Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Next: chemisty class to visit pharmacists, both legal and illegal

UO course takes trip to border for up-close look at immigration
A University class on immigration is spending the week at the United States-Mexico border learning first-hand about the experiences of those who seek to enter the United States both legally and illegally.

The class, founded by education professor Edward Olivos, left for San Diego Saturday for an intensive week of hands-on training with a local non-profit organization devoted to helping Latino immigrants.

Fischer said the 15 students in the class, which began meeting last week for some preliminary discussions, all feel that the borders should be opened.

"We're all pretty like-minded," she said. "We're against regulating immigrations and the new immigration laws. I don't think we should close our borders."

This taxpayer funded illegal alien help class is a prime example of why "higher education" doesn't need more money from the public. If you want to go help criminals break laws that's your business but don't ask us to pay... wait a minute, IT'S NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Society says that you can't help criminals break laws.

Read the whole story, have a barf bag handy.

Todays skools: reading, writing, helping illegals.


Jim in KFalls said...

Its too bad they don't visit the "remote Arizona desert" for their class field trip.

Get a real sense of where the "undocumented workers who just come here to do jobs that Americans won't do and whose only law breaking act was that of fleeing their home country for a better life" are crossing.

Tasha said...

yes higher education relies on H1-b visa workers too. They are like Hollywood, totally elitist and globalist and stupid.
The Geography department at the u of O coined the phrase " whiteness: to label negatively White Americans who were angry that Woodburn etc were being taken over literally by Mexicans.
Being blandly open borders is almost mandatory.
we can only hope and pray they are murdered with a machete while at the border.
Maybe Lisa nelson can become a sex worker in Tijuana?

Prof Lisa Nelson how do you feel about the rape of a nine year old girl by a Hispanic mexican in woodburn Oregon ? is this the future for Oregon?

picture of the 21 year old illegal who raped a nine-year old girl in Woodburn Oregon , which is Oregon's first town run by the Mexican Consulate.

Found in a pro-illegal University of Oregon blog. Ms. Nelson is quoted in the following article ,although she removed her soon-to-be-famous phrase called "whiteness" to describe white residents who think mexicans raping children is unacceptable. You see if whites dont like something they are racists.
She states that residents have gradually accepted the illegal alien invaders.
Well, with no enforcement from ICE, the local government answering to the Mexican consulate and more and more illegals arriving, even the Sheriff was a Mexican National who worked with the consulate. - those whites who didn't like it left- leaving those who were too old.
If enforcement had been applied to the Mexican community from the 1960s on there wouldnt be a Mexican majority. tell it like it is Lisa-What you call acceptance is despair. Many Americans now are praying for a Serious Depression where famine occurrs because they are so fed up with this invasion that they know Americans wont wake up and fight back until they are really hungry

. The Entire Geography Department has made geography about race, with White People as the bad guys.Following is the article by Ms. Nelson:

Oregon town gradually accepts

immigrant influx

Immigration, legal and otherwise, is transforming the look of America's small- and medium-sized communities. Lise Nelson, a University of Oregon geography professor, found a case study of those changes in Woodburn, Ore., which in the 2000 census had 20,000 people and was the largest city in the state with a majority of Latinos. (Encarta map)

Drawing from archived newspaper articles, public records and personal interviews conducted in English and Spanish, Nelson described a somewhat grudging acceptance of the new neighbors in journal articles for Geographical Review and Cultural Geographies. "Woodburn is a place that represents a microcosm of the broader-scale migration and settlement dynamics that are changing small- and medium-sized towns throughout the United States," Nelson said in a university news release
Racialized landscapes: whiteness and the struggle over farmworker housing in Woodburn, Oregon
Lise Nelson
Department of Geography, University of Oregon, lise@uoregon.edu
Through an analysis of political resistance to the construction of subsidized farmworker housing in Woodburn, Oregon between 1991 and 1996, this article explores the defense of normative whiteness in relation to a largely undocumented Mexican immigrant population residing in the community. It is argued that for many (mostly white) city leaders and residents, the construction of urban farmworker housing represented a racialized and spatial transgression that undermined the normalized geography of farmworker invisibility — the labor camp. While the racial anxieties linked to the permanent settlement of low-wage immigrant workers had percolated for many years, the public debate over farmworker housing represented a moment when the longstanding anxiety of white residents could be publicly articulated, as well as coded and expressed as something other than race. The analysis builds on work in geography examining how spatial metaphors and practices are used to police the borders of whiteness and difference.
Key Words: Farmworkers • place • race • whiteness

Labels: Foreign nationals who rape, Woodburn

Anonymous said...

