Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SNAP the NC1's back where they came from

Food Stamp Program renamed to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)!

Noncitizens - B. Noncitizens Eligibility for SNAP
Release 59: Effective October 1, 2010

Note: Unqualified ineligible noncitizens are referred to as NC1: qualified ineligible noncitizens are referred to as NC2.

The income of households with noncitizens is calculated differently based on their alien status. For noncitizens who are not qualified, e.g., foreign students, tourists, or people who are undocumented or who overstayed their visa, a share of their income is excluded. The income is prorated, in order to exclude the noncitizen member’s share. This calculation also applies to households with members who are unable or unwilling to provide the documentation about their immigration status. This category of noncitizens is identified as NC1.

Example: A three-person filing group consists of two citizens and one noncitizen who is not eligible for SNAP. The noncitizen pays the $300 per month rent and heating costs for the household. $300 divided by 3 people = $100 share per person. One person is ineligible, so subtract $100 from the $300 and allow the remaining $200 as a shelter deduction for the eligible members. The FUA is allowed as the utility cost. For the same example, if a citizen and the noncitizen were pooling their money to pay the costs, you would prorate only the noncitizen's share. With pooled funds, assume each person pays $150 of the rent. Allow the $150 paid by the citizen. Prorate the NC1's share ($150 ÷ 3 in the filing group = $50 x 2 in the benefit group = $100) for a total Shel deduction of $250. Because utilities are not prorated, allow the FUA.

I had a big long writeup of how I think this works but I deleted it because it's very complex. The simple version is that the state of Oregon knowingly gives illegal aliens welfare. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Keep on paying your taxes people!! Gotta work hard to feed em' so they can continue to breed em'.

Anonymous said...

Greece is the word.

Pinkie French

DAVE01 said...

What's the FUA, Fuck U Americans. Of course the criminal aliens get government assistance. How in the hell will they afford to stay here to vote in the elections? Democrats and some Republicans don't care if they rape, rob, murder and steal along they way. As long as they are voting for democrats and the RINO's. They want them because they can basically enslave them and they are too stupid to figure it out.

The dumbing down of America is happening right before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

We all knew/know they get benefits. Have you ever been to the welfare office? There are more Spanish speakers there then in the parking lot of Home Depot.
But thanks to motor voter and our vote by mail we have no clue how many illegals vote. Considering who our governor and Secretary of State is we will never find out.

Anonymous said...

But they are GOOOOD for the economy!

Obviously only for the Democrat Socialist economy.