Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Saturday, I've done my chores, can I have my allowance Ted?

It's a discouraging that while preparing for the upcoming hunting season I run into the "Wildlife and Habitat Adaptation Sub-committee of the Oregon Global Warming Commission" on the ODFW website.

I take a quick break from learning what Daddy Government sets forth in terms of new bird regulations this year to see how many Sub-Committees there are in the Global Warming Commission.

It appears that the Oregon Department of Energy is now a giant "let's not use any energy" department think tank.

Their mission, as tasked by Ted, is to among other things "examine the feasibility of, and develop a design for, a load-based carbon allowance standard for Oregon."

Now I'm wondering if having my computer on all day is going to exceed the energy allowance that Daddy Government gives to me...


Anonymous said...

What are you mewling about today Miglavs?

Anonymous said...

Earth to Miglavs.

If you haven't noticed, fuel has gotten really expensive. Hence, government entities the globe over are searching for ways to use less of it.

I'm wondering: does your post have a point? If so, perhaps you could clarify it, as I have no idea what your point is...

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 2:47

And you won't get the point until Gov't in one form or another is telling you when you're allowed to wipe your ass, and exactly the quantity and type of toilet paper you're allowed to use. Then it will be too late. If you think that the Gov't should intrude into peoples lives, and into private industry in order to promote an agenda without a vote, then you are a facist.

This is simply another attempt by Gov't to regulate something that may or may not be a harm to the environment in order to make the vocal minority of bark humping wierdos happy. Global warming after is simply a theory, and has yet to be proven, or duplicated in a laborotory environment. There is widespread debate within the scientific community as to whether or not the phenomonon is man made, a natural cycle, or simply non-existent all together. A good part of Al Gore's movie has been dis-credited, as have several of the "experts" in the movie.

Having said that, why would I want the State to dream up some way to tax or regulate the output of something that is a naturally occuring element, and may not be doing any damage at all?

Until there is solid proof that global warming exists, (and contrary to widespread belief, there is absolutely NO proof that it does) I think that Gov't should step aside and leave us alone to prosper.

Now, to all of you nature Nazi's out there who want to force your way of life down my throat by using the courts and by prodding Gov't into acting on your behest remember this: The silent majority will only take so much before we rise up and tell you to go to hell. I point to the McCain amnesty bill that went down in flames faster than the Hindenburg when the Capital switchboard was swamped with angry citizens who opposed the bill.

When enough is enough, the masses will rise to the ocassion and trounce you like the bullies you are. Let the State try and tax average Joe Citizen for "Carbon Emissions" or some other silly assed notion and see what Joe does.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion to Miglavs and Deluggi: MOVE!!! Your services and stench are no longer needed.

Anonymous said...

"I point to the McCain amnesty bill that went down..."

But then again, McCain is the nominee of the Repubican Party. So... What cha gonna do? Cry? Seems the anti-immigrant asshats gots their hats handed to them. Oh, by the way, what ever happened to the Respect For Law Act???

Anonymous said...

You left-wingers are a bunch of fags. Apparently you long ago gave up debating any point, which is why someone like me must point out the fact that you are nothing but a bunch of fags.

Anonymous said...

And the "mouraughn" above always has such brilliant thoughts and profound insights to add to the, ahem, "debate." ROTFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

I guess I would rather be a fag than a bigotted piece of slimy conservative filth.

Anonymous said...

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8:41, at least you admit to being a fag. Like I said in the other thread, I don't have a problem with gay people. I just don't like fucking left-dickers who attack those who don't agree with them. You have to admit, that's par-for-the-course for you fucking faggot mother fuckers, isn't it?

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 6:02pm

I guess that you're assuming that I'm a Republican. Again with the assumptions. That's 90% of your problem right there, you assume things about those who oppose you that you've done absolutely no research on.

If I'm opposed to illegal immigration, then you assume that I'm a racist.

If I'm opposed to same sex marraige, then your assumption is that I must be a Homophobe or Christian Fanatical.

If I oppose abortion, you assume that I'm against womens rights.

The Left wing arm of the Democratic Party is constantly preaching tolerance, yet these are some of the least tolerant people that I have ever met.

And to anon 6:00 who sugessted that I move because my "services and stench are no longer needed here" make my case. You don't like my viewpoint, so you suggest that I leave simply because my opinions are contrary to yours. How tolerant. I'm a neat freak for one, and haven't got a clue as to which "services" I provide. For all you know, you use my services every day. Here is a challenge to you you shallow minded nitwit: Make me.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 6:02

It's Anti ILLEGAL immigrant ass-hats. Get it right asshole. I'm the first one to praise immigrants who come to this country legally. They deserve every chance to succeed.