Okay, so let's see if I can get my head around this:

Daniel has a blog, which he uses, in his own way, from his perspective, which is his right, to educate the public about illegal immigration.

However, if a university offers a course on immigration, Miglavs doesn't want them to learn anything about the "illegal" half of it. Or: He doesn't want them to obtain any first-hand information about it. Or both. Or something like that.

What the fuck?

Robin said...

ah heck, why stop there.

how about we unlock our front doors and leave the keys in our cars too.

besides our borders are open for those that wish to go through the front door.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Jim in K. Falls:

There have been a reported 200 incursions into the United States by Mexican Military personnal in just the last two years. They don't really expect us to believe that it is accidental do they??

The corrupt Mexican Military is assisting in smuggling operations. Period. No evidence suggests otherwise, yet there is ample evidence that they are indeed helping the drug smugglers.

From a WaPo article:
"It was unclear what the soldiers were doing in the United States, but U.S. law enforcement authorities have long said that current and former Mexican military personnel have been hired to protect drug and migrant smugglers."

No doubt in my mind that the Mexican Military is involved, and knows exactly where the border is. Straying into the US by accident is B.S. Oh, and by the way, they are using HMMWV's that were given to them by the US (i.e. the taxpayer) to cross our borders and smuggle the drugs.

Not one more penny. Put our Military on the border, cut off funding to Mexico, and let them wallow in thier own crapulence.

Anonymous said...

Lesbian softball team wins another match, YAY!

Anonymous said...

Hope they make sure to view the Rape Trees, the 20,000 Tons of Garbage and the lines of 30-60"Immigrants" carrying Backpacks full of Meth/Cocaine/Heroin (which I have seen) lead by an Armed Druge dealer.
And Witness our Border Patrol being held @ Gunpoint by the Mexican Military asssiting Drug Dealers and the large Rocks soaked in Gas, thrown at our Border agents.

If they really see the Border, maybe then they will understand why we need a double layer FENCE(per a 2yr. old law) and Laws to control Immigration actually enforced.

If not (predictable) then when they Graduate and get a Job and compete for a Paychek with 3rd worlders, then they'll understand.

MAX Redline said...

how about we unlock our front doors and leave the keys in our cars too.

That was normal, when I was growing up. We never locked our doors and windows. And never had a problem.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how Miglavs applies his theories and principles about education to other courses: Maybe students in a history class, for example, would study only events that occurred in odd-numbered years. Or events that occurred only during Republican presidential administrations. Maybe the mere mention of countries in the Eastern hemisphere would be banned from the course, to accomodate Miglavs' U.S.-centric perspective of the world. Chemistry students
might study only metals on the periodic table, but not non-metals, because non-metals are the "sissy" elements. Or maybe they are anti-American.

In Miglavia, obscurantism isn't just a requirement ... it's a lifestyle.

Note:(The clicking sound you now hear is the sound of Miglavians pecking away at their keyboards, Googling "obscurantism.")

Welcome to Miglavia.

Anonymous said...


If your English grammar skills are any indication, you are a living, breathing example of why we need to import our intelligence.

Anonymous said...

By Daniel's logic ... excuse me, "logic," a course in accounting is, obviously, "helping" embezzlers. A class in calligraphy also might be "helping" forgers. Classes in computer science, meanwhile, "support" hackers.

Miglavian logic. Gotta love it.

Oh, one more! By offering classes on firearms and marksmanship, we are "helping murderers."

Anonymous said...

Miglavia is like being in a Bizarro cartoon ... absolutely any stupid fucking thing goes. If you can say the words, then the words make sense, and your "musings" qualify as informed, thoughtful political discussion.

Question, though: If I study Miglaviolgy, does that mean I intend to become a Miglavian myself?

What say you, Professor Miglavs? You fucking genius, you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who genuinely WANTS war is genuinely GOING TO GET IT.

You keep on letting these "people" into our country and someone will eventually pay, we all have a point of no return...DONT WE?