Monday, August 25, 2008

These are "frequently asked"? *explicit

Multnomah County has some strange folks in it but I do question the need for a government sponsored website that thinks the following questions are "frequently asked":

As gay/bi/trans men, we have the right to good physical, sexual health, relationships, and to have fun.

This "right" is found next to that one about abortion and never ever having to hear about God outside of a church.

If you have any of the following questions, this may be the site for you:

What are the risks of sucking a guy off or being sucked?

I use meth on the weekends, what should I know about it?

I am looking to have fun with other guys who do guys, where can I go?

Note to Lars: just because one government agency (Multnomah County) wants to use "hip lingo" here to describe certain sex acts doesn't another government agency (the FCC) will let you read on the air what the previous government agency puts on the internent.

Back to the frequently asked questions. (because I know I was very curious about where I could "have fun" with other guys on the weekend while using meth)

To fist or not to fist?
Fisting means receiving a hand or fist up the butt and into the rectum. For those fisting, we recommend using latex gloves. If you are being fisted, we recommend you use loads of lubrication.

I’m HIV negative. How safe is it to have sex with a POZ guy?
Deep kissing, watching porn or erotica, mutual masturbation, and massage are all safe sex.

That's what they recommend. Go watch porn with someone who has AIDS. Sorry, someone who is "POZ." (that's the hip way to say it)

Cock Rings and Cleaning Toys
If you use a cock ring, it should feel comfortable and not too tight.

To clean your sex toys, use a bleach-containing solution of one part bleach to nine parts water for a 1:10 solution. This should be fine for the toys and keep you safe and healthy. Usually toys come with cleaning directions, you can follow those too!

To be fair here, the "cleaning of the sex toys" solutions was probably just copied from the Oregon Department of Educations recommendation to schoolchildren on how to clean their dirty meth needles.

I'm thinking that before Multnomah County asks for more taxes they might consider cutting whoever has the job of doing the FAQ about fisting.


anthony delucca said...

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?

And the County is talking of raising property taxes to keep up with "budgetary increases"

Reason number 9642 to move out of the county.

Anonymous said...

As a white liberal, I have never, ever, at any time, sought out the type of information that appears on this blog today. I'm not sure that I've ever even accidentally stumbled across this type of information.

Daniel Miglavs has. Went looking for it, apparently.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Miglavs - Government sponsored? I tried to browse to that FAQ page from the Multnomah County Homepage, and couldn't do it. That's a bogus website and not part of the official Multnomah Co. website. How did you get the link to look as if it was? man2manpdx appears to be a private non-profit, not a government entity. They are just listed in the "Local Community Resource List" on the page for HIV and Hepatitis C Prevention Programs.

The actual FAQ site for Multnomah County's HIV services is here:

You're such a hack.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31 -
You're wrong. I went to the link, go to the bottom of the page and click home and you go to multnomah county government page. Go up to the search box and type man2man and bingo, lots of man to man crap appears that the county supports. Sorry, again it's the liberal government wasting our tax money.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1208 - I'm not sure why the Home link for the man2man site takes you to the multnomah county homepage. However, when you search man2man from the Mult. Cty. homepage, you do get hits for man2man, but they are all in pages that provide lists of non-governmental community organizations, which is what man2manpdx appears to be. It is impossible to browse to the man2man site from the county homepage, and one cannot get the link via searching the homepage either. Miglavs must have done some serious searching in order to find the site. What a loser.

Man2manpdx is not a government entity. It's a private community resource for gay men. You and the rest of the homophobes around here assume that man2manpdx is funded by tax-payer dollars. That appears not to be the case.

anthony delucca said...

Anon 12:29

Homophobe?? I don't want to pay for someone to answer questions about fisting and cockrings, and that makes me a homophobe??

Why should my tax dollars go toward these sorts of things? The gay community is constantly screaming "Keep the Gov't out of my bedroom", when it comes to the issue of same sex marraiges, yet they insist on the government participating in crap like this to further legetimize their issues.

And I still think that the county is paying for this crap.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find this:

Please send comments to:
The address of this page is:
Page last updated: Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This appears to be a county web address to me, hosted on a county server. It would also appear that Alison J Goldstein has a county e-mail address, hosted on a county server...paid for by you guessed tax dollars. So, at the very least, my tax dollars are wasted on an e-mail address and server space for this crap.

Even if not one county tax dollar was spent hosting, or operating the site, is this anything that the Government should have any part of? Fisting questions? Cock ring questions?

The business of Government is to serve the peoples basic needs such as Public Safety, Roads, etc Anything else should be handled by private organizations on the free market. There is no need for this site to be mentioned by the county.

Anonymous said...

"So, at the very least, my tax dollars are wasted on an e-mail address and server space for this crap."

Exactly. At the very least. How much money can this possibly be costing you? Give me a break. You all never raise a stink about the cost of the Iraq war or the fact that we have yet to pay a cent for it. You hypocrites want your taxes decreased, even in a time of war. Unprecedented. Even if one agreed with that war on the premise that it was crucial to protect our national security, which I didn't and don't, how can you not raise concern about the disastrous way in which this war has been managed and financed? And if you think that we are safer as a result of invading and occupying Iraq, which I don't, how do you not see that any presumed security from terrorism that we might have gained in the short-run will be overshadowed by the tremendous insecurity we face with the huge debt we have incurred to fight the war?

