Monday, August 18, 2008

Appealing to the sheeple

You know we are approaching election time because democrats are prattling on about "working families" and running commercials showing the nice suburban house with the picket fence.

Democrats hate the family and they sure as heck hate the white picket fence:

Remember when Metro Councilor (and former head of 1,000 friends of Oregon) Robert Liberty said “Ozzie is dead, and Harriet is a working mom,” Liberty said. “What we need are homes for single-parent families who want to live near where they work, shop and go to school.”

The Sexual Diversity Bibliography: Pre-K to 5 enjoys such titles as:
Zack’s Story: Growing Up with Same-Sex Parents
One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dad.

and of course:

The Dear One.
Feni is a 12-year-old African American girl whose mother has taken in an unwed pregnant teen. A lesbian couple is part of their circle of friends and family who support Rebecca.

Why don't the dems run commercials featuring unwed pregnant teens and lesbians? They push this stuff on our K-5th graders when no one is looking but come election time it's about "working families?"


Anonymous said...

We don't hate "the family", we just don't like the scumbag meth dealing law breaking family like yours, Daniel.

old geezer said...

Daniel, as someone who has suffered through many more presidential elections than you have, allow me to assist you in eliminating your blind spot: Republicans also, without a hint of shame, prattle on about "working families." And politicians from both parties, once elected, shit all over working families. I am surprised that someone as articulate as you has not figured this out.

As long as you are capable of recognizing the lies and hypocrisies of only Democrats, you are, politically speaking, about as useful as a screen door on a submarine and as original as the opening line of Snoopy's novel: "It was a dark and stormy night."

Once you realize this, grow up, get smart, and show some humility and basic decency toward your fellow man, you may one day be an important voice for positive change.

Bobkatt said...

I don't think the Dems or Reps hate the family but destroying the family is certainly on the agenda for the New World Order. You will find both parties equally represented in that group that strives to make us more dependent on the government and limits individual rights and quality education. The immediate answer is for school vouchers or tax breaks so that a family may send their children to the school of their choice. Government monopoly schools are for socialist totalitarian societies, not the U.S.
The first objective of a totalitarian government is grab the children as young as possible in order to program them to trust the state and government over their parents. While at the same time to belittle and disrespect their elders who may possibly hold ideas contrary to the teachings. It's very elementary. (no pun intended)

Anonymous said...


Anything new on the illegal immigration front, Miglavs?

What happened to the Respect For Law Act? Or was it the Respect for In-Laws Act? I forget...

dchamil said...

What Daniel may lack in smartness, humility, or decency is offset by his tolerance in permitting intemperate commentary, such as that from "old geezer."

Anonymous said...

If I have to choose between reading the constructive criticism offered by "geezer" and reading yet another "Fag!" comment from one of Daniel's groupies, I'll go with the Geezer -- even though I disagree with his final assessment of Daniel's prospects for greatness.

Anonymous said...

Anon 908 -- I coompletely agree.

Anonymous said...

Anon 908 -- I coompletely agree.

Anonymous said...

Dems arent sheeple. Gopers are. What else would explain the disaster known as George W. Bush?

DAVE01 said...

Anon 10:29 AM, why do you always blame Bush. Do you have a clue how the US government works? You need to go back to 5th grade. I have a nitwit friend like you. He blames Bush for everything. He blamed Bush for the recession (that started in the final 6 months or so of Clinton's term) I would give him information and facts to try to educate him. The attempt at education was a waste of time. His mind was so closed, he used CNN for his information source. Yet, he sat for hours in front of the computer with a wealth of information at hand. He smoked way too much dope. It fucked up his brain. Have you ever heard of the US congress. Have you ever heard of Nancy Pelozi and Harry Reid? They are the two pieces of shit that are really fucking things up. Nine percent nancy is out on a book tour while the House Republicans are in the House. The Republicans are starting to listen to the people. I do think Bush has done some damage, but remember this is not a monarchy!

Anonymous said...

Republicans reduced the Marriage Tax penalty.

Democrats want Gay "marriage".

Republicans support Tax credits for having Children.