FAG #1 said...

Anon9:42-- As for your services, apparently you claim to service gays better than fags, so I digress. You serve as a shining example of the pond scum that has brought down the Repubican Party and Oregonians for Immigration Reform alike. Your retoric is one reason I stopped contributing money and time to their causes. Pat yourself on the back.

Anonymous said...

1:20 -- Ditto.

Anonymous said...

Dear 2 fags above - that is impossible. First of all, I never said anything about services, so you must be confused about something. Secondly, I only react to you fags who come on here and fuck with the blog's owner. If you haven't fucked with the owner, then why worry about my rants? I am in no way affiliated with the owner or the organizations claimed herein.

Remember, as soon as you fags act with dignity and respect here, I will to. I'll never lash out until you guys lash out first.

Me said...

"I never said anything about services, so you must be confused about something."

Lighten up Anonymous2:47. You said earler that you could give much better than the fags. Then you said you provide services to fags. You almost sound like Jeff Gannon trying to revive his career. You know being a gay male escort is against the law if you render sexual services for money. Anyways, any word on Rev. Ted Haggard?

Anonymous said...

You fucking fags are just plain stupid. The only people servicing any fags around here are you fags circle-jerking each other. I never mentioned a fucking thing about services.

I guess this is how you fags always deal with shit - make up facts not supported by the evidence.

Anyway, go fuck yourselves. Maybe someone will run your faggot asses over as you pedal your little tricycles down the road.

Anonymous said...

Hey me, FUCK YOU! lol

Scottiebill said...

Boy!! Has this particular blog area turned into a completely ridiculous and unwarranted and profane name-calling contest. What is this? The one who can denigrate and debase and demean the others with more originality wins?

With the lone exception of Anthony, who shows more common sense that all the others here, you are showing yourselves to be nothing more than a bunch of bottom feeders with no more respect or compassionate regard or just plain decency for anyone here that does not adhere completely adhere to your views or who happens to agree with Daniel on anything that he posts.

You f**kknuckles ought to be ashamed. But we all know that you guys do not have any idea of what shame might be. You may have read about it somewhere, but have no inkling at all what it means.

MAX Redline said...

Until there is solid proof that global warming exists, (and contrary to widespread belief, there is absolutely NO proof that it does) I think that Gov't should step aside and leave us alone to prosper.

Actually, there is ample proof for the existence of global warming, and for global cooling. We know that both occur.

However, the issue at hand is not whether these phenomena occur - but whether or not it is All Your Fault. This is where the AlGores and other alarmists come in: they insist that there is such a thing as anthropogenic global warming (AGW), and that human activities are responsible for the hypothetical event.

Rather than test the hypothesis, as scientific methodology requires, they demand that you accept their hypothesis as fact, and immediately begin to take actions that they believe will Save The Planet.

Of course, as Leftist politicians are always eager to consolodate power and control, they jump right on that bandwagon; impelenting "biofuel mandates" and other completely silly and totally irrelevant rules to which you must adapt. That there is no evidence that ethanol, added to petrol, exerts any net positive effect doesn't matter to them, because it's "green".

Anonymous said...

"fucknuckles" is pretty good. I like that. Of course, I kind of like fucknuts better, but that's just me.

Maybe the left-wingnuts will stop with the idiocy. Then again, they can't help themselves. So fuck 'em all the same. lol

Anonymous said...

Daniel, your paranoia about government is laughable -- particularly the examples you dredge up. For every actual, serious trangression by the government that highlights real corruption, real stupidity, real hypocrisy or outright illegality, or actually does pose a real and serious threat to individual liberty, you always seem able to dream up several dozen that are of no consequence whatsoever and apparently serve no purpose other than to entertain wild fantasies about some monolithic Big Brother keeping tabs on you. Newsflash: You're not that important. But hey ... since the whole point of your blog is to draw attention to yourself, I'd think that you'd WANT Uncle Ted monitoring your every move.

I think I'll go into the living room now and curl into a Miglavian ball of sweaty paranoia and angst, wondering if government stormtroopers will come crashing through my front door because I've had the TV on all evening with the Olympics.

I look forward now to someone calling me a fag.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:07 -- Dream big! Why settle for just the ordinary "fag?" You may just get lucky and warrant the even greater distinction of "phaeg!"