Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Judge fines colonists for Boston Tea Party

Day labor center protestor convicted, fined $500
A man charged with blocking the entrance to Portland's new day labor center in a one-man protest was convicted Monday of disorderly conduct.

Tom Wenning wanted his day in court to make a point that the city of Portland is subsidizing illegal activity with its day labor center.

The hiring site, located at the corner of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Northeast Everett Street, opened in June thanks to a $200,000 grant from the city.

Libspeak translation: "Grant from the city" = "your tax dollars"

The judge said that this protestor "didn't know" that the potential hires were illegal aliens or not. With no respect due to "his honor"... EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE ILLEGAL. But hey, why ask me? I asked them! (this was in Cornelious)


Anonymous said...

The delicious irony is that if Daniel "rule of law" Miglavs had been alive in 1773, he would have been excitedly writing down descriptions of those horrible criminals throwing perfectly good tea into the harbor so he could help the British round up the perps. Such ironies, I suspect, are lost on him. But it does prompt a question for Daniel: Do you even know what the Boston Tea Party was?

Anonymous said...

Good! The scum bag should be put in jail for loitering, too. Tom Wenning doesn't do anything for society accept harrass working people. I am wondering if he couldn't be charged with violating a provision of the patriot act for blocking commerce.

Anonymous said...

No kidding 8:46 ... I can hear him now: "Excuse me! Excuse me! Sir, does that tea belong to you? Did you pay for that? Are you a legal employee of the British East India Tea Company? No? Soooooooo! All right, very interesting! Hmmmmm!" Etc.

Anonymous said...

8:46, well, Daniel wasn't alive in 1773, so what's your fucking point?

10:39, maybe the dude shouldn't have been sitting in a driveway and blocking traffic, but since when do assholes like you support illegal aliens over citizens? Oh wait, since your whole adult life I guess. Nevermind. Such is life in Podunkland. Hey, you are always free to move to North Korea, China, or Cuba.

11:09, simply put, you are a, uh, well, I guess have to wait on dropping my favorite F word. lol...

Bobkatt said...

The analogy above is as messed up as your logic. The day labor site is a government sponsored illegal activity. Mr. Wenning is defying the government not instituting government action. He is pointing out that the government is operating beyond their authority and contrary to the wishes of the people, much like the war protesters that believe that the people want an immediate end to the war.
Judicial Watch has successfully shut down a government sponsored day labor site in Herdon Virginia and has filled another law suit against the City of Laguna Beach. Hopefully they will join in Mr. Wenning's fight against Portland.
I agree that he should not have blocked the entrance but really, the Patriot Act? Aren't you against the Patriot Act anyway, I know I am.

Anonymous said...

Yet, when protesters blocked the entrance to Schumacher Furs, they did nothing. Interesting...I thought there was nothing the police could do about free speech.

Anonymous said...

1:27, regarding your first question: If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand the answer.

Anonymous said...

It's okay for the portland mayor and city commissioners and the illegal aliens to break the law, but not okay for Tom Wenning to break the law.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39 PM
Would you be opposed to police stopping a bank robber? After all, a bank robber is just working people. I am very much against stopping the burglary of your house. After all, a burglar is just a working stiff. In your logic, if a citizen stopped any of the above actions, they should be thrown in jail.

If the government was handing out heroin, would you be okay with that? After all, it is government sponsored. Don't mind the illegal part. Would it also be okay to give the drugs to young children, say about 10-12 yrs old? It is just the government doing it. Again, if a citizen tried to stop this ILLEGAL activity, we should throw them in jail.

You are a clown, I recommend you move to mexico, north korea, iran or any other dirtbag countries because you are a dirtbag.

You too anon 11:09 PM.

I hope both you idiots experience a robber or assault or other crime against you and no citizen helps you out. After all, a robber or assaulter are just working people. Hopefully by a criminal alien. I would laugh so hard. I think that would be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Strike the police in the first sentence and replace it with a private citizen in the above for Anon 11:23

Robin said...

Why is the city of Portland taking away the business from private employment agency's?

in fact under the "follow the money" what do they get out of this?

Anthony DeLucca said...

I think that the City should sponsor Crack Houses. After all, smoking crack is a victimless crime as well right? The crack-heads simply want to get high. And while we are at it, maybe the city should fork over a few hundred grand for a brothell as well. Hookers are just trying to earn a buck too. Where's the victim?

Absolute insanity that the City would sponsor this sort of thing without a vote of the people. After all, if the people were to vote on it, the measure would surely be defeated and the city would have to violate the trust of the voters, hire a Hispanic Rights Group to do a study, and then find an Illegal Immigration sympathizer Judge to overturn the will of the voters, and build the damn thing anyway.

Quite frankly, that's a lot of work. The City leaders surely know what the voters want better than the voters do...right?

Anonymous said...

10:18, you are just being a dumbass, which is why you got that comment. Fucking deal with it.

Anonymous said...

When an experiment fails; do what every intellectual progressive does…Dump more taxpayer money into it. Yay!

City funneling more taxpayer money into day labor site

By Bob Heye and KATU Web Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. – The city has awarded a $10,000 grant to the operator's of the day labor site to help promote the work being done there.

The center's operators, VOZ, said they are getting far more job seekers than employers and want to change that.

The hiring site, located at the corner of Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Northeast Everett Street, opened in June thanks to a $200,000 grant from the city. It has shelter from the rain, restrooms and an organized job distribution system. Officials do not check on whether workers are in the country legally.

Operators said they are currently helping between 15 and 36 workers find jobs per day; most days have triple that number of workers waiting.

But some looking for work are avoiding the center all together in favor of waiting on street corners – even some just blocks away.

One of those people, Miguel Dominguez, said he used the city-sanctioned site several times in recent months but there was not enough work for everyone waiting there.

"One week I am going over there and nothing job in a week," he said. "And coming here, looking at my people, my friends, everybody go to a job."

VOZ organizers think the problem may be that employers need an additional hiring site. But they acknowledge they can't get a job for everyone and that some day laborers will never wait in line for work.

Still, the center's operators feel they are doing a pretty good job considering the site is relatively new.

Bobkatt said...

Maybe they can't get enough people to hire the illegals because the low lifes that hire them don't like all the publicity surrounding their illegal activity.
Cockroaches scurrying from the light.

Anonymous said...

plus there are between 50 and 75 at 6th and ankeny .
roundem up and send em home !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"some day laborers will never wait in line for work."

Well NO SHIT!!! Most weren't willing to wait in line to come to this country legally; why in the hell would they wait in line to work?!

Anonymous said...

I once tried to recall Vera Katz, I failed, and I told people that if the recall didn't happen ,and the reins of goverment didn't come back to the people, all hell would breakout.

Wish I could hit lotto numbers like I predicted this...I would be gone.

All you can do now is protect what you own, there isn't a police force that supports the people who pay the bills.