It's so Miglavian to bellyache about a drop-in-the bucket expenditure to increase public health awareness for a marginal population, while marching blindly to the President's economically ruinous war drum.

"The business of Government is to serve the peoples basic needs such as Public Safety, Roads, etc Anything else should be handled by private organizations on the free market."

I would argue that public health awareness is part of public safety, and therefore falls within the domain of government. An unhealthy population costs us all alot of money. Even if you find certain behavior morally objectionable, you can't avoid paying for the health risks that have been associated with certain forms of behavior.

Let's assume you're one of those red meat Republicans who eats steak nearly every night, never exercises, and looks like Rush Limbaugh, Lars Larson or Dennis Hastert. If, when it comes time to do your heart-bypass and install your pacemaker, it seems, by your logic, that one could argue against using medicare/medicaid funds to pay for the procedure since you didn't take care of your health, and some might find that morally objectionable.

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, I can tell you what the problem is here. The County STD/HIV program is using a gay website as a resource. Instead of taking on the website (man2man) as part of it's own (, the Multnomah Co. site should have their own information and internal resources, and then link to outside resources for explicit stuff like this.

Now the reality is that Multnomah County no longer sees the need for such arbitrary boundaries.

If you have any questions about their processes, I can probably answer them here.


Just reading 10:31. If he is right, then there really is nothing wrong with what the County has done.


Well, I checked out 2:58. It does look like a County website, so 2:58 is right. And Goldstein most definitely is a county employee. If you guys have comments, you should email her. I am sure she will respond.

I will say this. Education about HIV and STDs is a matter of public safety. That will be hard for some of you to believe, but it is absolutely true. As much as people don't want to provide services to illegals, for example, what do you do with an illegal who has infectious Tuberculosis? Sure, he should be deported, but medically speaking you have to treat him ASAP before a) he infects someone else, and b) before his infection becomes drug resistant and is rendered untreatable. If that happens, he can pass that strain around to any one of us, possibly, and we wouldn't be able to be treated for the infection either.

Anyway, like I said above, the county would be better served linking to those private gay sites, rather than incorporating that stuff on a county server, but that's just my opinion, which is not worth jack at the County.


3:28 is mostly right on, but where he is wrong is with his apples-to-oranges comparison. The common thread with HIV/STD issues is the communicable nature of diseases. The same cannot be said for the heart issues he presents, so the analysis is incorrect. Lots of people do things that are harmful to themselves. If we used his example, we can turn it on his head and begin to discuss how the State literally pays about $25,000 per year on HIV drugs for HIV + residents of Oregon, legal or not. That is costing us a lot of money, even though most of that funding is from the Feds. But it still costs us all. Using the heart example, should we stop treating these HIV + patients and let them just die? Maybe, but in doing so, their strain of virus will mutate and they could infect others with their mutated strain of disease. It would be better to stay focused and realize that communicable disease is a public safety issue without having to get all political on it. That said, Multnomah County is, in fact, GUILTY of helping to politicize public health. They didn't start it, but they are certainly enabling it.

Anonymous said...

There is just a few questions that keeps coming up here:
1. Why is this thing on the Multnomah County web site at all? Does the county approve of this crap?
2.Do all the various and sundry anonymouses that are apparently approving of this crap being on the County's web site actually agree with the info being offered up, or are they just using this for another slap at Daniel?
3. If, in fact, the County did actually post this stuff, why isn't someone in the Courthouse being held accountable and being run off for his,or her, obvious screw-up here.
4. Is someone on the City Council responsible for this and trying to pass it off to the County? I wold not be surprised of that were the case.

Anonymous said...

I think I mentioned here that I once tried to recall Sam's "godmother" Vera Katz.

I did so on one of those deals that you expect goverment to do, you know....protect it's citizens.

Hell, I even asked Diane Linn why her kids were any better then mine...cause mine had a bunch of criminally insane people parading past their school(not in her neighborhood)

The thinking was right...the balls of about 10 local business people who said they wanted her out to send a message to both houses of downtown electeds were not there however, as they would put up the money but would not sign the sheets we had to submitt to be legal.

We had ways to launder the money, we chose not to ..well you know unlike the dishonesty we have found at both places...we chose to do the right thing.and came up short because we were working types ,and could not then afford to hire the signature gathers.

Bottomline..I said then, The numbers of off the chart officals and the people who have moved here by the is all lost now.

The impact to just one of these idiots with a "DONNY TRUMP, YOUR'E FIRED" could have rocked all of them.

I told you so, that this crap would happen, now live with it.

Anonymous said...

6:35 -

1. I am sure the County approves of this, at least at the lower levels at the Health Department, which are the folks responsible for this.

2. The info itself is not the problem, imo, it's the use of county resources. The fact of the matter is that this is the kind of info that appeals to a distinct segment of the gay community. It's a form of "frank talk" and is relevant to some of these high-risk people. But instead of posting this explicit stuff on the county website, they probably should have "outsourced" it via an educational link section.

