Monday, October 25, 2010

Democrat don't create jobs

I'm seeing an ad for Ron Wyden where a guy talks about how Ron Wyden "brought the research funding" for a private company that allows it to make a product which is "cheaper, smaller" than their competitors product.

Maybe it's cheaper because you used taxpayer dollars for your R&D you dimwit.

If you can't get private investors to buy into your business plan without taxpayer assistance then maybe your product isn't the whiz bang device you claim it is.

And what about your competitors jobs? Did they not get the almighty blessing of Sir Senator Ron Wyden The Great? Did your unfair advantage put them out of business?

Ron Wyden didn't create any jobs, he mucked with the free market, a system which has proven to create the best product at the cheapest price.

Maybe next Wyden can give taxpayer funds to Motorola to make a phone that is smaller and cheaper than their competitors products.


Steve Finnell said...

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Kaelri said...

Well you have to put stimulus money somewhere. You don't just throw it out into "the economy," you actually use it to buy goods and services and invest in specific projects and organizations. Does the military give Colt an unfair advantage over Remington or Bushmaster by buying M4s? Probably, but that's hardly an argument for purchasing an equal number of rifles from every manufacturer, and less still for the alternative of buying none at all.

I think you may be mistaking "mucking with the free market" for "using tax dollars to do the things we elected them to do." You may also be mistaking "a system which has proven to create the best product at the cheapest price" for "a system which has been proven to produce monopolies, child labor and corporate aristocracies unless regulated by a democratic institution."

Anonymous said...

Miglavs, there is no "free market." Anywhere. If you want a genuinely "free market," what you'll basically have is "Max Max." I don't mean something like that. I mean: That's what your world will actually be like. Is that what you want?

Anonymous said...

The point is Ron Wyden created nothing. Not one job, nothing. He just spent money with zero regard as to where those funds came from.

Retire Ron to his home state of NY where his wife and children live. By the way Ron's wife has never missed voting in an NEW YORK. She is not registered to vote in Oregon and has never voted for her husband one time. So tell me...Ron is not a resident of NY? Time for a big change in Oregon, before...Greece becomes the word.

Anonymous said...

If Wyden wins Oregon will have one Senator and New York will have three senators! WTF!

bvoorhees said...


Why put any stimulus money anywhere?
Your question is based on the proposal the government can control the economy.
When did you leave the USSR?
And come to a country you could actually earn a living?

Or am I mistaken? You never lived in the USSR?

Funny, the way you talk, I would have bet you were an old line communist, believing the government has the answers to all the problems of the populace, if only they would comply with the government edicts.

NAZI Germany

Do you not see any parallels?

bvoorhees said...


Tell me one thing Ron Wyden has done which benefited Oregon.

Not some politically correct startup, but something that really gave our state some benifit.

You can't.

Ron Wyden has always operated for the benifit of Ron Wyden.

He and Earl, the Imperial, Blumenauer, have operated in lockstep.

Wyden says he has worked for the benifit of Oregon, yet he lives in New York, NY.

What, in particular has Ron Wyden done for Oregon that has not cost Oregon citizens tax dollars?

Earl Blumenauer says 'stands up for seniors'.


Tell me one thing Blumenauer has done that has not cost Oregon taxpayers?

In both cases, you cannot.

Be honest now, do not site bills passed in either house that ended up costing taxpayers more. If either one sponsored a bill that taxpayers had to pay for, then it cost Oregon taxpayers.


No argument.

Your response...............

bvoorhees said...


What do you do, sit in that room every day, and think up stupid condequences as a result of current policy?

Get a Job dude.

Maybe then you would have a real life experience.


Anonymous said...

what's the D+ in the background? Is that Wyden's grade?