Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Golf clap?

From the illegal alien temper tantrum this last weekend in Salem:


The Principal said...

Okay, in the first place, it's principle, not "principal." A principal is your pal, remember? Somebody (you?) went through all that work to make a nifty little animated graphic, and they can't even get the right word?

In the second place, I'm just wondering: When "illegals" protest, it's a "temper tantrum." So when Miglavians protest, it's ... what? A cryfest?

I'm just saying.

DAVE01 said...

I couldn't understand, it was in spanish. I'm an American, am I required to speak spanish now? That is funny.

I wonder how much more money could be spent on American kids if those foreign kids weren't there taking up resources and money? Maybe American kids would get a better education. Diversity is so great, it steals from our children and destroys their futures.

DAVE01 said...

Here is a story of a head chopper in AZ. We Americans are so racist since we didn't have any head choppers in the US (I may have missed other stories) and we need to celebrate diversity. Probably just some poor mexican practicing his culture and trying to support his family.

Isn't diversity wonderful?

DAVE01 said...

Oops, forgot the link:

Anonymous said...

So if chopping off heads by Mexican drug dealers is somehow intrinsic to their "culture," then what does it say about us that we (Americans) are their most loyal customers? Doing drugs is just part of American culture, I guess. America: We're all about mom, apple pie, baseball, coke and pot.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:44AM
Maybe we should grow our own dope and coke.

Anonymous said...

The statesman journal today, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010.
Section 3A (USA TODAY), "Immigrants draft plans in case of deportation."
The entire article is laughable, but particularly the last quote refering to the illegal aliens protecting their assets.
"They want something very legal"
Really? They want something legal? That's rich! Well we want something legal too, our immigrants!! It seems this article was meant to stir feelings of pity for them, when I finished it however, I was left thinking all the money to hire lawyers and all the paperwork they are working through could not be worse than immigration papers. If they had waited in line like others who care about our country, they would not be in this situation. I think the property should be auctioned off not unlike a storage unit would sell property. The government could then use the money from the sell of their material things to pay for incarceration, deportation, and the caring for kids in state care if thats where they end up. The belongings would only cover a small percentage of the total cost, but hey, it's something right?

Anonymous said...

We can only HOPE that they really do NOT Vote this time as Pew Research said 52% will not.

I'm sick of my Vote being cancelled by We want even more Free stuff from Democrats - Non-citizens.

Glad sir Harry Reid, King of highest UNemployment state and King of Senate, is hoping & campaiging that illegals will vote there cause if they really don't, he's gone!

We now have PROOF of Illegal's who were Busted in Drug operations here in Oregon, that ARE Registered to Vote. They hopefully won't vote here cause they may still be in Jail, but thousands of others who live here will. But then Felons DID vote in MN. and gave a Senate Seat to Stewart Smalley.

American Citizens! Please Vote this time before the Illegals get Amnesty and then turn this Nation into the same Corrupt Turd World Socialist Hell Hole they ran away from!

Cowards = illegals, run away and steal from somebody else-you, Americans Vote and push for the rule of law or Anachry will prevail. ex. Bell, CA.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of my Vote being cancelled ...

Then don't vote. :-)

Anonymous said...

Jet Skiing in MEXICO anyone???
Yet another AMERICAN idiot who paid the ultimate price to play in that hell hole called - Mexico...

AUSTIN, Texas — The severed head of a Mexican investigator looking into the disappearance of an American has been delivered to authorities in Mexico, the sheriff on the Texas side of the border told NBC News on Tuesday.

Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez is spearheading the investigation on the U.S. side. David Hartley vanished on Sept. 30 while on Jet Skis with his wife on Falcon Lake, which stretches into Mexico.

Updated 71 minutes ago 10/12/2010 8:01:02 PM +00:00 Severed head turns up in case of missing jet skier

..A spokesman for the prosecutor's office in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas confirmed that Commander Rolando Flores, the head of state investigators in the border city of Ciudad Miguel Aleman, had been killed.

Flores was investigating the disappearance of Hartley, but the prosecutor's spokesman said the death was unrelated.

Still, Flores last weekend had delivered information about two alleged Mexican gang members to KRGV TV in Texas as part of its investigation into Hartley's disappearance.

And U.S. authorities have said threats of violence from drug gangs who control much of the area has hampered the search for Hartley's body

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah and another SEVERED HEAD story involving our neighbors to the south.

Why secure the border and deport all of the illegals?

Pres. Hussein Obama has proven yet again he does NOT care for our safety, just wants more D Voters.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 2:11 PM
Do you mean it's illegal for them to vote? YOU mean they break our immigration laws, steal people's SSN (against the law), don't pay taxes on some of their wages and many other laws and you think they won't vote. I am laughing while I write this. How can anyone be so naive or stupid.

Of course they are voting. The states gave them driver licenses and threw the voting registration in for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Where is the SHAME of using Kids as pawns in your cheap labor socialist agenda Democrat voting open border plot?

They have no shame as they continue to run away from the problems of their country that they incurred out of thier own weakness and stupidity.

And yet Sen. Ron Wyden and state Sen. Peter Courtney coddle these needy, cause they say so, people and most Voters are obviously Stupid and immune to these impacts (yet whine bout high unemployment,duh)and these two open border supporters will be re-elected.

In the not so old days, Wyden & Courtney would be hanged or Shot for Treason.

Too bad the land of the "Brave" has become the land of the weak idiots.
John Stossel is correct and his years of research PROVE that most of the Voters are too Stupid to be voting, but the Democrats plan on it and couldn't win otherwise, so it will continue.

We even had an idiot in here saying well then don't vote...another run away from the problem stupid non soultion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:11 is sick of his vote being canceled by the Democrat non-citizens. Understandable. But, 1:11, you should remember that your vote will cancel the vote of a Democrat non-citizen. So, therefore, your vote will count for something after all.

Then here comes Anon 2:11 with his not-so-well thought out stupid statement, "...then don't vote." How colossally ignorant is that? If one does not vote, he really has nothing to bitch about if his candidates lose their election bid. But, maybe that is what Anon 2:11 is hoping for.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I won't be voting. What choice Dr. Do little or Dudley know little. Either way you end up with nothing. Besides, I won't support a RINO that is pro-abortion.

Julie said...

Many people are aware by now that Mexico is unsafe and should be avoided at all costs. These animals are out of control and the country apparently doesn't mind at all. This is exactly why our elected officials and military need to respond to this rapidly growing problem. Our National Guard is on the border right now with handcuffs on, keeping them from in any way being effective. They will not be taken seriously because our government put them there as a presense, not unlike the police cruiser with no officer inside to deter speding. These thugs/criminal rats know that their hands are tied. When are we going to see Mexico's failure to keep their terrorists from harming Americans an act of war? Does anyone really think this problem will in time correct itself? I shudder to think of the events to come. I myself will NOT go near Mexico and will encourage and plead with others to do the same. If Mexico's government is even slightly concerned, it would be about declining tourism, not the poor woman whose husband was murdered on the lake. They even immediately cast doubt upon this womans story as false because they do not care about our citizens. Funny though that Calderon will go to our white house and tell us how to run our foreign policy, but will not even have a presser or even reach out to the family of the murder victim. Welcome to Mexico, we have margarita's and donkey shows!!!

Anonymous said...

I might vote for Dudley the Dud because he knows after being a millionair basketball player what it is like to be a minority. I wasn't sure if he was meaning race wise or being a member of a strickly regional political party.