3. Why? I don't think there is any question of legality over the use of the site in the first place.

4. Absolutely not. Someone at the county health department is responsible for this, but you won't find anyone at the County or City that is diametrically opposed to this. If you have any problems with it, you should take it up with Goldstein, but that will get you know where. Trust me.

No one should be surprised by this. Multnomah does what it wants to do. It doesn't listen to anyone. It thinks it's doo doo doesn't stink. Problem is, they are dead wrong.

Anonymous said...

And some wonder why the Moslems want us all dead.

Anonymous said...

Well, this settles it: The next time I need detailed information about fisting, I'll pay a visit to the blog for Daniel 'man-to-man' Miglavs. He obviously can be counted on to have the latest, um, scoop on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you phucking phaegs need to attack Daniel about this subject. It's not like we are talking about fucking defamation, man. If it is true, it is true. And in this case, it is fucking true, so go eat a bowl of shit and dicks already. lol

Anonymous said...

Anon527 - thanks for your reasoned post. I have to disagree with your assessment of my analogy as one of apples and oranges. You introduced the issue of disease communicability, not me, and then concluded that I was comparing apples to oranges. But communicability has nothing to do with what is at the heart of the matter here.

The general sentiment from the right is that state entities should not be using tax revenues to serve what they view to be a morally objectionable segment of the population. My argument is that regardless of one's moral evaluation of a group's lifestyle, the state has a higher duty to disseminate information in such a way that it helps ALL segments of the population to strive for optimal health. I think that there are more valorous reasons for devoting resources to public health that have nothing to do with budgetary bottom lines, but one need not invoke these to validate my point. And the point is that tax revenue devoted to educating people living high-risk gay backgrounds so as to minimize their health risks serves the general public interest and in NO WAY CONDONES THAT TYPE OF LIFESTYLE.

There is no difference between a government entity providing people who engage in what most people, including myself, would consider weird sexual behavior with information critical to protecting life, and the same entity providing a broader segment of the public with information suggesting that one shouldn't consume too much cholesterol and regular exercise is important. Both cases are simply in the interest of public health.

Now I tend to agree that the County should not host websites that have such graphic descriptions of the sex acts that are in question with relation to health FAQs. The more scientific and objective terminology that appear in the County's official FAQs are far more appropriate.

But on the other hand, who is going to accidentally browse to this information? Nobody. The only people who are going to seek it out are those engaging in risky sexual behavior and Daniel. I started out at the county homepage and, try as I might, I couldn't purposefully browse to the man2man FAQs page.

What's really at issue here is Daniel's aversion to homosexuality. Why doesn't he just opine about that, rather than engaging in this passive aggressive sort of argumentation? I think we have bigger fish to fry than the fact that a gay-oriented community group is free-loading on the county's web servers, don't you?

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why you phucking phaegs need to attack Daniel about this subject.... go eat a bowl of shit and dicks already."

That Lars Larson endorses this website says a lot about Lars Larson.

Anonymous said...

I think we have bigger fish to fry than the fact that a gay-oriented community group is free-loading on the county's web servers, don't you?

-Actually, I think it is the other way around, the county is free-loading on the gay-oriented community group. The County is big into seeking input from community partners, but in this case, it seems that the county has abdicated to the community partner altogether.

As for the distinction between communicable disease and other public health matters, I don't feel I introduced that distinction - you did. I merely highlighted the point. The fact of the matter is that every one of us engage in some kind of risky behavior. To use an example which has often been in the news this summer, bike riders have been harmed by cars. We can forget about fault for a second and clearly see that such crashes could have severe consequences in terms of the public's health. Just as you complain of one's dietary habits, said person could complain of your cycling habits. It's foolishness to engage in this kind of war of behavior. Communicable disease, however, is a completely different matter altogether when it comes to public safety. We can go Third World and let disease run rampant, or we can attack it using different methods. Education and screening is a huge component in preventing the transmission of HIV and STDs, as is medical treatment. In these cases, we cannot distinguish between people with diseases, we must follow the disease. It is not important if the disease impacts illegal aliens, gays, straights, teens or adults. We have to attack the disease. Multnomah County doesn't believe in that strategy in large part. Their approach is to favor groups, whether it is their African-American initiative or their very strong connections to the Men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) community. Those are the important groups and will receive emphasis.

Multnomah County shouldn't get into bed with any of these groups, and it looks like they have gotten into bed with the man2man group. It's not all bad what they are doing, it's just incomplete and in some cases inappropriate, but Multnomah County doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know why you phucking phaegs need to attack Daniel about this subject.... go eat a bowl of shit and dicks already." <---- OFIR should put this on their web site, next to the link to this blog.

Anonymous said...

I see the phucking moraughn is back. I can hardly wait till school starts again. He'll be busy with his 9th grade homework.

Anonymous said...

I see the phucking moraughn is back. I can hardly wait till school starts again. He'll be busy with his 9th grade homework. <---- And this.

Anonymous said...

Phucking moraughn.