Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Skools break the law

Imagine walking into a government owned polling place (school) on primary election day (last night in Washington) and finding a display promoting one candidate. (Obama)

It happened last night and Orbusmax has the story and photos!


Scottiebill said...

It seems to me that the Seattle Public Schools, The City of Seattle, the school board for that particular school, the vendor, and maybe King County should all be cited for voter election laws.

But don't look for any of that to happen any time soon. After all, King County is the place that elected Queen Chrissie on the third recount by 133 dead voters.

As far as voting rights in Seattle and King County, the whole damn place is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Obama can do no worng.

Anonymous said...

Er, I mean "wrong".

Anonymous said...

I graduatied from apubic ckoool!

Anthony Delucca said...

Imagine how the major networks would have carried the story had they been "McCain" T-shirts for sale.

Anonymous said...

I would have used those T-shirts to wipe my ass in the school john, and I would have taken that basket or purse or whatever it was and thrown all the contents out of it about the room. A little civil disobedience. Fuck the government, and fuck Seattle/Portland schools.

Anonymous said...

Aww, the babies are angry again. I will keep my jokes limited as I know you bunch of sad sacks are still smarting that pro-illegal immigrant John McCain is your chosen leader. We will call him "La Raza John".

Now, as for you referring to our Savior as "Obama". Where did you hethans learn this blasphemy anyways? Your backward parents? You will refer to him as The Messiah or Lord Obama. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tasha said...

The media isn't even pretending to be balanced about Hussein Obama.
But this was true from the beginning when they ignored any candidate that was for enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm just shocked they weren't handing out "Help Christine Steal Another Election" T-Shirts.

Scottiebill you are dead on when it comes to Seattle and King County the only good part about
Washington State other than it's beauty is the eastern part of this state which is probably why they keep wanting to make their own state and get out from under the corrupt government in the eastern part.

I live in the Seattle area and know it is worthless to vote in this state every election law on the books gets broken every 2 to 4 years.

That's okay though I have a few dead relatives I would like to see on election day!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not an Obama supporter and will not vote for him, but I think it's pretty ridiculous that those who claim to find him "frightening" or "scary" probably had no problems at all pulling the lever for the former Coke-head and alcoholic Bush 8 years ago. Check your hypocrisies and double-standards at the door, I say, or stay out of the game.