference desk or giving a tour of the library to a parent group from the local grade school.

So for $22/hour plus generous benefits your job is to read books to children, unload a book cart, recommend books and show people how to use Google. A lot ofAmericans are looking for jobs but unless they are bilingual and are "culturally competent" there isn't a position for them in the library.

BONUS: See how many times you can find the word "diverse" on the job application webpage!

EXTRA BONUS: See how many crimes you can be the victim of in Multnomah County that won't be charged as crimes because the county government "doesn't have the money" to prosecute them!


Anonymous said...

You're really on a roll, Miglavs. The subtext of your last few posts is obvious: If you speak Spanish, you're "illegal." How clever of you to make such an argument without even a hint of bigotry! Keep up the great work! ;-)

FP said...

If you speak Spanish, you're "illegal."

Only an anonymous troll could make that leap and miss the point of the post. Of course, in the troll's world, anyone who disagrees with the leftist worldview is a bigot.

Keep up the great work, troll! You told us more about yourself than you did about Daniel. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My objection is to the wages. How is a book reader or a librarian worth this much money? $12 an hour would seem high for the work involved. Every library in the state of oregon spends more money on wages then they do on buying books. Have we lost sight of what a library is for? Go to your public library and look at the books available for computers or other high tech subjects. Many of these books are over 10 years old and some are over 20 years old. An old book on Shakespear is useful but an old book on high tech subjects is almost useless. Cities should fire the high paid librarians (book sorters) and hire high school kids for minimum wage and then put the savings into buying books.

DAVE01 said...

This spanish being foisted upon us is simply to make the criminal aliens fell better. I wonder when we will be officially be declared a third world country? It shouldn't be long now. The major cities in California already belong to that status.

How about getting some volunteers to staff the library?

Anon 10:00 pm, get back in your mother's basement and put the crack pipe down.

Robin said...

here's a couple things that Daniel did not put in the posting from the announcement...
This open, competitive recruitment will be used to fill a vacant Russian-speaking position in our Rockwood location, and will be used to fill future Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese Library Assistant openings as well.

Designated bilingual positions are eligible for the bilingual pay differential (4% over base rate) as described in the Local 88 contract.

I particularly like the last part, where just like the state of Oregon which pays a 5% differential for speaking a (used to be)foreign language.

Anonymous said...

Only an anonymous troll could make that leap and miss the point of the post...

True enough. But give yourself credit ... you're not anonymous. You're, um, "FP."

Julie said...

I could not agree with you more Dave. There are parts of our country becoming third world due to out of control illegal immigration. They run away from their country's problems instead of staying to help, meanwhile bringing the same behavior and chaos into ours. They have been catered to enough and it needs to stop. I myself am sick of the crime and my tax dollars going to fuss over their every need, and there seems to be nothing left over to prosecute/incarcerate them properly. I also believe if the adult needs their child to interpret at the grocery store, they are most likely illegal. I don't believe for a second they do it for fun and could speak english if they so wanted. I am almost finished with my degree and have already decided that I will be bilingual to meet the needs of my employer, but in no way will it ever be spanish. Enough is enough!!!!!