Saturday, October 09, 2010

Government exists to serve us, not the other way around

Stimson Lumber CEO: Oregon on "skull and crossbones list"
Miller said he had just returned from an annual meeting that Home Depot hosts for its suppliers, and he explained, as the CEOs and other executives talked with each other, how their "perception of Oregon is incredibly negative."

"It isn't that the marginal tax rate is 100 basis points higher in this state than in that state," Miller added. "It's just an attitude around the political leadership that says, 'You just owe us more, and we expect you to do more.'"

...Miller took a whack at House Speaker Dave Hunt, D-Gladstone, saying that "guys like Dave Hunt doesn't want to know me. They're not interested in me, they're not interested in anything I do. But they assume people like me get up in the orning and put capital at risk, hiring people, paying bills, just so they can raise our taxes one more time."

Whether you are PGE, McDonald's, or Stimson Lumber at some point I wonder when you will simply "shrug" and decide that you are on strike.

Turn off the power, stop providing health insurance and quit making lumber. See if Dave Hunt or Barrack Obama can provide what these businesses always did before the endless government harassment.

Employment doesn't happen to provide job statistics for politicians to brag about, employment happens because someone needs help to provide a product or service and you have a willing employer and willing employee.

Health insurance isn't provided as a charity, it's part of a willing employees compensation package from a willing employer.

Companies don't exist to provide taxes to the public sector, government is a necessary evil which we provide with funds to secure our liberties.


Anonymous said...

"stop providing health insurance"?

How does providing "health insurance" serve to make health care happen? I wish these pirates would "shrug" and go the hell out of business.

Anonymous said...

Speaker Dave Hunt is so Arrogant that he bragged to The Oregonian that...we must keep our Democrat super majority because we will need to Raise Revenue again...

He must think that only his Democrat Socialist pals feel that increasing the all funds budget from $40 Bil. in '05 to almost $60 in '09, YEAH $20 BILLION in 4 years, just isn't enough of OUR dollars, yet.

Anonymous said...

the sad part about it is that Miller is 100% correct. The government thinks that our only function is to serve them and to be an endless supply of money for them to spend as they so desire.

that's why it's very very important this November to just vote everybody out and start over.

But that won't happen... because people will still fall for the soundbites.

Anonymous said...

Government exists to serve us ...

Unless it means:

Public schools.

Public health care.

Public transportation.

Public Libraries.

Public art.

Public parks.

In Miglavia, there are always exceptions. Welcome to Miglavia.

Anonymous said...

Im sooo tired of this referring to "Miglavia." Yeah ok, we get it, it's really cute n' all but can you think of something else? Something that has not been beaten to death? Really, thats all I ask. Use your mind, think! I'm sure you can come up with another hilarious reference...or can you?