Democrats want Perverts/Gays to have Children.

Republicans want to stop partial birth Abortions.

Democrats, even Hussein Obama, support partial birth Murder.

Republicans support the SAVE Act, to help Working Families.

Democrats, Pelosi for one, will not allow a Vote on this Bill.

Republicans-Pres. Bush, gave the working Families a huge Tax cut of 50%, from 15% to 10%.

Democrats want more and more "free" programs, which require more Taxes from everybody.

Republicans want to increase OUR supply of Oil, lowering the working families transportation costs.

Democrats do not want to increase our supply and want us to pay $8 for a gallon of gas or ride the Taxpayer funded mass transit.

Republicans support English immersion only in Schools for the over 5 Million ESL Students.

Democrats want to keep the failed and very expensive Bilingual programs and whine about NCLB.

Republicans voted for & Pres. Bush signed into Law a 700 mi. fence on our Border, to stop Drugs and Criminals from entering.

Democrats lobbied hard against and wanted Amnesty in return and Voted to cut it in 1/2, last year.

Republicans in Oregon, last session, introduced over 10 Bills to stop Illegal immigration and help Working Families.

Democrats, to include U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Merkley, would not allow them to move forward.

Democrats even dragged thier feet on incarcerating PEDOPHILES via Jessica's Law.

Democrats support "Sanctuary" for Illegal Aliens, while people are Killed by same. i.e. San Fran, L.A., NY, etc.

Republicans do not want Sanctuary for Illegals, SAVING lives.

Demoncrats support Gay "rights", Abortion, Drugs, Taxes, "Special" programs for the lazy, NOTHING for Families.

Republicans support real Families, A Mom & Dad for balance, Less Taxes and more $$$ for the Family, serious Punishment for Criminals and the right to protect your Family with a Gun.

Gumby said...

Hey Daniel!

Larry Sinclair is claiming you are me and I am you!


He's even posted your picture on HIS blog and said that was ME!

You know who Larry Sinclair is, right? He's that flamer who claims Obama... well, just Google his name and you'll find out.


Anonymous said...

I basically agree with the Geezer, even though it appears clear to me that he has some particular animus towards Daniel. I wonder if the Geezer is posting the same thing, in opposite, at left-wing forums. For hypocrisy's sake, I hope so.

At any rate, he is largely right. Both parties suck and politicians are scumbags who aren't looking out for our interests. That's fine. My only requirement if you aren't going to look out for my interest is simply to leave me the fuck alone. Nope, can't do it.

Anyway, by now and long ago, it's all a matter of picking the lesser of two evils if you are going to give the first crap about politics at all. I know that in ORE, the Left has no interest in looking out for me or my family, but they have lots of interest in taking from me and forcing us to conform to their view of the world. Well, fuck you, we ain't playin'. Hardy har har, mother fuckers. Ain't America great? :)

Anonymous said...

Dave 01 -- You begin your comment with "Why do you always blame Bush?" yet go on to perform the most proceed with the typical sheeple shuffle of blaming Clinton -- EIGHT YEARS LATER!!!!!!!

DAVE01 said...

Anon 7:20, I'm not necessarily blaming Clinton, the economy will always go up and down. And there are fluctuations within the ups and downs. The best thing Clinton did was not to fuck with the economy. I think he was an embarrassment. I was simply using it as an example so that some people may start to think outside the box instead of just blaming Bush. Now, my brother has an economics degree and understands this shit a lot better than I do. I have taken macro and micro economics. Most people do not even understand simple economics.

Let's take the current problems with the high price of gasoline. I hear politicians saying we can't drill our way out of high prices. Bullshit, drill more and build refineries and the price will drop. That is supply and demand. The question is: why do some politicians like Pelosi and Reed do not want to decrease the price of gas for the poor people? Pelosi and Reed say it is the failed energy policies of Bush, it is more the failed policies of congress. Bush is to blame in some amount as he had a Republican controlled congress and should have done it then. After Katrina something should have been done. People say Bush is an oilman, but they do not know that Bill Clinton received $15 million from the Saudis to separate themselves from each other.